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A: The Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge is a Waste Management standard charge intended to cover a portion of Waste Management's enterprise-wide costs associated with host community fees, waste disposal taxes and similar charges that WM operating companies pay to municipal or other governmental authorities or agencies to engage in the waste collection, transfer, processing, disposal, treatment and/or recycling business We can help. If your container needs to be picked up before your scheduled day, request an extra pickup. Check availability for contact options. Address. . SEE OPTIONS What is an Extra Pickup Service Charge? What is a Permit Service Charge? Have a question? Visit our support center or start a chat with a Waste Management representative. CONNECT WITH US. PHONE. EMAIL & FAQ. CHAT. Waste Disposal & Recycling for Business. Roll-Off Dumpster Rental. Bulk Trash Pickup. Construction Waste Disposal Setting out extra recycling Put your extra recycling next to your recycling cart on your collection day. There is no additional charge for extra recycling, but there is a limit of 1 extra unit of Recycling per collection day. A unit is considered an amount of similar size to a 96 gallons cart (this is the same as your Recycle cart) The Environmental Charge allows Waste Management of Canada, together with other WM operating companies, to cover Waste Management's enterprise-wide costs and expenses for all its WM operating companies to operate collection, transfer, landfill, and recycling operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, and to achieve an acceptable operating margin

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  1. One 64-gallon gray Waste Management garbage cart emptied weekly: $23.45 One 96-gallon gray Waste Management garbage cart emptied weekly $31.43: Extra garbage (one 32-gallon can or equivalent) $3.94 ea: Spokane - Curbside Recycling: One blue recycling cart emptied every other week $9.37: Extra clean recyclables (32-gallon box or bin
  2. Paying the county to dispose of that, at the $29-per-ton rate, would cost Rye just $66,207 and require no recycling trucks and special crews. Even if Rye paid the county's full $90-per-ton cost of disposal for recyclables, it would incur a cost of $205,470—far less than what it pays to pick up residential recyclables
  3. Set out extra recyclables, next to your cart in cardboard box or 32-gallon container with handles labeled Recycle. Do not place recyclables in plastic bags. There is a charge for extra recycling. Please don't leave any extra recyclables in cardboard boxes out in the rain
  4. At P3 Cost Analysts, we are experts in the waste and recycling industry, have over 30,000 client benchmark data points across the country, and know exactly what to look for in regards to valid and invalid charges. In many cases, the fee increases you see are valid and usually aren't a cause for concern
  5. Learn more about general recycling practices on our Recyling do's and don'ts page. Waste Management tailors recycling programs for each of the municipalities we serve. For this reason, programs may vary not only by area, but by community. When everyone works together, we can make the best use of our planet's natural resources

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  1. One 64-gallon gray Waste Management garbage cart emptied weekly. $28.42. One 96-gallon gray Waste Management garbage cart emptied weekly. $36.31. Additional 35-gal. carts (weekly service) $7.86. Extra garbage (one 32-gallon can or equivalent) $4.83 ea. Spokane Valley - Curbside Recycling
  2. Waste Disposal and Recycling. The City contracts with Waste Management for Curbside and Business trash collection and recycling. Residents can call (800) 266-7551 for billing/pick-up questions or to schedule a bulky item pick up. All residential waste is picked up weekly on Tuesday
  3. However, invoices are mailed every three months, so charges on invoices are for three months service. Listed rates do not include applicable city, county or state taxes. * Per County ordinance, recycling is required in combination with your basic garbage service. Waste Management offers an easy way to pay your garbage bill online

