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This hunt does require you to draw a Wyoming Region G Deer Tag. Historically clients do need to have 6 preference point to draw this tag. If you have further questions regarding this great mule deer hunting opportunity or would like assistance applying into the Wyoming mule deer draw please contact WTA TAGS at 1-800-755-TAGS (8247) Wyoming mule deer hunting your premier choice with a fair chase Wyoming Outfitter. This Wyoming mule deer hunting pack service outfitter is for mule deer hunts, in region G and H. Mule deer hunting south of Wyoming's legendary Jackson Hole, Greys River close to Pinedale area and Idaho border. Mule deer Hunt in the middle of Wyoming's finest big game habitat in the Western United States Region G is one of the west's predominant areas for mule deer. This is a first hand look into the mental and physical toll that Wyoming's dry, high country can have while stalking a trophy buck. Follow long time hunting partners Kody Smith and Steve Barker as they battle Wyoming's backcountry for eight days Wyoming. Congrats on the draw. Region G is not really a secret. Pretty much can just hike any mountain in the Wyoming range and see deer with glass especially in the archery season. The issue with Archery is getting close to them. The issue with Rifle is getting close to them. It is a mountain range that is a ton of fun and also can be a SOB

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Wyoming Mule Deer Hunting. Twin Peaks Outfitters, Wyoming mule deer hunt takes place in mid-September in region G on the western side of Wyoming just over the border of Idaho. It is a 2 hunter per guide ratio, unless other arrangements are made. This part of Wyoming has some tremendous mule deer genetics. This is also an extreme mule deer hunt. The area we hunt is famous for and offers some of the best Trophy Mule Deer hunting in the world. This region of western Wyoming has all the ingredients for growing trophy class bucks: genetics, ample vegetation, high mountain basins, natural winter range and the necessary cover and hidey-holes that allow bucks to reach their maturity

Based on these factors, the following are my top five deer area picks for the 2021 hunting season. 5) Region-H - For big buck potential and relative ease of draw Region-H should see a decent bounce in both buck numbers and buck quality. The deer here did have a bit rougher winter than those in Region-G, however, this country can and will hold. Drive-In Camps. We have two drive-in camps: South Piney Creek and East Fork of the Greys River. Both lie near the boundaries of regions G and H, which allow us easy access and the ability to hunt the best areas in Wyoming for trophy mule deer. These areas routinely produce bucks ranging from 170 to well over 200 gross Mule Deer Hunting in Wyoming. Table Mountain Outfitters provides many private leases, which allow you the best opportunity to harvest a trophy animal without the pressure from other deer hunters. Our guided mule deer hunts offer the highest opportunity for a trophy you can display with pride. The average success rate on our mule deer hunt is 95.

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  1. g's premier and top-rated guided hunting. We hunt Mule Deer in Region G, and General Elk areas surrounding Star Valley, Wyo
  2. g. This experienced outfitter offers archery, crossbow (which can be used in archery season) and rifle hunts in both Regions. Hunters can expect to leave camp on horseback each morning or trailer horses to outlying trailheads.
  3. g: limited quota and general. Limited quota deer hunt areas have a set number of licenses valid for that specific hunt area. These areas have full-price any or antlered deer licenses ( Type 0, 1, 2 or 9 ). Type 3 licenses are only valid for (any) white-tailed deer, and do NOT permit mule.
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  5. It makes a big difference in your opportunities in WY. I have been lucky enough to draw deer tags in WY and hunt in Region H, 102 (when it was really good!), 82, and General tags for around Baggs. I have also hunted moose, elk and antelope up there. I have seen good mule deer in most every part of WY that I have been in. I love hunting in WY
  6. g Mule Deer Hunt - Region H. Thread starter eshorebwhntr; Start date Feb 19, 2015; Help Support Long Range Hunting Forum Become a supporting member. eshorebwhntr Well-Known Member. Joined Apr 11, 2009 Messages 606 Location MD. Feb 19, 2015 #1 Time is a crazy thing, and as we all know it's extremely relative. I feel like it was just a.
  7. g's Regions G and H have always been known for the mass and trash that we all crave and this year has all the makings to be the best year in the past decade.. Antler growth for 201

WYOMING MULE DEER REGION G | NON-TYPICAL OUTFITTERS. 2016 Mule Deer Season. The 2016 Mule Deer season was, all in all, a very successful season. We had favorable weather patterns throughout the winter, spring, and summer months, for average or slightly above average antler growth. We had one of the most successful scouting seasons we have ever. Region G follows long time hunting partners Kody and Steve on an eight day bowhunting trip throughout one of the west's premier deer hunting areas, deep in W..

