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I am replacing an original tongue & groove douglas fir covered porch floor on a 100-yr old house in Virginia. Porch is about 8' deep by 30' long. Using clear vertical grain douglas fir from the great State of Oregon. My question is about fasteners. I've identified 3 potential blind nailing methods: (1) 2-1/4 x 7 stainless steel trim screws (star drive bit), pre-drilled by hand; o Guide to Selecting the Proper Deck or Porch Floor Decking Fasteners. Whether using nails or screws, make sure to choose a product that is up to the task both structurally and aesthetically. In general, screws are more expensive to buy and install, but often they make for a neater job with fewer callbacks due to boards popping up Before flooring installers had power nailers, they had to blind-nail all flooring boards by hand. The process involves driving a series of nails into the tongue of a floorboard at 45-degree angles;..

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This especially makes mahogany a great wood porch flooring material for porches located along the coasts or in rainy or humid locales. Colors range from tan to auburn brown. Because of mahogany's density, pre-drill holes for either screws or nails as you risk splintering. Using screws will alleviate nail popping Nail guns can offer anywhere from a 15-degree to a 34-degree angle. The angle will determine what type of nail heads and how many nails the nail gun can accomodate. 15-degree nail guns can hold a large number of full-round-head nails, which are ideal for floor joists, wall studs and other framing jobs Place its claws next to the doomed fastener at a 45-degree angle and hammer the head into the wood until the claws straddle the nail shaft. If they don't grab, place the cylindrical knuckle over the nailhead, whack the tool with a hammer to create a recess, and try again. Then rock the handle. That leaves the nail no choice but to back out

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  1. Model Number: 1110261 Menards ® SKU: 1110261. 1 x 4 x 10' Treated Pine Porch Flooring. Product Images. Tap or hover over image to zoom in. Online Price. More Information. Price. $15.79. 11% Mail-In Rebate Good Through 7/17/21
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  3. Use 1-1/2 long cleat nails when installing thinner 1/2 thick wood flooring. Use 1-3/4 long cleat nails when installing 3/4 solid wood flooring, when 3/4 thick plywood is applied directly over a concrete slab—so the cleat nail does not go through the 3/4 thick plywood, hitting the concrete
  4. Be sure that the nail heads are completely hammered down and lay the felt paper over the existing porch boards that are not rotted. If you have a rotted porch floor, replace the rotted boards with new ones. Lay 30 pound felt paper down onto the porch and nail it down securely. The 30 pound felt paper will prevent creaking
  5. Install z-bar flashing between porch frame and house (Image 1), allowing moisture to run away from house. Add 2x4 blocking for the porch floor to rest upon (Image 2). Add a ledger strip next to the house to allow the porch floor to be nailed to

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  2. Cleat nails are commonly used fasteners in hardwood flooring projects. Available in 16 Gauge L Shaped and 16 Gauge T Shaped cleats, our flooring cleat nails are specifically designed for hardwood floors to prevent wood and tongue splitting. Both types of nails have a ribbed shank design of about two-thirds of the nail which allows it to be.
  3. Use a rubber mallet or a scrap of the flooring as a protective block when tapping the floor boards together. Blind-nail the flooring in the tongue using galvanized or stainless steel finishing nails. After the flooring has been installed, apply two coats of porch and deck enamel paint to protect the top surface. Watch this video to find out more
  4. 07-28-2006, 11:50 PM. Re: Nailing 5/4x4 T&G porch flooring. I'm using stainless 2 L-cleats to nail my porch floor project, which is 3/4 T&G. I looked high and low for galv cleats but couldn't find any, anywhere. Get ready... $115 per box of 1000 from Manasquan (they ship from Swansecure, who will take your order online but not on the phone)
  5. Estwing EF18GLCN Pneumatic 18-Gauge 1-3/4 L-Cleat Flooring Nailer Ergonomic and Lightweight Nail Gun with No-Mar Baseplates for Tongue and Groove, Hardwood, Bamboo, and Engineered Flooring 23 Freeman PF20LM Pneumatic 20 Gauge 1-1/4 L-Cleat Flooring Nailer $17
  6. A hardwood flooring nailer is a power tool that shoots nails through the tongue at the correct angle while driving the hardwood plank snugly against the previous plank. Hardwood flooring nailers..
  7. What kind of porch flooring should you use or not use. Using this t&g wood floor planks from the local home center saved me about 1000 dollars. In the end I.