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  1. Total City Services (Taxable) $18.00. $22.00. $30.00. On a current CPS Energy bill, customers can see the size of cart they currently have and its corresponding fee. To downsize your cart and pay a smaller fee, call 3-1-1. There are no additional fees for collection of the blue recycling and green organics carts. ITEM
  2. Extra fees are an unfavorable element in any transaction, but the good news is, this disposal fee rarely exceeds $2.00 per each new vehicle tire purchased in any given state. Some states, such as Indiana and Kansas, impose fees as low as 25 cents per tire
  3. Curbside Recycling Guide. Click the image below to view our interactive Curbside Recycling Guide. Here you can learn what to put in your curbside recycling bin, what to keep out, and ask questions! Factsheets & Posters. Handling waste from E-Cigarette
  4. 3 The special waste extra handling charge applies only to special waste, such as asbestos-containing material, that requires special clearances and extra handling for proper disposal. The extra handling fee, which is charged in place of the special waste fee, is intended to more accurately reflect the cost of disposing of these materials
  5. Recycling. Citizens and businesses in Yamhill County want to reduce waste in a big way, and recycling is a crucial part of the solution. Together, we can divert waste from the landfill and save energy by recycling everything from used materials and storage containers to electronics and scrap metal. Please note charges apply for some materials
  6. Michael Shapiro, director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Solid Waste, also weighed in on the benefits of recycling : A well-run curbside recycling program can cost anywhere from $50 to more than $150 per tontrash collection and disposal programs, on the other hand, cost anywhere from $70 to more than $200 per ton
  7. The change states that ONLY those households exceeding a 90-gallon capacity per week will pay an extra capacity fee. This amendment was created to avoid charging households that are not excessive with trash waste from having to pay any extra fees. So, if your household throws away more than 90-gallons of garbage per week, you will need to pay.

Effective October 1, 2021, the monthly rates will be: $43.32 for Small (120L) garbage cart. $48.32 for Large (240L) garbage cart. $58.32 for Excess (360L) garbage cart. Residential Bin Collection. The monthly rate effective January 1, 2021 is: $30.69 for residents living in multi-unit buildings with communal bin collection Electronic Waste Recycling E-waste includes TVs, computers, radios, phones, etc. and may not be disposed of in the trash. Please recycle e-waste at the Recology Auburn Placer Transfer Station for no extra charge. Recology Auburn Placer (RAP) will also collect e-waste at your curbside for no extra charge. Contact us to schedule a pickup. Blue.

Maryland Residents can recycle a long list of items, collected loose, all in one container, including: Paper. Magazines, catalog, junk mail and envelopes. Newspapers, including all inserts (remove plastic delivery bag before placing in cart) Paper bags and craft paper. Non-metallic, non-glittery wrapping paper, gift bags and cards The Johns Creek Solid Waste Division permits and coordinates solid waste and recycling collection provided by private-sector waste haulers, and, with Keep Johns Creek Beautiful, organizes multiple public events for document shredding, bulky waste recycling, and hazardous household waste collection. The Solid Waste Division also provides oversight of the Solid Waste Management Plan, adopted by. The City's contract with Waste Management was expiring and Waste Management was not willing to extend their contract with the City unless they received a large rate increase. Therefore, the City conducted a competitive Request For Proposals (RFP) process for garbage and recycling services. This was an extra, itemized charge in the 2019. Report missed garbage, yard waste, or recycling. Request special bulky item pick up. Request a roll off dumpster. Request dead animal removal. Request mosquito spraying; Solid Waste Fees: Monthly residential fee: $29.68. Extra garbage cart: $10.00 per month, per cart; Extra recycling cart: $3.11 per month, per car Electronics recycling (no extra cost) Textile recycling (no extra cost) Motor oil recycling (no extra cost) Bulky item disposal (cost) Schedule these services with Waste Management at 1-800-592-9995. Holidays. Collection service is provided on all holidays except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day

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  1. gs can be put in paper yard bags, 32-gal cans with handles (65 lb limit) and lids that are labeled Yard.
  2. A. Per the new City of Reno Residential Waste Franchise Agreement, all customers are required to use Waste Management trash and recycling carts. Customers who owned their own 32-gallon container or placed bags at the curb each week, received a 35-gallon Waste Management trash cart and a 64-gallon Waste Management recycling cart
  3. The Solid Waste Management Division is responsible for the collection of municipal solid waste, recyclables, green waste, and Operation Clean Up for approximately 112,000 residential customers. The Division also has oversight of litter collection, and solid waste-related FresGO customer service responses for 103 square miles within the Fresno.
  4. us $195,000, or $27,690 net savings from recycling
  5. harm the environment, injure workers and result in additional charges to your account. Learn more about recycling right by following us on social media. Trash Recyclables. 3' LOCATIONS. Commercial Row Transfer Station. Waste Management of Nevada 1390 E. Commercial Row Reno, NV 89512 . Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday - Sunday. 8 a.m.

