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Do a whipping test. Use a piece of scrap backing and prepare the edge so you can practice whipping. A section to be whipped about 8″ long should be enough. I typically use a 5′ or 60″ long piece of yarn to whip my rugs. Do not let the yarn shop wind the yarn into a ball for you. Instead, leave it in a skein and untwist it so it is a circle There are 2052 square inches in a yard of rug wool, so divide 3456 by 2052 and you will need approximately 1 5/8 yards of wool. If you are using a #5 size cutter head you need five times the area to be covered. Using the same example, multiply 864 times 5 (4320) and divide by 2052. You will need approximately 2 1/8 yards of wool

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Latch hook rug making. How much yarn do I need? (3 Posts) Add message | Report. ampere Thu 04-Mar-10 21:06:36. Anyone know the coverage one pack of precut yarn gives? ie how many strands are in each pack? I guess one can work out the amount needed if you count the holes in a rug canvas AND you know how many strands are in a standard pack This chart estimates how much yarn you will need for specific crafts. To download a PDF of this, click here. Yarn Weight 1 Yarn Weight 2 Yarn Weight 3 Yarn Weight 4 Yarn Weight 5 Yarn Weight 6 Yarn Weight 7 Hat 250-.. Most scarves will use one to two skeins of yarn. According to the chart above, you will probably need about 300-650 yards, depending on the weight of yarn, the colors, the stitches, style, and length amongst other factors. Looking for a scarf crochet pattern to make? Check out any of these free crochet patterns The amount of yarn needed to create a rug depends on how close your tufting lines are and the size of the pile height

How much yarn do you need to weave the pile for a rya rug? To answer this question, you will need to know: 1 - How long do you want the pile of the rya rug to be? 2 - How many rya threads are you going to tie per knot? 3 - How wide is your backing? How many knots are tied across each row? 4 - How long is the rya backing One piece will be needed for each hole. To calculate the amount of yarn needed: Determine the length of each piece. Calculate how many pieces you can get from each yard of yarn It takes about 10 yards of fabric to make a 24 x 36 inch size rug. 1/3 of this fabric is not even seen so an old sheet or other scrap fabric is great. I found that a full size sheet is about the same as 4 yards of fabric. I can find an old sheet at the salvation army or Good Will for WAY less money than buying a new yard of fabric How Much? A 2-by-3-foot rug will require 3 pounds of prepared ball. A 3-by-4-foot rug will require 6 pounds of prepared ball. A 6-by-9-foot rug will require 26 pounds of prepared ball. A 9-by-12-foot rug will require 53 pounds of prepared ball Just make sure you do really want to. Knitting wool is not designed to be rugged enough to be walked on, so it'll be much more fragile than rug wool. It's also much finer, so you'll need several strands per hole - making it much more fiddly to work with and meaning you'll need rather more than you might think

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  1. The yarns are numbered from 1 to 7 where 1 is the thinnest and 7 is the thickest. A worsted or medium weight yarn will be numbered as 4 and is essentially the most comfortable yarn to work with. The Best Yarn For Crochet Rugs 1
  2. Beside this, how much yarn do I need to make a rug? In general: 1 sq ft of rug = 25 large (4.5 pom poms), or 40 medium (2.5 inch pom poms). 1 skein of medium weight acrylic yarn (160 yards) produces about 7 large 4.5 pom poms and 11 medium 2.5 pom poms. Therefore, you need about 4 skeins per square foot of rug
  3. The hemp yarn shown above has 1500 yards per pound (ypp). So you would need 1365/1500 = .9 lb. of yarn for the warp. Table of Yarn Measurements Weft Don't forget that you will need yarn to weave the weft as well. If you are using the same yarn for weft as well, you will need approx. the same amount to complete the two table runners - 1.8 lbs
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  5. Tutorial #12 - Amy explains how to estimate how much yarn you will need for your punch needle rug hooking projects. You will learn techniques for the Regular..
  6. After completing the tufting process your yarn tufts will need to be secured to the back. This is typically done with an adhesive of some sort. Any glue will work, but generally a carpet adhesive is used. The important thing is that the ends of the yarn are secured so they won't pull out of the backing