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Do not face-nail. Porch flooring should be gapped 1/32 (the thickness of a dollar bill) to allow for minor expansion. KDAT porch flooring is intended for use only in covered porch applications About Us. Our goal at Flooring.org is to be your #1 source for ALL things flooring on the internet. We carry hardwood flooring, laminate, bamboo, cork, vinyl, area rugs and even staircase materials like iron balusters.So whether you know exactly what kind of flooring you want, or you are in the very beginning phase of shopping for new floors, we can help you every step of the way If you use 8d hot dipped galvanized finish nails they will hold well. I did a mahogany porch with them a few months ago and they held very well. They will also hold up to ACQ material. If you go with a nail gun you should use stainless nails or staples because the galvanized nails and staples for guns are electro-galvanized and are not rated. 1955 Lake Park Drive, Suite 250, Smyrna, Georgia 30080. Tel: 1-770-801-6600. As a minimum requirement for use with Preserve® and Preserve Plus® treated wood, hot-dipped galvanized coated fasteners should conform to ASTM Standard A-153. For optimum performance and longevity in treated wood, stainless steel fasteners should be considered

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  1. In this case I used a Porter Cable pneumatic nail gun that shoots 15 gauge finish nails. This tool should only be used for nailing near walls and not a substitute for installing the entire floor. Doing so is likely to create squeaks down the road as the fasteners begin to loosen. Finish nails are not flooring nails
  2. AS 4590T HighPro Pneumatic Flooring Stapler. Use 1 to 1-1/4 long staples for thinner 1/4 to 5/16 thick floors. Use 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 long staples for 3/8 to 1/2 thick floors. Use 1-1/2 long staples for 5/8 thick floors. I am a beginner. This is the best article I found to educate me on the gauges of floor staples and nails
  3. I am thinking of using the same nail driver and cut nails that hardwood flooring installers use to fasten a porch floor to the joists. The material is 3/4 1X4 vertical grain T&G fir. The joists are PT 2X10 16 O.C. There is a roof overhead. I can't find galvanized nails for the floor nailer, so I'll have to use regular steel nails

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  1. Rule of Thumb #1 - Use a nail that is at least 3 times the length of the material you are nailing through. For example, if you are nailing 1/2″ sheathing on an exterior wall you should use a nail that is at least 1 1/2″ long. 1/2″ x 3 = 1 1/2″. Rule of Thumb #2 - Use a nail that will penetrate the item you are nailing to (not.
  2. imum of 24 hours prior to installation. • Screw gun or Drill • Hardwood flooring nailer or stapler, manual or pneumatic for barbed cleat T or L nails. (Staple specs: 2 staples with 1/2 crown, stainless steel 15-16 gauge
  3. Flooring Nailers (4) Flooring Nailers. (4) BOSTITCH® flooring nailers and flooring staplers are ergonomically designed for ease-of-use. Built for durability, our nailers will withstand the wear and tear of any jobsite, and feature bumpers to protect pre-finished floors against marring

Help, my Trex installer is using nails! kathymichigan. 13 years ago. I've been told that nails are fine with Trex, but I can't seem to find any confirmation with that. I would really like to use my 20 year warranty if my deck fails, the deck installer was listed in the Trex recommended list The new porch is not only picture-perfect, it's built to last, thanks to thoughtful structural details. Drenched by the rain, covered in snow, and beaten by the sun, porches are vulnerable to every whim of the weather, and consequently require more maintenance than the rest of the house. Piecemeal repairs often make do for decades, [ Galvanized nails rusting in Mahogany porch floor. 2001. Q. I used a galvanized hot dipped nail from Georgia Pacific in an application of a covered porch floor of mahogany. They began rusting immediately after painting with deck Paint oil and continued to get worse until 95% of the nails were rusted. Georgia Pacific has told me that galvanized. The nails were great for laying tongue and groove douglas fir flooring on a porch. Pricey, but you don't want a nice floor failing because you got cheap with the nails! I had a packaging problem (no packing material inside the shipping box - nails all over the box, some sticks not useable) but they made good on that, and I assume it was a fluke.