For the first six months from November 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021, the Department of Waste Management & Recycling (DWMR) has been providing educational outreach to customers who use these facilities to infom them of this law and the new $25 fee. Beginning May 1, 2021, the $25 fee is being charged on unsecured loads at Kiefer Landfill and NARS We provide extra trash pickups for a small charge per 35 gallons (approx. 3 kitchen-size trash bags). There is no charge for extra recycling. Extra trash, recycling and yard waste will only be picked up with your carts on your regular service day. You MUST call ahead for these services. Curbside Motor Oil Recycling Do you work on your own car The fees will go to a private organization that will reimburse municipalities for recycling and waste management costs and invest in education geared at reducing packaging and improving recycling Metro Waste Authority provides answers for safe and smart waste disposal and recycling. Whether it's Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste or Hazardous Waste or special waste, we know where it should go and have the resources to help. Learn more about us. Board of Director

disposal fees and accepted materials Disposal fees are charged for accepted materials brought to the Sechelt Landfill or Pender Harbour Transfer Station . Fees vary from one material to another and cover the cost of operations, reuse and recycling programs Bulk waste does not include extra garbage which could fit into the garbage cart. Items for Drop-Off Service Any resident in Lake County may dispose of items at the Convenience Centers. Household items brought for recycling are accepted at no charge. For questions regarding items accepted or disposal fees, call (352) 343-3776

Carton Recycling Program. Yes! Cartons are recyclable. The City of Houston accepts cartons for recycling. Carton Recycling Go Green Communities. The Houston Apartment Association (HAA) and the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) launched on November 15, 2011 the Go Green Community initiative to increase recycling in apartment communities For specific questions about Rochester's Curbside Recycling Guidelines please call Waste Management directly at 332-2386. Bulky Waste: Hours of operation for the Rochester Residential Drop off at Waste Management, on the Rochester Neck Road are: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am till 3pm and Saturdays 8am to 5pm In March 2021, the waste management cost for these services on a monthly basis is less than $200 per month. If your office also requires confidential shredding services, you can arrange a 240-litre confidential paper bin for $31.50+ GST per collection. Our second example is for a small cafe in Sydney You spend more than $10,000 total in waste and recycling each month. You are a key decision maker for your company. You want to save on your waste spend. You want to ensure your waste management is efficient. You are tired of paying too much for waste disposa Solid Waste Management provides waste collection and recycling services to unincorporated Miami-Dade County and the cities of Aventura, Cutler Bay, Doral, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, Opa-locka, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest and Sunny Isles Beach. Curbside recycling services are also provided to the following cities that have inter-local agreements.


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The city charges less for smaller garbage cans, and has a reduced rate for extra recycle and yard waste containers. Call 311 or go to www.sac311.org to place an order. Your current container size is listed on your utility bill The office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. In White City, you can drop off old or unused prescription medications at the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, located at 3131 Avenue C. The office is open seven days a week from 9 am to 4 pm OR at Rogue Community Health located at 8389 Division Rd

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NOTE: this service only applies to garbage. Recyclables, yard waste and any large or special pickup items must still be placed curbside. To schedule rear door garbage service, contact Waste Management at 941-493-4100. Recycle Coach App. Recycle Coach is your go-to source for all garbage, recycling and hazardous waste information Wake County's Solid Waste Management Division provides waste disposal and recycling services to residents and businesses in Wake County, as well as an array of award winning outreach and education programs. Last year, the division landfilled 530,000 tons of garbage and collected 38,000 tons of materials for recycling at drop-off sites Solid Waste Management Department Attn: Residential 4600 Edith NE Albuquerque, NM 87107. FAX to: (505) 761-8187. Where does the recycling go after it is collected? Recycling collected at the curb is sent to Friedman Recycling. Friedman processes the materials and then ships them to end markets for reuse or to be made into new products Please note: This rebate will be applied to your total solid waste disposal charge, but will not reduce the total transaction to less than the $10.00 solid waste transaction fee. Washougal: Recyclables are accepted free of charge Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Household Hazardous Waste

Recycling In addition to trash, all residential haulers must also provide and collect recycling weekly or every two weeks. Residents will be charged by their selected hauler for trash and recycling services in a single fee. Recycling is unlimited. You can put out additional recycling that exceeds your recycling container for no extra charge If the drop off boxes are full, please do not leave bags on the ground - thank you for protecting the workers doing the pickup! Household Hazardous Waste Day See you at the next Household Hazardous Waste Day on September 25, 2021. 2021 Trash and Recycling Calendar Trash and Recycling Schedule By Street Recycling's Most Common Contaminant

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The extra charge will be added to your account. If you find that you consistently have extra trash, you may want to consider a larger trash roll cart size. Please note that if you're a tenant, only the landlord can authorize the pickup of extra trash or switch to a larger cart size, as the account is in their name Who We Are. EDCO is a Family Owned and Locally Operated waste collection and recycling company, serving numerous communities in Southern California since 1967. EDCO specializes in offering integrated, user-friendly waste removal and recycling programs to serve residential homes, multi-family properties, commercial businesses, multi-tenant.

