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advantis credit HMRC - 15 Dec 2016 - Nuisance call reported by us. some company called advantis. 07891901570 (+447891901570 Pastdue credit solutions DVLA letter 26 Jan 2017 - Advantis, 10 phone calls in 1 day, they ask for me by name then ask me for DOB and other private info which I refuse to give, I don't know what. 01914661170. Advantis: My partner has received a letter from Advantis saying that he owes tax to HMR& Customs. As far as I am aware, this is a scam. Has anyone else had a letter from this company HMRC Admin 2018-07-24T10:17:14+00:00. Who are Advantis? We're a debt collection agency working on behalf of some of the UK's biggest blue-chip companies & public-sector bodies

I have received a couple of letters from Advantis, over an alleged debt to HMRC. This has been going on for a year, when HMRC sent me a letter saying there had been an overpayment of tax credits, dating back to a period ending in July 2011 If you do get a letter from Advantis Dvla send it back not at this address. Google the address on the back BEFORE you open it. Do not answer the door because of an Urgent Call From Advantis under any circumstances. Ignore all text messages from Advantis Debt Collection HMRC but don't delete them. Advantis Debt Collection Centre is very common

Got a letter from Advantis wanting full payment or a payment agreement setting up, I don't mind paying what we owe even though we have issues with HMRC in all this. How is the best way to deal with this I am limited on how much I can pay as just before my heart surger I received a letter through the post for a client's HMRC debt. Avantis refused to talk to me about it & refuses to tell the client what it related to. Their only HMRC debt was some PAYE that was roughly 75% of the chased debt. I told them to clear the debt, paying HMRC. Yet to hear anything move from Avantis. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) can collect your debt through a private debt collection agency.The agency will write to you and you should pay them directly. Debt collection agencies used by HMRC. As a precaution I've checked my credit info on Noddle (all good) and even phoned HMRC, as apparently they've used Advantis in the past, to make sure I don't owe them anything (I don't)

If you have been contacted by Advantis Credit then read on to find out what they can do. If you need help with Advantis Credit or have received a threatening letter then let Money Advice Online deal with them for you. Call the debt helpline on 0800 368 8133 or click here and we'll call you straight back Advantis Credit Limited - debt collectors for HMRC. HMRC outsource some of their debt collection to private companies, not least of whom is Advantis Credit Limited. In January 2012 one of our number had a letter addressed to him at our offices, asking him for his whereabouts.. The letter did not disclose why Advantis was interested in.

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8 years on we receive a letter from HMRC a month ago saying she owes £xxxxxx (the other half of the debt) She rang them and they said they understood the situation, they could see her payment back in 2009 and that they had an address on the system for her ex and to ignore the letter and they would persue her ex I am now being chased by Advantis over a Tax Credit debt which I've asked HMRC to prove (they haven't bothered to reply to a registered letter!). This is the 4th company I've had chasing the same debt - once I explain that HMRC haven't replied to my letter asking for proof where various money they have already taken off us went, and how we are. Advantis collect debt on behalf of HMRC, the DVLA, utilities companies such as British Gas, and lenders. They claim to work with over two million customers per year. Important: Do not let anyone from Advantis Credit into your home, no matter what they tell you Advantis Debt Collection Agency will be contacting you because their client claims you owe money to them. They will be sending you a payment request and possibly threatening legal action. Advantis Credit typically send a letter, but they could contact you with a text message, email or phone calls as well HMRC Scam Letters Could you tell the taxman apart from a criminal Whilst the physical differences in appearance may be stark, when it comes to communication, it can be hard to tell a fake HMRC letter or email from a real one. For years, digital criminals have targeted taxpayers as the next big fraud victims

Last week I received a letter from a debt collection agency, on behalf of HMRC, saying I owe them 400 quid. Advantis Credit Ltd jump all over it, letter from HMRC, yes, jump all over it. HMRC have had their critics for the content of some its letters sent to directors and individuals often linking personal and limited company debts. By confusing the two issues they imply actions for one that can be misinterpreted for the other. For example threatening to seize family possessions when it is a company debt is clearly.