If your rug is 4 feet across, the radius of the rug is 2. The formula is pi (3.14) times radius squared. This means 3.14 x 2 x 2 = 12.56 square feet. You would need between 12 and 13 yards of material. For oval rugs I would recommend measuring the longest length and the longest width — and multiply them to get the area of the whole rectangle * rug backingif you work on a variety of backings, you might want to hook a gauge on each type. The amount of wool you need may vary depending on your backing. Most people hook tighter on Monk's Cloth than they do on linen. * a Fat 1/16th of woolwhile you could certainly take the time to hook up a full fat ¼it is much quicker to. Rug Binding Wool Yarn for Rugs and Tapestries. Classic 100% Rug Wool: 3-ply Bulky. It is rugged and stylish yarn perfect for rugs and tapestries. It is spun and dyed in American Mills and Dye Houses. It is available in over 90 colors, earth tone, primitive, heathers, and bright colors. Great for knitting, weaving, and rug hooking

For example, some crochet stitches require much more yarn than others, so while those estimates can be close, the method below is a sure-fire way to determine how much yarn you need to buy. One question that is posed over and over again is How much yarn do I need for a blanket (or baby blanket, or scarf, etc) How much yarn do I need for latch hooking a cushion? The amount of yarn needed for a latch hooking project depends on the lenght of the yarn used for each knot and the number of knots in a project. Most latch hooking projects for cushions are made with 7,5 cm (3 inch) long lenghts of yarn for each knot You will need 120 square inches to cover that area. If you have lots of little areas between motifs, you will need to measure each one and add their square inches all together for a final total. Generally when figuring out how much wool is needed you fold the wool into four layers, fold in half and then again Thousands of Sizes and Styles. Find Your Perfect Rug Today. 50-60% Off Now. Free Delivery & 30 Day Returns! Over 200,000 Rugs In-Stock. Wholesale Prices STW Yarn Calculator for Punch Needle Rug Hooking. Price: $ 6.95. Quantity: Out of Stock 1. Add to Cart. Figure out how much wool you need. Using grid over your pattern helps calculate amount of ounces of yarn needed when punching with the #9 or #10 regular Oxford Punch Needle

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206-782-6242. Get directions >. Store Hours. Tue 9am-9pm. Wed 9am-9pm. Thu 9am-9pm. Fri 9am-9pm. Sat 9am-9pm. Sun 10am-6pm The more of a certain color you plan on using in your rug, the more of that colored yarn you'll need. Are you making a large or small rug? There is a direct relationship between the size you want the rug to be and the amount of yarn you'll need. The bigger the rug, the more yarn you'll need. The smaller the rug, you get the picture Start whipping with a length of yarn a comfortable length. I like about 5′ or 60″. Secure the ends of the yarn the same way you will on the rug. While this test will help you to determine how much yarn you will need it also gives you a chance to test the color. You can hold the test edge up to your rug and verify that the color is just right You need to know how much yarn to buy whenever you start a new knitting or crocheting project. You can figure out the yardage by using yarn calculations, whether you're substituting one yarn for another in a pattern or whether you just have a general sense of what you'd like to knit. If you're using [

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  1. how many precut 2 1/2″ pieces of yarn do i need to make a 3×5 latched rug? thank ou. Reply. Heidi. December 8, 2020 at 3:26 pm. It depends whether you're working with canvas featuring 4 knots per inch or 5 knots per inch. Regardless of strand length, you'll need to do math
  2. I prefer using a 10 mm crochet hook, because I like the thickness of the rug it creates (using an appropriate thickness of yarn). You can go as big as a 25 mm hook — if you can find one. But anything bigger than 10 mm will put more strain on your wrists and arms because you will need thicker yarn. 5. Making your rug
  3. What You Need. Bernat Maker Home Decor Yarn: 4 skeins in the color cream. 12mm Crochet Hook; Tapestry Needle: this one comes in a nice case. Scissors: I love the color of these. Crochet Rug Pattern. The entire rug is worked with 2 strands of yarn held together. This makes a thicker rug. At the end of each round, you will join with a slip stitch.