The State of California has passed legislation imposing an electronic waste recycling fee for a sale made by a retailer to a consumer in the State of California for certain electronic items. This legislation was SB 20 Senate Bill CHAPTERED and SB 50. To comply with this new regulation, Gateway will charge the applicable California Electronic. Extra bags of trash that do not fit in your trash cart with the lid closed must be placed next to the trash cart and tagged with an extra trash sticker, which can be purchased at most local grocery stores ($4 + tax). Extra bags without a sticker will be charged a per-bag fee of $9.60 + tax

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Unincorporated Antioch Waste Management and Recycling. Paperless Billing View Local Office. Refuse: Service includes collection of unlimited household refuse. Residents are allowed to use garbage cans or bags that are not larger than 32 gallons and do not weigh more than 45 pounds each. We try to be regular with our collection times but we may. Solid Waste Management offers three different trash cart sizes: 35, 65, and 95-gallons. Contact us: For the fastest response to service-related issues, please call 311 (720-913-1311) and provide your name and exact home address. Denver 311 Help Center: 3-1-1. Outside Denver: 720-913-1311 Groot Waste Management in Chicago is the largest independent solid waste management services provider in the State of Illinois. Bartlett may set out bulk items to be collected on the same day as their regular collection day at no additional charge. Service Detail Portable Toilet Regular recycling service Regular waste disposal and. The City offers several collection and recycling events throughout the year where residents may dispose of limited types of yard waste free of charge: Tree and Branch Recycling (May, June, October) Collection is limited to trees and branches with a trunk size no larger than 8 in diameter and no smaller than 1 in diameter We take care of your waste responsibly. For nearly a century, the Rumpke Family has operated one of the nation's largest waste and recycling companies providing residential and commercial trash and recycling services to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia

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You will be able to take the all materials that are normally accepted at the HWRCs for disposal, charges will still apply to those listed below. We have charged for the disposal of the following items at our 18 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) since 3 June 2019: breeze blocks, bricks, cement, concrete and drain pipes Solid Waste Collection Agreement and Solid Waste Code. The Department monitors the Collection Agreement and the Collection Agreement Addendum 1 with Waste Management for curbside collection of garbage, recycling and yard waste for residents in Unincorporated Brevard. If you live within city or town limits please see the list for contact. Unincorporated Yorkville Waste Management and Recycling. Paperless Billing View Local Office. Refuse: Service includes collection of unlimited household refuse. Residents are allowed to use garbage cans or bags that are not larger than 32 gallons and do not weigh more than 45 pounds each Collection & Disposal View our garbage, recycling, and food & yard waste (compost) services, find the nearest transfer station (dump/landfill) for extra waste, and learn about your collection day. Sewer & Drainage We manage Seattle's sewer and drainage systems, including street storm drains and pollution control Residents need to call Groot at 877-775-1200 to obtain a price quote and to schedule a pick-up. We will collect Christmas trees for the first two weeks in January. Residents on the unlimited program may place their trees at curbside on their regular service day for no extra charge

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  1. Solid Waste Cart Management Effective July 1, 2020 and pursuant to City of Houston Ordinance Amending Sections 39-1, 39-49, 39-62, AND 39-63, passed by City Council on 05/13/2020, a $1.14 cart fee will be charged to water accounts that receive COH Solid Waste Service.. The City of Houston offers industry-grade, highly durable garbage and recycling carts for use in City provided collection service
  2. Planning the waste management and recycling for all of the rubbish produced in this country is an enormous task which involves both logistical planning and scientific knowledge and understanding.
  3. up to 50 percent. In a single-stream recycling system, residents place all recyclables in a recycling cart for pickup. Waste Management, Inc. will supply and maintain one 96-gallon recycling container for each residential customer. These containers should only be used for recycling materials and not extra garbage. Extra containers are available fo
  4. ed based upon type and volume of waste material. HHW Waste Chemicals (Residential) 1-gal = $2.00. 2-5 gal = $5.00. HHW Waste Chemicals (Business/Licensed Hauler) 1 qt. = $1.00. 1-gal = $7.50
  5. Specialties: American Disposal is a proud member of the Waste Connections family, providing garbage, recycling, and other hauling services to homes and businesses in Pierce County. In addition to providing waste removal services for the community, we strive to give back to the community through countless sponsorships, donations, and support of local organizations. Being one of the largest.