Freeman PF18GLCN Pneumatic 18-Gauge 1-3/4 L-Cleat Flooring Nailer for Bamboo and Exotic Flooring Ergonomic and Lightweight Nail Gun with No Mar Foot for Tongue and Groove Hardwood Flooring. 4.6 out of 5 stars 312. $194.79 $ 194. 79 $204.38 $204.38. Get it as soon as Fri, Aug 6 Glue-assist or just nail-down? In recent years, everyone is talking about using adhesive to help with fastening wide plank floors. The NWFA guidelines state, If adhesive is used with nailing, follow wood and/or adhesive manufacturer's instructions for installing plank flooring. Here is something to keep in mind

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Start at the edge of the porch and work toward the house until the board pops loose. If necessary, chisel out the end nearest the house, and pull any nails left in the framing. Repeat these steps on the remaining damaged boards. Then scrape clean the exposed tongues and grooves of the old boards with a 5—in—1 tool. Step 4 GN Builders L.L.C. 4 years ago. You have good quality stain and you have good quality Enamel or Acrylic paints designed specifically for exterior porches. Using good quality stain you will still have the feel and look of wood, using good quality porch paint it will cover everything up solid especially T&G flooring KDAT Tongue and Groove Porch Flooring Easy on the eyes. And the feet. The porch is hallowed ground so u se YellaWood ® brand tongue and groove porch flooring. Kiln dried after treatment to minimize shrinkage after installation, you can't go wrong with YellaWood ® brand porch flooring. KDAT porch flooring should be primed on all six sides (including field cuts) prior to installation How to Safely Lift Tongue & Groove Flooring. Pulling up tongue-and-groove flooring can be tedious and time-consuming -- more so when the boards are glued -- but it's not a test of carpentry skills Re: Installing tongue & groove porch flooring Post by richard » Thu May 17, 2001 1:54 pm I would go to the HD, buy a couple of dollar wallpaper trays (long and skinny) and fashion together a long trough. fill it with plastic for a liner, dump in the clear perservative and just dunk the boards one or two at a time. let them sit then take.

Hi Tmichel: If you use liquid nails, you will play Willie trying to get them back off if you want to do something else to the floor or walls in the future. So, I'd opt for the finishing nails. You can paint over them, or buy white ones. As far as filling the holes, great idea. I'd go with a clear caulk Nailers (4) BOSTITCH ® offers stick and coil-style nailers for various applications powered by air pressure and gas. Our nailers are available in multiple gauges and degrees depending on the size or angle of the nail. Shop Now

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Nail Gun Depot offers great pricing on Paslode, Senco, Dewalt, Hitachi, Bostitch, Duo-Fast, BeA and others. Tools & Nail Guns Ship Free! Air and cordless framing nailers, flooring nailers, finish nailers, construction staplers, upholstery staplers, nails, staples and more. Nail guns at nailgundepot.com 888-720-7892 Use vintage flooring nails for an antiqued look and staining as the finishing touch. 9. Pallet Wood Flooring Stairs. If you want your porch floor to look very neat, cut them in precise shape with the right measuring and levelling tools. The bottom supports should be installed first. The rough pallet boards should come on the fixed supports Thompson Mahogany stocks the following Simpson Strong-Tie stainless steel screws for face-screwing hardwood decking: 1-5/8″ #7 305 Stainless Steel Screws. 350 pieces/box - covers 100 SF with joists 16″ o.c. Square Drive. 2-1/4″ #7 305 Stainless Steel Screws. 350 pieces/box - covers 100 SF with joists 16″ o.c To nail your flooring, strike the plunger at the top of the nailer with the rubber mallet. Do not hit any other parts of the nailer with the mallet as this may cause damage. The nail spacing schedule varies by board type but you always nail down the ends of each board and space nails between 6, 8, or 10 inches apart. Always read and follow the. On porch floors over two feet above grade, we gap mahogany flooring 1/8″ between boards (vs. 3/16″ on an open deck). If you do use T&G decking under a roof, I recommend you slope the floor down and away from the house (1/16″ to 1/8″ per foot) to help drain rain water that blows in