Herrschners® Pre-Cut Latch Hook Rug Yarn. Item 130001P. 4.7 5. Read 101 reviews | Write a Review. Our Price: $0.99 - $1.19. Buy 1-9 for $1.19 each. Buy 10 or more for $0.99 each. Lofty 100% acrylic rug yarn. Package contains 320 strands of premium 3-ply machine-washable acrylic yarn Using standard acrylic rug yarnwith 3.3 and 3.75 hpi means a less dense pile and an inferior end result unless you work two strands of yarn as a single knot. 3.3 hpi canvas is nowadays most commonly found as 40 inch (100 cm) wide, so for wider rugs you will need to join one or more lengths of canvas togethe

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The rug may require blocking when finished - I blocked and the circle rug was flatter around the edges after. The circle rug measures - diameter = 32″ Gauge - 10 sts / 12 rows in 4″ Skill Level - Easy. The Supplies You Need. Yarn. 3 x Mixtape Yarn in three colours (250 grams/125 metres each skein) Lion Brand fast track yarn Repeat on all for sides to bind the edges of the rug. 3. Push your hook through a square. The hook will need to go under and through. 4. Wrap the yarn around the base of the hook and pull the yarn around the top part of the hook. 4. Begin pulling down on the hook. The small arm will close around the hook and wrap around the yarn. 6-7 Our rug yarn stands the test of time: Halcyon Yarn Signature Classic Rug Wool is a sturdy, beautiful and versatile wool rug yarn. Made from 100% certified New Zealand wool, with a firm, even twist, Halcyon Yarn's exclusive 3-ply wool rug yarn is custom spun and dyed in the finest family-run spinning mills and dye houses Try out whatever wool you have at home. A rule of thumb is that the yarn can be as thick as the punch needle itself. If you only have thinner yarns, you can also double or triple the threads. Regular: The regular needle works well with heavier yarn and knitting wool. I recommend wool that is suitable for knitting needles between 6 and 8 mm and measures between 100-130m/100g

Kit includes: 1 wooden tufting frame, which clamps to any standard table. Yarn feeder and screws included. Ships flat but easy to assemble. 1 tufting machine: Either a cut pile (AK-I) OR loop pile (AK-II) 1 yard of primary tufting cloth (enough to make four 28 x 28 projects) Kit does NOT include: Yarn Red Heart yarn is a widely available, reasonably priced yarn, manufactured by Coats and Clark. To crochet a rug, work with three strands of Red Heart worsted weight yarn held together. There are a wide variety of colors and styles, but to use it to make a rug, a heavier weight is needed The Dollar Tree non-slip underlay that I used is 18 in by 28 in. I wanted to make a larger rug, so using 2 packages, I cut the edges to make them even, and then Iknotted the two pieces together. However, my pompom rug, is turning into a bedspread for my granddaughter, because she said that she was going to use the rug for a blanket

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The proportions of the finished rug will tell you how long to make the center braid. Generally, the length of the center braid can be determined by subtracting your planned rug's width from its length. For example, a 2-by-3-foot rug will need 1 foot of center braid, while a round rug only needs a few inches for the center braid How much fabric do I need to make t-shirt yarn? To weave a 30″ diameter rug, we need about 6-7 x-large (women's) t-shirts. On my first trip to Salvation Army to get fabrics to make our rag rug, I ended up with a pile of t-shirts the size of an elephant How much yarn you'll need depends on the size of pompoms and the size of rug you are after. As a guide, for pompoms that are about 4.5, and a rug that is about 30 x 30 you'll need 31 skeins of worsted weight yarn, whereby each skein is 3.5 oz (100) each, giving you 170 yards (156m) per skein of yarn I really need some help. I am making two afghans 10 ounces each making an afghan 60 x 72 inches with an I hook. It is a pattern that starts in the corner. I don't think I have enough yarn? I am estimating 6 10 ounce skeins for this each afghan. Hope it doesn't take that much Cushing's Perfection Dyes. You'll need these to dye your own wool. They cost around $2.85 each and it typically takes tiny amounts of several different colors to create the warm, primitive colors I like to use in my rugs. By themselves, most of the colors are too bright for dying in my opinion