Residents will receive communications from Waste Management throughout the integration process to make this transition as seamless as possible. Please continue to contact Advanced Disposal, as you do today, for any service or billing-related questions at 847-272-4145 or by email at northbrookIL@advanceddisposal.com Some dumps are raising costs to deal with all this extra waste; according to one estimate, along the West Coast, landfill fees increased by $8 a ton from 2017 to 2018 Residents can sign up by calling (509) 942-7700. Additional containers are available for an extra $2.00 per month, with a one year commitment. Request by calling (509) 942-7700. Garbage is not allowed in the recycling container. Repeat offenders are charged a garbage disposal fee of $8.15 Hazardous Waste Removal Cost. Hazardous waste removal runs anywhere from $50 to $500. Most junk removal services don't take chemicals or hazardous products. You need to call your local garbage or waste collection company to address these. Refrigerant or freon removal and disposal: $50-$150. Freon and refrigerants both require special disposal In addition, all carts are charged the same recycling rate, regardless of their size. Residents who request carry-out service may also pay an additional fee. Bulky item pickup service. Both the City of Olympia and LeMay Enterprises pick up large, bulky items for disposal for an extra fee

Related Links: City and Landfill Sites with Recycling Information Curbside Collection Information Drop Off Centers for Green Waste and Recycling Household Hazardous Waste Electronics Recyclers Some electronics recyclers may charge for certain items - please check with the recycler directly to determine if you will be charged to recycle your items. Best Buy 1475 North. Recycling materials should be placed in the green and gold carts. If you have excess recycling that doesn't fit into your green and gold cart, it can be dropped off, free of charge, at the Waste Management Facility located at 1207 S Hickory Street. Please contact Waste Management by calling 1-888-960-0008 for questions regarding this free. Includes info about garbage, recycling and yard waste collection in King County, WA. Features a calendar of special recycling collection events, as well as environmental education programs. King County ensures that garbage and recycling collection are available in the unincorporated areas and in 37 of the 39 cities in the county, excluding Seattle and Milton

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• Effective January 7, 2019, there is no longer a charge for Christmas Trees. If you want to recycle them follow the Municipal Christmas Tree Recycling Program. Otherwise, you can put your Christmas tree out with your regular trash at no extra cost. For further details about recycling go to our Recycling Do's & Don'ts detail Olympic Disposal's commercial garbage customers within the City of Port Townsend receive recycling services at no extra charge. Contact Olympic Disposal at 360-385-6612 or 1-800-422-7854. Recycling Clean Wood Waste - Market Development for Clean Wood Waste is a recently completed study funded by a Recycling Development Center grant. Village of Oswego Waste Management and Recycling. Paperless Billing View Local Office. Refuse: Residents are allowed to place out unlimited household refuse for collection in cans or bags that are not larger than 35 gallons and do not weigh more than 50 pounds each. The option to rent or purchase a garbage cart is available; please contact a. Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal. (530) 583-7800. (Updated August 23, 2020) Garbage Collection Service. Recology. Collection routes continue to operate as normal. Extra bags at curbside continue to be collected on normal collection days; charges apply. Placer County residents west of the City of Colfax who do not subscribe to residential garbage.

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Keep them out of the bin to save the sorters at your local recycling facility a huge amount of extra removal work while also saving their machines the hassle of getting clogged. #2 Contaminant: Food Waste. Otherwise recyclable items quickly become garbage when they carry the remnants of the food that they once held The recycling and waste disposal world seems to be full of yeses and nos. This page is a brief overview of what goes in which residential collection container, with links to additional information if needed Recycling glass would have cost Houston an extra $1 million a year. Without glass it's easier for Waste Management to focus on the high-value stuff. Last year the EPA did a study looking at the. If you have an item in question and are not sure if we can take it, please give us a call at 763-780-8464 for a quote. We do not accept Hazardous Waste, please refer to your County's Hazardous Waste Facility for all Household Hazardous Waste disposal and their locations. List of Materials In 2019, Howard County's waste diversion rate was 55.8%. The waste diversion goal is comprised of the recycling rate plus source reduction credits (maximum 5%) that Maryland Counties and Baltimore City earn through activities designed to reduce the amount of waste going to the waste stream