The fee is determined at checkout. Participation and delivery area vary by store. Ace Rewards members spending $50 or more are eligible to receive free Next Day delivery on in-stock orders. Orders must be placed on days the store is open, before 4pm local time or 2 hours before store closing time, whichever is earlier. See Details Minwax Color-Matched 6-oz Natural Wood Filler. Minwax Color-Matched Wood Filler is a high-quality, no-sand solution for defects in finished wood. The ready-to-use formula is ideal for repairing cracks, gouges, nail holes, knot holes, and other defects in all types of finished or unfinished indoor and outdoor wood surfaces The nail design allows for smooth insertion, and a longer shank penetrates deeply into the subfloor. Most experts agree that cleats allow for greater movement in areas with high humidity, meaning your hardwood flooring will look better longer. Cleats are around the same price as flooring staples but have less availability

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  1. And while recreating the feeling of sand between your toes probably isn't realistic, choosing the right flooring for your outdoor area is the first step towards making every day feel (kind of.
  2. We didn't use a nail gun on the floor in the house. We did in the shop that we had. We wanted square nails in the house, so we pre-drilled the holes for those. And no.. if you use glue and a nail gun, you don't have to pre-drill. We wanted a very rustic look so we didn't worry about holes. We actually beat them up so they would look worn
  3. You can also crawl under the porch and insulate the floors from below. All you have to do is nail sheets of plywood against the floor above. You would hold it in place with nails or using chicken wire. This way the insulation will fit snuggly and prevent any air from getting through
  4. They are supported on a level surface such as a purpose built concrete shed base, level patio or timber sub-floor. Floor joists are larger section timbers, The nail length should be 2.5 times the thickness of the flooring, so typically a 50mm nail will be used
  5. Vinyl Plank flooring captures the look and feel of hardwood while being more comfortable underfoot and more budget-friendly. When you want to bring the regal, natural look of stone to any room of your home without the worry of spills and splashes, vinyl flooring has you covered. You don't have to sacrifice style to get the features you need
  6. g nails including crown staples, finish staples, brad nails, siding nails and more. Shop our nails and staples
  7. g nailers, deck screws and nails. Both cordless and electric screw guns are available. Several fra

Description - Turf nails are like the glue that hold the whole project together. These six inch non-galvanized nails will expand over time to further secure your turf. Nails when used properly, will give you one more reason to be worry free about your new lawn Nails vs. Screws - Deciding Which to Use for Your Deck Project Posted on July 23, 2013 by Sumner Adams Standing in the hardware aisle of your favorite home improvement store a seemingly simple decision can be a difficult one to answer

Nails are the most common fasteners used in shed building. Nail lengths are indicated by the term penny, which is noted by the small letter 'd'. As nails get longer in length they get larger in diameter. Heavier construction nailing is done with common nails. A common nail has a thicker shank which gives it greater strength than other types of. How to lay out, place, & secure decking: the deck flooring. We describe how to lay out and fasten deck boards to the deck floor joist structure and how to decide on the appropriate deck board gap. Choices of deck board fastener types and methods include nails, screws, clips, and a wide variety of hidden deck board fastener systems that we describe here as well Brand porch flooring Close attention to proper porch design is as important as correct storage and installation techniques and will ensure optimum performance for decades to come. Tongue-and-groove flooring must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to maintain the product's 25-year warranty. Th

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2 in. 16 GA Flooring Cleat Nail, 1,000 Pc. 2 in. 16 GA Flooring Cleat Nail, 1,000 Pc. $ 19 99. Add to Cart Add to My List. FASTENSTRONG. 2 in. x 1/2 in. Crown 15.5 GA Gauge Flooring Staples, 1,012 Pc. 2 in. x 1/2 in. Crown 15.5 GA Gauge Flooring Staples, 1,012 Pc. $ 16 99. Add to Cart Add to My List. FASTEN-PRO 3/4 in. 23 Ga. Pin Nails (2,000 Count) PPN23075. View Product. ★★★★★ ★★★★★. 1 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for 5/8, 23 ga. pin nails, 2K pack Nail down installation . Nail-down installation is a straightforward way of fitting engineered or solid wood flooring but is only advisable if you have a wooden subfloor. When installing your new floor over plywood, the direction you choose to lay the planks doesn't matter Drive the Nails. Reposition the board over the pilot holes, aligning the board with the marks on the floor. Insert concrete or masonry nails into the holes, and drive them flush to the surface of the wood using a framing hammer. Be careful not to bend the nails as you drive them Each outdoor deck tile is created to remain long-lasting even with the challenges outdoor flooring faces: furniture, foot-traffic, weather and fluctuating temperatures. If you need assistance navigating all your options, Greatmats' customer service is here to help you land your perfect deck tile flooring match