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  1. The calculator is processing your square sizes and cross comparing to the size of the afghan you want. It factors in how many squares to get to the closest measurements in both width and length. It then counts the squares needed to fill it all in. The answer given is how many squares you will need to complete
  2. Rugmaking yarns need to be tough, strong and hardwearing. Our colourful rug wool selection is suitable for a variety of techniques whether you are weaving a rug on a pegloom or a floor loom, making a knotted rug or using a latch hook or tufting gun. Airedale Yarns also stock rug warp yarns
  3. If you want a project that grows at the speed of light, that doesn't tax your brain, and that uses A LOT of stash yarn and scraps, then a crochet rug made from yarn is just the thing for you. You will need the equivalent of 4 to 8 strands of double knit yarn (or 3 to 5 strands of chunky yarn) and a good tv series
  4. You need them to be really squished together so after placing them you might find out you need to make more. I didn't want a perfect rug so I started in the middle and worked my way towards the edges until I finished my pom poms. I used 180 pom poms for my 18″/20″ rug but my pom poms weren't very big
  5. The easiest way to estimate how much yarn you'll need for a project is to start by understanding how it's packaged and measured. In many instances, you'll be able to purchase a single length of yarn, and it will be sold by weight. The chunkiest fibers, whether they are wool or a mixed blend, are classified as being super bulky (6.
  6. You'll need rug canvas, a latch hook tool, yarn, and lots of patience! Head over to eHow to see how Lindsay created this beauty. 7. Giant Tassel Rug. Here's an easier once, if patience is not your forté. You'll buy a chunky rug to start with, and then make your own tassels using string or yarn and a clipboard
  7. A good alternative to cotton yarns is silk yarn, which is also a self-extinguishing fiber, is good in a potholder. But let's face it, silk yarn isn't cheap! Here are some excellent choices for silk and silk blends for a potholder. DK Weight Naturally Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn. Gloss DK Yarn

If you are not making a rug nor a purse, you can use whatever yarn you want! Cotton yarns, acrylic yarns, wool blends, fancy yarns, even cut up strips of plastic bags and fabric. Yarn thickness - Yarn thickness varies within the different types of yarn. I find that yarn weight of 4 (medium) or 5 (bulky) work best for punch needle Pin it now, make later!237SharesHow many chains do I need for a blanket? is probably the most common question I get asked. The answer iswell, there IS no definitive answer! The size of your crochet blanket doesn't just rely on chain number, it also takes personal gauge, yarn thickness, size of hook and the blanket pattern into account. So, what may make a baby blanket for one person.

To tuft, the cloth with need to be held taut in a frame. You can purchase a frame from here, or you can watch my video tutorial on how to make your own for ~$25 here. Finishing. Once you tuft a rug you will need to finish it. There are several ways to do this depending on what your rug will become (wall piece, floor rug, garment) You can watch. Just to give you an idea on how much time it takes, it took us 6 hours to make a 30″ rug, 10 hours to make a 38″ rug, 14 hours to make a 47″ rug, and 17 hours to make a 55″ rug. Of course if that sounds like too much work for you, you can always buy yourself a similar rug like this or this and I promise I won't judge you for it Knitting isn't all about maths but sometimes you'll need to be able to convert between yards and metres, or if you're substituting yarn, calculate how much yarn you'll need for a project! To make it easier, we've created special calculators to do the work for you For large pom poms, wrap wool around 4 fingers. For medium, wrap around 3, for small, wrap around 2. The more times you wind the wool around your fingers, the fuller and thicker and fluffier the pom pom will be in end. 2. Get a length of wool, approx 20cm long. thread it through the middle of your fingers as I have in the photo above All you need to do is make a small swatch at least 4 C2C stitches wide, but you can make a larger swatch if you want. Step 1 Get your hook and yarn, make a swatch in C2C until you have 4 squares wide and 4 squares tall (or 6 wide and 6 tall) Measure width from the beginning of block 1 to the end of block 4

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  1. To make a loop yarn blanket, all you'll need is: loop yarn - 7 skeins (18yds each) to make a 50×60 inch throw. (The loop yarn can get kinda pricey, so make sure to get it when it's on sale or use a coupon.) A crochet hook also helps at the end to weave in the loose ends, but it's totally not necessary
  2. How many yards of yarn do I need to make a rug? If you are using a #3 or #4 size cutter head you need four times the area to be covered. Using the above size rug as an example multiply 864 x 4, which equals 3456 square inches. There are 2052 square inches in a yard of rug wool, so divide 3456 by 2052 and you will need approximately 1 5/8 yards.
  3. For rugs that will need to be thrown in the washer occasionally, such as a kitchen rug or a bath mat, a machine-washable yarn is a necessity. Acrylic yarns or cotton blends are easy to clean and inexpensive. Machine-washable wool yarns are also available, though they tend to cost a bit more
  4. e. But if you use piping that is a 1/2 inch or thicker, you will not need to do that. My favorite cotton piping sizes for the rugs I've made with this technique are 1/2 inch and 11/16 inch
  5. g 4×6 foot rug. The yarn used is made from polyester too, so it's machine washable
  6. Criteria. Amount per square foot. Basic price on burlap, monks cloth and rug warp $80.00. Basic price on linen $90.00. Original design, depending on complexity $12.00 - $20.00. Dyed new woven wool, custom dyed by hooker $30.00. Dyed new woven wool, purchased $6.00. Recycles wool as is $ 6.00. R ecycled wool, over-dyed $10.00
  7. utes by yarncrafting and crocheting with scissors, yarn, and light. How To posted by Carmen. in the Yarncraft section Difficulty: 3/5. Cost: 3/5. St..