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  1. ADVANTIS CREDIT LIMITED SCAM!!!!! ADVANTIS CREDIT LIMITED SCAM!!!!! My parents received 3 letters from Advantis Credit Limited Company stating that my father owe over 400quid to Thames Water Utilities which is kinda funny as he never created an account because the place was rented with expenses included
  2. Advantis Debt Collectors Have you received a debt collection letter or are you getting calls from Advantis Credit Ltd?. Do you need advice & help on how deal with Advantis? Do you need to make a payment? Or are you wondering why they keep calling, texting and sending you letters
  3. istrative costs, in perpetrating their fraud
  4. Advantis Credit was established in 2004 and now works with over 2 million customers a year, including both individuals and businesses. Advantis provides debt recovery services for some of the UK's biggest utilities companies, as well as the DVLA, HMRC and large retailers, among others
  5. A horrendous, badly ran, untrustworthy organisation. Upon receiving many letters from Advantis regarding payment of a debt to utility provider, I naturally went to their website to pay off my debt the quickest and easiest way; since after all it is 2019 and I (like many) am an extremely busy business woman that spends a majority of time at work or out of the country, unable to respond to.
  6. Advantis debt collection services is a branch of the company known as Advantis Credit Ltd. Founded in 2004, Advantis Credit specialized in debt collection and credit management. They collect debts on behalf of their clients like HMRC. They work with HM Revenue and customers to collect debt in different formats like tax debt
  7. Deferred VAT client being chased. I have had two clients being chased for May quarter VAT as the payment has been allocated to the Feb quarter which should have been deferred. I can see this via my agent account i.e. the Feb 1/4 shows an overpayment but strangely May shows as nil due which is correct but is what is being chased by letter

An HMRC spokesman said: The use of DCAs is an established cost effective part of our normal debt collection operations. All that these agencies do is issue letters, issue SMS text messages and. Advantis Credit operate debt collections services for HMRC to collect unpaid taxes, and tax credit overpayments. Do Advantis have a good reputation? At the time of writing, Advantis Credit have a poor review score of 1.8 out of five from the independent customer reviews posted on Trustpilot

Advantis is a debt collection and tracing company which looks after accounts for bodies such as HMRC and DVLA, as well as a wide range of utility companies. Who do Advantis Credit collect for? The debt collection agency's clients include British Gas, BT, Npower, SSE, Swinton, United Utilities, Vodafone, Severn Trent, Thames Water and Next 01782401123 - Advantis Debt Collection Agency - is the number that keeps showing up when I return home or do 1471 after only a few rings. Received one VERY unprofessionally written letter (obviously a copy & paste *insert name here* job), if you've ever been contacted by TNC you will know what I mean by this I've received a letter from Advantis Credit Ltd stating they are a DCA and have been appointed to collect an outstanding debt that you owe to HMRC. I am sure this is for fees/penalties from a late self assessment return for year 2012-2013 and totals £1700.00. Letter dated 10/08/15 and received 14/08/15. I haven't called or done anything. Got a letter this morning from Advantis debt collection agency acting for HMRC. It didn't specify what the money owed was for but checking our records I saw it was for Corporation Tax due in February, which we paid I have an overpayment from tax credits that I owe which was passed to advantis, I decided to wait for the debt collection company to make contact so I would be given more time to pay instead of HMRC themselves wanting lots per month to pay it back quicker

He said that he tried to respond to previous letters from Advantis Credit, a debt company used by HMRC, but was unable to get hold of its staff on the phone. It has been an immense struggle. HMRC's contact details can be found online from the GOV.UK website. If the office address doesn't match up, the communication isn't real. That's how to spot a fake HMRC letter. They've also published a list of fake email accounts that crop up again and again. Do yourself a favour and cross-check every point of reference HMRC takes its responsibility seriously to make sure that people who can pay do so on time, whilst providing extra, bespoke support to people facing financial hardship or in personal difficulty

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Post: The Tannery, 91 Kirkstall Road, Leeds. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your initial complaint to BW Legal, you can refer your complaint to the FCA or CSA. The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR. Email: complaint.info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk. Phone: 0300 1239 123 The findings come after The Times revealed yesterday that HM Revenue and Customs has sent letters to families during the Advantis Credit, a debt collection firm that also works with HMRC, is. You will usually receive an initial letter from Advantis Credit alerting you to any outstanding money you may owe to either the HMRC or one of the companies they collect for. Once the letter has been in your hands for a week or so, you will typically start to receive phone calls from Advantis Credit asking you to pay the money they claim you owe 6 Feb 2018. The latest scam to hit taxpayers is a call to mobile phone numbers from fraudsters posing as HMRC officials requesting immediate payment of £500 in so-called vishing attacks. Taxpayers are being told that the tax bill relates to unresolved tax issues dating back 10 years and the fraudsters ask for immediate payment by credit card