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Flooring Staplers (0). Whether you need a flooring stapler or flooring nailer, BOSTITCH® has you covered.BOSTITCH® staplers are specifically designed for hardwood or engineered floors, and to help you get the job done faster and more efficiently; from directional exhaust to extra-wide base plates for added stability Need help? 1-866-634-1189 Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 4:30pm CST; Live Chat Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 4:30pm CST; Email Us We will respond as quickly as we ca Insert shims for even gaps, and nail through the tongue of the board with a flooring stapler. Start at one end of the board and work to the other, nailing every 2 ft. After the first row, tap each subsequent row into place and nail with a flooring stapler. Nail every 2 ft. to tack the flooring in place—the decorative cut nails will hold it tight The new wood porch floor is finished! Click the links below to see the rest of the posts in this project. Part 2 - Wood Front Porch Progress. Part 3 - More Front Porch Progress. Part 4 - Critter-proofing and Installing the Porch Boards. Part 5 - Finished Front Porch Floor (Wood Front Porch Built Over Existing Concrete Porch The wood fibers around the nail loosened with the changing weather, allowing the nail to move freely. Instead, I replaced these toe-stubbing, foot-stabbing nails with deck screws! To remove the offending nail without damaging the surrounding wood, you'll want to use a nail puller like this. One end is thin enough to slip under the nail head and.

5 Worst Mistakes of Historic Homeowners (Part 2 Floors) Living here in the Sunshine State, it seems that folks have an unusual penchant for $0.69 sq. ft. 20″ tiles. The most popular colors are blah, boring, and blech. People love to toss these tiles down over red oak, irreplaceable heart pine, and any number of historic floors Using your deck example—you should use nails to attach the joists to the deck framing but use screws to fasten down the decking itself.. decker Answers: Nails are used in almost all framing and. Also, instead of having to select a certain type based on its ability to withstand the elements, composite flooring is known for easy clean ability and resistance to typical outdoor challenges. Composite flooring and wood flooring for decks and porches can both be done in the tongue and groove method. The other options (brick, tile, artificial. NAIL-LAMINATED TIMBER FLOOR. For rural, rustic locations such as on a trail or forest road, a nail-laminated timber floor for your bridge can be a good choice. U.S. Bridge will supply the timber, nails and attachment clips for the project. Treated lumber is used for the floor and is separated by a thin neoprene sheet to protect the weathering. Drive the nails into the wood at an angle that is one foot apart along the edge of the plank. Ensure that the head of the nails is beneath the plank's surface. Fill up the nail holes with wood putty. Smoothen the putty and allow it to dry. If the wood is unfinished, use fine-grit sandpaper to smoothen the new boards

Valspar porch and floor enamel paints are available in over 1,000 colours. See your store sales associate for options. TIP: In hot weather or sunny environments, darker colours may get â hotâ when exposed to sunlight. Choose a lighter colour if your porch is exposed to full sun or if you tend to walk on it with bare feet So you need to know how to remove buried nails from wood without damaging wood, floor, wall, or surface. Here are five common ways to remove nails from the surface. Follow any of these you like. Also, we will talk about some fantastic techniques for removing nails. So read until the end How to Wash a Deck. First use a leaf blower or broom to blow all of the debris off of the deck's surface and then wash the deck. To clean a deck, purchase a commercial deck cleaner that removes mildew, oxidation (graying), and dirt. The best ones contain sodium percarbonate. Mix it following the label directions In fact, many Armstrong Flooring vinyl sheet products are warranted for 25 years or even a lifetime for residential use. For flooring that's built to last the longest, look for vinyl sheet collections that have the strongest scratch, stain and wear resistance — like those featuring the added durability of Diamond 10® Technology Deck Tiles: Deck tiles and planks is the most appropriate outdoor floor type for decks, patios, and other outdoor entertaining areas, including outdoor kitchen/BBQ spaces. Deck tiles can be made of wood or engineered materials that are suitable for the outdoor environment: they can withstand sun, rain, and freezing temperatures as well as the heavy use that outdoor flooring is typically.