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Garbage. The City of Kent contracts its garbage service through Republic Services.. Garbage service is mandatory for all occupied buildings, per Kent City Code 7.03.When signing up for curbside garbage service, residential customers will receive a blue recycling cart and a green food/yard waste cart, in a choice of sizes, at no additional charge The service is free of charge for clean garbage (no food scraps, yard waste or recycling in the bag). In order to be collected, your waste must be set out correctly and by 7am on your collection day. Waste collectors will not be dispatched to pick up waste that was set out incorrectly or late Cheapest domestic waste collection in Cork, domestic refuse collection in Cork, waste management, recycling companies in Cork. We offer cheapest domestic waste collection and domestic refuse collection in Cork as well as a recycling service in Cork

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Disposal of incompatible items such as, gasoline, pesticides, bleach, ammonia, and other household cleaners into a recycling container, trash container, or Brush/Bulk pile can cause a reaction when mixed with other solid waste material in a garbage truck. Read the warning labels of items you are throwing away During our day to day lives we all produce waste. It is important to dispose of this waste in a sustainable and beneficial way. When the materials that we consume come to the end of their useful life it is important in this shrinking resources restricted world that we make better use of these materials by reusing or recycling what we can. We all have a shared responsibility to help achieve this Unincorporated Antioch Waste Management and Recycling. Paperless Billing View Local Office. Refuse: Service includes collection of unlimited household refuse. Residents are allowed to use garbage cans or bags that are not larger than 32 gallons and do not weigh more than 45 pounds each. We try to be regular with our collection times but we may. Yard waste recycling fee. Check disposal fees for a complete list of current fees. Minimum fee: $12 per entry all vehicles Covers up to 320 pounds. Per ton fee: $75. If yard waste loads are mixed with garbage or other debris, the entire load will be charged at the higher garbage rate. Loads must be secured. A secured load is a load of material.

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The facility is open second and fourth Saturdays by appointment only. Residents must call Waste Management at 619-596-5100 for an appointment and directions. There is currently no charge for disposal. Loads cannot exceed 125 pounds or 15 gallons. No explosives, medical waste or business waste is accepted Paid disposal - fees and charges. We charge by volume for general rubbish, green waste, concrete and soil. Please remove any tarps so the window operator can view the load. Volume = Length x Width x Height. For example: 6' x 4' trailer = 1.8 x 1.2 x 0.45 = 1m 3 which equals 1m 3 charged for disposal. We accept EFTPOS In addition to our collection services, Kimble operates a state-of-the-art landfill and recycling plant in our coverage area, where we handle more than 100,000 tons of recyclable material each year. With Kimble, you can rest assured that your waste disposal and recycling needs are handled responsibly

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Place used tissues and napkins in the garbage, rather than the green bin. Where possible, Please use liner bags (either paper or certified compostable plastic) in the green bin. Please ensure that all material placed in garbage bins is bagged, not kept loose. Please follow the advice of Public Health and keep a physical social distance of at. Based on current government information on Coronavirus restrictions, which could change: Appointments are no longer required to visit a Recycling and Household Waste Site (as of Monday 19 July 2021).. A Waste Permit is required for vans, pick-ups and cars with trailers, and any vehicle bringing asbestos, chemicals or liquid paint Waste and recycling facilities. Information on waste and recycling locations, accepted items, green waste disposal, free mulch giveaway, fees and charges and Council's Buy Back Shop. Read more. Waste reduction and recycling strategy. Our approach to reduce the amount of waste deposited in landfill. Read more Village of Lindenhurst Waste Management and Recycling. Each household has been provided with one (1) 95 gallon capacity tote for their use. Residents will also be allowed up to one bulk item per week at no additional charge; however, if the item is oversized/overweight or you have additional bulk items, please call 847-693-2700 to make special. The orange box provides a safe place to store old, used, or unwanted household hazardous waste until it can be dropped off to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot, a Special Waste Drop-off Day, or an alternative disposal location. Residents can pick up one Orange Box per household, free of charge, from the Halton Waste Management Site