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How much yarn do I need on my bobbin? Easy peasy! Count the number of blocks of a certain color that you want to put on your bobbin. I said before that there are 38 green tiles on the graph above but they are split into two different areas. Those are two different bobbins or sections of yarn Sweden has a worldwide reputation for incredibly high quality weaving yarns in extraordinary color palettes. Anyone who has had the luxury of experiencing these yarns firsthand is not able to turn back. These yarns are easy to use due to their durability, which also ensures longevity of the beautiful items made, even if they are in constant use Often instructions or a chart will be printed on the back side of a picture of the finished product. an instruction sheet. 2. Read the instructions for the rug. Learn which colors are represented by which symbols on the chart. 3. Sort out the cut yarn pieces by color. 4. Begin hooking the rug Chunky Crochet Rugs are easy to make and very versatile. It's the best project to undertake if you need to make something quick and decorative. There are many yarns that you can use to create stiff and durable texture, but the most common out there is probably T-shirt yarn. This yarn is made with very long and slim strips of t-shirt fabric

Not only can you calculate how much yarn you need. The yarn converter can also tell you how much you need of Petite Wool, Baby Alpaca, Meriwool, or Fabric yarn. Now you'll be able to figure out how much yarn you need to make a 3' x 3' blanket or an XL sweater. Choose and knit your project and we'll calculate the amount of yarn. 1 I love this: (1) can do this with my preschooler who will share a room with his baby sister (2) have so much yarn leftover from my crocheting days (3) the rug is pretty. Liz Stanley says: 08 10 14 at 1:15 p

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The Rug Pad: Why You Need It and How to Choose the Best One. October 12, 2020 When shopping for an area rug or runner rug, very rarely do we think about the rug pad. But in our book, a rug pad is actually as indispensable as your rug. It's your rug's secret partner, the invisible force that keeps your rug intact and in place Figure that you will need around 4 oz of yarn per square foot of hooked area. Rug hooking yarn sample card, showing some of the brands I use a lot. I make three different yarns that work well for rug hooking. Ewenique is a blend of fibers from our farm (65% Jacob wool, 35% adult mohair), Jacob's Pride is a worsted-weight yarn that is 100%.

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If you want to make rugs using yarn, we suggest the #9 regular. If you would like to combine ¼ wide strips of fabric and yarn in the same rug, use the #10 regular. Want to do all three of the things mentioned above? Get the #10 regular. Want to do finer, more delicate work? Try The Mini #14 fine Oxford Punch Needle This, along with the other steps, will help you to more accurately determine how much yarn you'll need for each scarf. Good luck! Jenna says. October 15, 2020. The two-strand cast on is a game-changer! Thank you!!!! Reply. Christina Garza-Brown says. October 16, 2020. Yes! I'm so glad you found it helpful

Weaving Rag Rugs. Making paths of roses. Rosepath. Tight warp tension is best for weaving a sturdy, tightly packed rag rug. Use a strong warp yarn, with a tight twist, such as Bockens 12/6 cotton, that will withstand tight warp tension and rag rug wear and tear In fact, there is so much variety in yarns it is rather hard to qualify what are the best combination of characteristics. And it can be even harder to purchase yarn that has those characteristics. Throw in the need for a large color choice for tapestry weaving, and the options do narrow somewhat Our rug yarn stands the test of time: Halcyon Yarn Signature Classic Rug Wool is a sturdy, beautiful and versatile wool rug yarn. Made from 100% certified New Zealand wool, with a firm, even twist, Halcyon Yarn's exclusive 3-ply wool rug yarn is custom spun and dyed in the finest family-run spinning mills and dye houses