Save BIG Money on your home improvement needs at over 300 stores in categories like tools, lumber, appliances, pet supplies, lawn and gardening and much more Bamboo Flooring. Out of all wood flooring options, bamboo is the best flooring for dogs and one of the most popular for pet-friendly homes. Its natural hardness makes it more stain- and scratch-resistant than traditional hardwood floors. It is also naturally antimicrobial, which will keep your house free of mold and allergens Frequently Asked Mosaic Questions. Our frequently-asked mosaic questions page contains tons of information concerning mosaic materials and techniques, grouts, glues, mosaic tables, cutting tile, outdoor mosaics and related topics. Choose a topic category from the menu bar above, which will take you to section that includes MOST of the questions. The downside is that flooring nail guns can only be used for this specific purpose. Hence many of you might want to know if you can use a finishing nail gun for flooring. In my experience, a 15-gauge finish nailer can work well for hardwood floor installation. The brad nails will not penetrate easily through the tough hardwood

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Nails, screws and air staples. Nails are the most common choice when fastening plywood. Screws are used on the floor which helps to prevent squeals; air staples are not normally used for fastening plywood to floor joists. For fastening plywood to the floor use a 2 ½ inch common nail which has a big head and has good holding power Hardwood floor cost on average $5 per square foot, with prices between $1 and $9 per square foot, depending on the type of wood you choose. Because flooring has to cover a flat surface area, the cost for hardwood flooring is measured bysquare foot. Installation for a hardwood floor could cost as little as $1500 or run up to $10,000

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modular porch system kit wood putty vapor barrier paper pneumatic flooring package nail set staple gun drill bits hammer tape measure pry bar chop saw table saw ear protection safety goggles chalk line variable speed drill. Steps: 1. Choose the hardwood species and board widths for the room installation. 2. Measure the width and length of the. DIY Farmhouse Plywood Flooring for (a Little Over) $100 in 7 Easy Steps. Jennifer is a full-time homesteader who started her journey in the foothills of North Carolina in 2010. Currently, she spends her days gardening, caring for her orchard and vineyard, raising chickens, ducks, goats, and bees. Jennifer is an avid canner who provides almost. Reclaimed wood flooring is unique in both age and beauty. No two reclaimed floors are alike! Wood flooring from antique homes have knots, nail holes and variation in color and patina throughout every board. While the natural patina of an antique wood floor is beautiful a stain can be applied also. Reclaimed flooring is recycling at its roots Impressive work to do. hometalk. 5. DIY Plywood Plank Floor. Surface dimensional Stability of plywood makes it a perfect candidate for wood flooring, will always be even and less susceptible to water. Renovate home with this planked wood flooring, easy to polish, paint, and stain. Use 10 low-quality sheets for this flooring project Hickory comes in at about 41% harder than the traditional Red Oak. It is the second hardest domestic species. Dimensional Stability: Hickory is slightly less stable than traditional Red Oak, meaning it is more likely to move, swell, and contract than other species. To combat this issue, avoid leaving standing water on the floor

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Vinyl plank flooring is very durable and affordable.[v161046_b05]. 7 June 2019. It also fits over most surfaces, including concrete. Although the flooring comes in a variety of forms, planks are installable with a minimal amount of tools.. The finished floor frame should be a rectangle 2400mm x 3000mm (8ft x 10ft). When the floor frame is made, position it in place on top of the skids. Ensure the floor frame is a true rectangle (all corners are 90° / right angles) and then fix it to the skids. Toenail (angle nail) thru the joists into the skids Get nail polish off of your floor surface. For granite, grout, concrete, brick, sandstone, tile, or a similar surface, you will need a gentle scrub brush and a few cleaning agents to remove spilled nail polish. 2. Remove the excess nail polish right away. Take a plastic putty knife, or some other hard edge to scrape away any polish you can..

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Laying and Installing Laminate Flooring: Moulding and Transition Strips. Published: Oct 16, 2013 · Modified: Apr 13, 2018 by Ashley Phipps · 1199 words. · About 6 minutes to read this article. · 21 Comments · This post may contain affiliate links · This blog generates income via ads and sponsored posts · This blog uses cookies · See our privacy policy for more info Filed Under: DI Specialties: Frederick Lofts offers four different floor plans of thoughtfully designed one and two bedroom homes. Regardless of the floor plan you choose, you'll live in an elegant home with modern conveniences to elevate your living experience. Take in the city views from your private patio or balcony, store all of your belongings in your extra closets, and keep your space comfortable with.

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