I sent the adjudicators letter to HMRC stating I needed it. It must have ended up in the right hands as I got a letter from a very nice chap saying that he's listened to the recording and agreed that I had been misinformed. He apologised for the delay in responses and sent me £10 for expenses incurred. A tenner didn't even come CLOSE to the. Problems paying HMRC: advice for businesses, individuals and tax agents. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) expects all customers, both individuals and businesses, to manage their affairs so that they pay their tax on time and in full. However HMRC understands that in certain circumstances this may not always be possible It all works on a 3 step process: 1. You receive an Advantis Credit Limited Letter. You probably just got one of these and now you're searching for information online. The letter from Advantis reads: This is Advantis Credit Limited. You are overdue for these repayments so you must contact us immediately. Advantis Credit, a debt collection firm that also works with HMRC, is ultimately owned by Outsourcing Inc, based in Japan. The other debt collection firms used by HMRC include CCS Collect, Moorcroft Debt Recovery, Oriel Collections and Past Due Credit Solutions, which are owned in the UK Hi, I got tricky situation. I received letter from Lowell portfolio ltd on November 2011 regarding EON outstanding balance from 02/01/2013 to 31/03/2014. First letter of my name was wrong and I am pretty sure I was not in this property at that particular period. I paid in full when I received letter thinking it should not come on my credit file

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Received a letter from Advantis Debt Collection Centre requesting for us to call 01762 971403. 18/11/2020: I too received the text message. If you check advantis credit Website there contact numbers don't match up. 05/11/2020: If its HMRC they can contact me direct. 29/10/2020: I have received a letter from Advantis with the phone number 07182. The debt collection agencies used by HMRC are: 1st Locate (trading as LCS) Advantis Credit Ltd. Akinika Debt Recovery Ltd. Apex Credit Management Ltd. Bluestone Credit Management Ltd. CCS Collect (also known as Commercial Collection Services Ltd) Drydensfairfax Solicitors. Fidélité Credit Management Advise Advantis you are appealing the DVLA decision (No interest is put on the debt while you do this, and no further charges can be amassed). So I was due to attend an online information session via the Jobcentre for HMRC. Indeed I received a letter from them stating that in reviewing my account, they were unable to verify all or some. HMRC have warned people over scam texts saying due to the current COVID-19 pandemic you have a pending tax rebate with a link to a phishing website. Links in any genuine letters or emails. Reminders. In the first instance HMRC will start collecting in debts by issuing payment reminders and these can be in the form of letters and even SMS texts. Failure to pay the amount owed may well mean that it is outsourced to a HMRC debt collections agency. HMRC have started to use these debt collection agencies more and more in recent years

Advantis Credit are a UK debt collection agency. They were established in 2004, and are currently based in Stoke-on-Trent. The company specialises in debt collection, debt purchase and credit management. HMRC, DVLA and Severn Trent Water are just a few clients that they work with. The debt collection agency has more than 250 team members, who. Bluestone Credit Management HMRC. 23 Jun 2020 - Company reported by SIA User. Bluestone agency. , Recruitment. 01142317518 (+441142317518 bluestone credit management HMRC and advantis credit moto tax credit overpayment letter. bluestone credit management ltd - What people are saying onlin

Final opportunity letters are sent on HMRC's behalf by some of the debt collection agencies that the department works with. These are: Advantis Credit Lt TEN DEBT COLLECTION agencies have been appointed by HM Revenue & Customs to collect up to £1bn owed.. In a tender-award notice, HMRC confirmed that the contracts are worth £70m; the Treasury announced last year that agencies would collect up to £1bn a year. Four companies were appointed to undertake a pilot scheme in 2010-11 with the aim of collecting £140m a year