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Finger knitting with loop yarn tips. The first project I made with this yarn was a baby blanket. It takes three balls of yarn, and probably took about 4 hours to make (I made it over a weekend while watching TV). My next project was this plaid blanket. You can find the pattern for the blanket here. It uses the same easy finger looping technique. Just make sure you have at least six inches between the rug's edge and the wall so that it doesn't look like wall-to-wall carpeting. An 8×10 area rug is one of the most popular rug sizes, making it easy to find a design you love in the right size. And this rug size will obviously be more affordable than a 9×12 I'd like to crochet or arm knit a rug for my dining room table to replace the one I have, I need bulk yarn or cord, my rug is 80 inches round and I'd like to know how much yarn or cord I would need for both and easy to clean, and where is a great, inexpensive place for me to buy and get the jewel tones that I love. Please help. Lis Work from the backside when you punch the rug; the opposite side is the rug's face. 4 Thread the punching needle with the desired yarn color for the area you plan to work, leaving about a 1/2-inch. Yeah, you need some patience to do it as this one took me a few hours to complete. And the good news is, you can do it even while watching your favourite TV show . Supplies you need to make this DIY pom pom rug. 1. Yarn ( I used 5 bundles of multi-coloured yarn to complete this.) 2. Plain Floor mat, preferably with big holes

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Rug serging is a yarn edge that is sewn on the edge of a carpet to keep it from fraying. It has a softer look than binding, although is slightly less durable. Serging best matches the edge finish on most oriental design rugs I hope you have fun making your rag rugs! Tutorial 1. Rag Rug Made With Old Sheets. If you're up for a challenge and don't mind stitching, this is the tutorial for you. The classy black and grey rag rug is a sight to behold! Merissa only spent about $1.50 to acquire a king-sized bed sheet for the rug Instructions. 1. Grab supplies listed in the post. 2. Begin by making the tassels3. Wrap yarn around a small book 40 times. 4. Cut the yarn when finished. 5. Cut one piece of yarn 8 and another 24. 6. Take the 8 piece of yarn and thread it between the yarn and pages. 7 June 23, 2020. Short answer: yes. You need a rug pad. It's easy to adopt an out of sight, out of mind mentality with rug pads. After all, the pad is going under the rug, so you'll never actually see or touch it. It might be easy to think of rug pads as a useless add-on or upsell What you'll need: two twin sheet sets, or equivalent in larger sheets cut into 2 diameter yarn (tutorial here) good sharp pair of scissors (you could even rip your sheets for more of a shabby look if your fabric allowed) 15mm crochet hook. Dimensions: Rug measures approximately 34 inches in diameter. Abbreviations

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Approximately 36″ by 60″. Pattern: - Cast on 18 stitches using the long tail cast on method. - Knit 34 rows (depending on tension) keeping your stitches as tight as you can. - Bind off. - Weave in the ends. Products I used: 8 Skeins of Premier Yarns Couture Jazz. Newest (better quality) 45 minute arm knit blanket tutorial by simply. In the 1920s, British craftswomen used heavy six-ply wool yarn to create durable rugs with a Locker Hooking process. In the 1940s Americans enjoyed Locker Hooking, too, but due to the high cost of the specialty yarn, the craft of Locker Hooking never seemed to become a widely embraced hobby Weaving supplies, quality and value since 1971. Floor looms, table looms, rigid heddle looms, books, patterns, reeds, raddles, shuttles... Halcyon Yarn is a full service weaving supplies store with thousands of items, knowledgeable staff, and quick accurate shipping

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A rag rug is the perfect upcycling project because denim is so hard wearing. I have been wanting to combine crochet and rag rug making for a long time. The only way I had seen before was a braiding method but I found it hard on the hands and gave up! Your crochet method is so much easier and I do like the finished effect What you need. For this project you will need a loom with detachable warp bars, strong cotton or linen warp thread, a few pieces of cardboard for warping and, of course, leftover fabric strips.I had some old and stained natural linen in my stash. I dyed the fabric with alder cones and iron for a darker shade and cut it lengthwise, into 0,7cm - 1,5cm wide strips Please do share my blog links! It's a quick and FREE way of supporting Whistle and Ivy and more free crochet patterns in the future. What you need: (affiliate links) -3 Skeins of Super Chunky Yarn - Knit Picks Tuff Puff (about 132 yards) (Conch, Mint, Silver) - Size P Hook. Abbreviations: (American Terms) St - Stitch. Sc - Single Crochet Things You'll Need. Wide-tooth plastic comb. Mild laundry soap. Baking soda or Oxy-clean. Tip. Dry clean your latch hook rug if in doubt: This is recommended in the manufacturer's instructions that come with almost every latch hook kit. Warning. Avoid using bleach and other harsh chemicals on your latch hook rug; they may damage it

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