If you get a letter like this, and you can't afford to pay it back within 30 days, do not ignore it hoping it will go away. We can help you put a budget together, and show HMRC what you can actually afford to pay. We can then arrange a time to pay arrangement with HMRC, this may be able to spread the repayment over 12 months to 10 years HMRC Debt Management helpline is 0300 200 3887. The opening times are 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday. HMRC operate Agent Dedicated Lines, which allow you to talk about Self Assessment, PAYE and Tax Credit anomalies. Agents remain authorised by the HMRC. HMRC VAT payment online Is HMRC right? It's easy to assume that a large government body such as HMRC is right 100% of the time. However, this is not the case. From lost letters to incorrect calculations, the organisation isn't perfect. Therefore, you should double-check any demands for repayment to make sure they're accurate

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If in doubt about the source of the phone call, it is important to check any correspondence and letters chasing payment. There will be no unsolicited demands for payment. Debt collection agencies used by HMRC are: • 1st Locate (trading as LCS) • Advantis Credit Ltd • Akinika Debt Recovery Ltd • Apex Credit Management Lt HMRC frequently update the third-party debt collection firms they use to recover arrears from limited companies. According to Gov.uk, the debt collection agencies currently engaged by HMRC to collected unpaid taxes are: 1st Locate (trading as LCS) - 0113 228 4452. Advantis Credit Ltd - 01782 400400. Akinika Debt Recovery Ltd - 01772 557635

A letter will do instead, but this form is quick and pretty easy. Do not spend too long filling it in, and in fact use the form to demand answers rather than give too many details about your own defence. Do not provide full detail on every issue at this stage as 'new information and evidence' is required to continue to the later stages of. Debt collection agencies used by HMRC are: Advantis Credit Ltd Im not supposed to get letters, the letters go to my accountant, all financial docs go to him (HMRC/Companies house/etc) as he is. Advantis Credit, Apex Credit, Close Credit Management, Clanchatton, Hillesden, Fredrickson International and Rossendales, Commercial Collection Services, Fairfax Solicitors and iQor Recovery Services. The procees will be that HMRC will send a letter out prior to referring the debt to the collection agency

HMRC will need a letter from a health care professional or mental health social worker explaining the mental health problem to enable it to deal with these cases. The evidence should include the nature of the illness and as far as possible, whether the illness is likely to be long-term (for example, schizophrenia) or where the prospects for. HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) is the body responsible for taxes such as income tax, national insurance, VAT arrears, and tax credit. Unlike some forms of debt, these expenses are considered priority and - as a result - should be paid as soon as possible Others received a letter from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) informing them their tax credits had been overpaid, often by thousands of pounds. Some claimants also received a second letter from a company called Concentrix , informing them they failed to comply with an investigation into their tax credit claim, and thus were no longer entitled to.

Who called me from 01782971403?. We have registered 8 reports and 582 lookups for the phone number 01782 971403 and our community has rated it as a neutral caller. This phone number is a landline from Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom (area code 01782). The most used words in our users' reports are Debt (4 times), HMRC (4 times), Money (2 times), Collection (2 times), Agency (2 times), Advisor (1. In my second letter (HMRC/02, 15 March 2014), I once again requested a response to my concerns. In my third letter (HMRC/03, 28 October 2014), I asked for my correspondence to be forwarded to a department able to comment on my concerns relating the legality of taxation for illegal purposes Advantis Credit Ltd Akinika Debt Recovery Ltd Apex Credit Management Ltd HMRC will send you a letter telling you that they intend to try to recover the money owed in this way from the 6 April of the following year. You will be sent a PAYE Coding Notice between January and March immediately before the start of the tax year on 6 April to say.

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Advantis fine. Discussion in 'Legal' started by tazzer, Oct 19, 2015. Thread Status: I forgot all about the company untill recently when a letter addressed to the Ltd company came, containing a £400 HMRC late filling debt The successful companies this time around included Advantis Credit, Apex Credit, Close Credit Management, Clanchatton, Hillesden, Fredrickson International and Rossendales. In any case practically every decision letter or notice sent by HMRC advises the law under which the decision has been reached or the penalty has been charged and. HMRC can collect higher amounts from those who earn more money - according to their salary. Earning £90,000 (or more) means that can they can take up to £17,000. In if happens, HMRC will write to you before the beginning of the next tax year. The letter will explain how your tax code is going to change. How to Avoid Debt being Included in Tax.

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This is a subject that irritates every accountant on the planet and I have often wondered why typically HMRC letters take so long from the date shown on the letter to reach me and decided last month to send an email to HMRC's queen bee Lin Homer, asking why that was the case. Advantis: My mysterious debt to HMRC A company called Advantis Credit have been chasing for months on a debt which originated in Scotland (Littlewoods) they have been rude and aggressive in their handling of the situation demanding I run around trying to prove that it was not me. I have never and would never live in Scotland and have never dealt with Littlewoods As a general rule HMRC tax debts never simply disappear and go away - they are one of those things in life that you can be reasonably certain will always arise ie. death and taxes. How To Stop An HMRC Tax Debt Collector Being Appointed. In order to stop an HMRC debt collector from being appointed, you need to engage quickly with HMRC LCS Debt Collection - We Know How To Make It Stop. So many people are dealing with the LCS debt collection agency and aren't sure what to do. We have researched and have figured out the solution. You must be going through some hard times right now with limited money in the budget. Some bad choices in the past have caught up to you by now >Advantis are a genuine debt collection firm. iirc one big contract they have is collecting tax credit overpayments. But that's not as a classic debt collector (of monies which have been in default for a while and the original creditor has given up on). I think they get commissioned by HMRC to immediately negotiate and star

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Advantis Credit Debt Collection. Advantis is a debt collection agency and its role is to collect debts on behalf of other companies. Advantis will chase the debt owed and make the collections on behalf of agencies, including the DVLA as well as other government bodies, private companies and utility companies such as water, gas and electricity HMRC are still paying me a monthly block payment of £88, the weekly £22 Mobility PIP component. This, plus my part-time wage, isn't enough to get by on. £416, my apparent debt, is about half of my monthly wage. This week I received a letter from Advantis Debt Collection Centre. 'This is your opportunity to put things right,' it says HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) If you ignore your bill. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will take 'enforcement action' to get the money if you don't pay your tax bill. You may be able to avoid this if you contact them. If you don't reach an agreement (or you don't keep up the payments you've agreed to make) HMRC has several options This letter is allowed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In the letter you request the collector prove you owe the money. You have to send the letter within 30 days of your first contact with the collector. If the creditor can't prove you owe the money by providing accurate information, including account numbers, you have a strong.

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HMRC is sending out the last of its tax credit renewal packs this week to claimants, which say whether or not you will need to renew or update your information. Readers' letters: Coronavirus. A tax tribunal ruled HMRC violated the human rights of Seventh Day Adventist beekeepers Graham and Abigail Blackburn, from Cornwall, by refusing to allow them to file their VAT returns by post Advantis Credit Ltd (HMRC) £54.56 Strutt & Parker - Heatherfields Rent £518.93 HMRC (Paye/Tax) £206.40 Playquip Leisure Ltd £193.80 £1,566.09 18/169 Planning/Housing 169.1 Applications for discussion at meetin

HMRC debts that arise from Self-Assessment Returns can be for both income tax and national insurance contributions. It is important to treat them seriously as they can quickly increase and get out of control. HMRC also have multiple options available to them to recover debts that other Creditors don't A few years back the HMRC wanted £100 for non return of Self Assessment. A letter enclosing a photocopy of the PO Receipt - date sent, their Post Code.....heard no more & funnily enough it turned up & was later processed. Say 2 or 3 times a year for £5 or less seems cheap when invoices & fines of £100 are being handed out seems chea Последние твиты от advantis cu (@advantiscu). Advantis credit union is headquartered in clackamas, oregon, and was established in 1928. Threats, harassment, home visits, text messages, letters for hmrc, tax credits,student advantis credit ltd threats, harassment, home visits, text messages & letters If you have an outstanding debt that Advantis has been asked to collect, then this page is for you. On this page, you'll find the answers to all of your questions about Advantis Debt Collectors and also how to get help if you're struggling to make your payments. Advantis Debt Collection contact details: Company Name: Advantis Credit Ltd Moorcroft Debt Recovery Stockport are a sophisticated scam company claiming to work on behalf of banks and other financial institutions. In fact they have simply bought a lot of the debts and in many case have no affiliation with the debt at all, so even if you pay Moorcroft Debt Recovery or The Moorcroft Group or Moorcroft Group Plc (depending on what name they are using at the time) thinking. BPO Collections are also one of eleven debt collection agencies used by the HMRC. In instances when the HMRC has referred your account to a private third-party, the HMRC will provide you with a written notice stating which company they passed your account to for collections with instructions to make payment arrangements with them directly