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  1. I'm looking for a mature deer. Antlers are great but a big bodied older deer is what I'm looking for. I don't mean to make it sound like I'm a cripple. I'll hike in over three miles to hunt an area and camp. If I'm camped I can keep the travel distance down. Packing a deer one way three or four miles is doable
  2. g's premier deer unit (REGION G,and H). These areas, have produced twice as many record book bucks than any other area in Wyo
  3. g Fish and Game Website. Matthew Harbach Salt River Range Outfitters. Star Valley, Wyo

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  1. Rifle Trophy Deer Hunt 5 Day.....$3500 6 Day 1 on 1.....$5995 License required: Region G . Archery Trophy Deer Hunt 6 Day.....$3750 License required: Region G. Deer References: Many references are available, please call for a list of references from your area
  2. g's top mule deer hunting outfitter in the Bighorn Mountains. Guided hunts near Dayton, WY. Call Ross Adney at 307-461-0655 for questions or to book a hunt
  3. d immediately turned to my gear and what I needed to purchase to hunt the tough, high country mule deer of Wyo
  4. Region G is a good draw, Congrats! Small town WY might be hard finding Motel vacancy's during the deer season. Bigger towns in that area have lots of lodging. There are many better choices for out west hunting then the 30-30. However, plenty of Mule Deer are shot at close range. Bowhunters get close
  5. g was handed a tough winter. But before you jump off the bandwagon, consider using your preference points on a mule deer hunt this year. This may be the best year to hunt the big bucks in Wyo
  6. g, and area well known for producing monster mulies
  7. g. We lease over 215,000 acres of private property and large NFS and wilderness permits. These areas hold excellent numbers of trophy-class animals. Rifle season runs October and November. Our hunts are fully guided five-day hunts, either.

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Texas. Jul 5, 2021. #1. My wife and I currently have 10 points a piece and are looking for a guided rifle hunt in Area H & G. I have just started to research guides and I have always found good information here from other hunters. We would prefer the whole experience as far as riding horses and canvas tent hunting instead of ranch style house The Cross C Ranch is a family owned and operated outfit. We are located in the Laramie Mountain Range, 30 miles West of Wheatland, Wyoming. The Ranch is a 20,000+ acre privately owned outfitting and cattle ranch. We have managed the ranch for trophy mule deer, white tail deer, elk, and antelope for over 30 years Hunt Area 70 - Shirley Mountain. Deer Hunting in Wyoming Hunt Area 70 - Shirley Mountain. The 2019 harvest survey report indicated 450 active licensed hunters harvested 186 mule deer for an overall success rate of 41%. General season buck harvest and hunter numbers decreased substantially when compared to the 2018 hunting season Welcome to Timberline Lodge & Big Country Outfitters. Our guided trips take you into the Hoback region of the Rocky Mountains, where you can see all the big game species Wyoming has to offer including Elk, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Mountain Lion, Wolves and Bear The populace of mule deer in our areas (152, 154, 155, 162) allows us to specialize in trophy hunts. We highly recommend conditioning yourself before embarking on your Wyoming Deer hunting trip. The high altitude and rugged terrain are obstacles that are less inhibiting if you take the time to prepare yourself physically

WYGFD manage this white-tailed deer herd based on hunter and landowner satisfaction. Hunter satisfaction has consistently been high, averaging 76% from 2014-2019. There are liberal season strategies in most hunt areas, providing good hunting opportunity. Hunters can hunt white-tailed deer for up to 106 days depending on the hunt area and. We offer mule deer hunts starting on October 1st in Wyoming all the way through November in Colorado. All licenses are a draw but hunters have had no problem getting tags in the past. Draw odds have been 100% with one point in each of our units. Depending on the hunt, lodging is either a ranch style house, lodge/cabin or wall tent camp Wyoming Region C. Post by forest2482 » Mon Aug 31, 2009 5:47 pm Hunting ↳ Mule Deer - General ↳ Archery/Bowhunting - Big Game ↳ Rifle Hunting - Big Game ↳ Muzzleloader Hunting - Big Game ↳ Shooting, Reloading, etc. ↳ Elk Hunting ↳ Antelope Huntin

Deer, elk and antelope is Region 700. Wyoming. Antelope - Area 15 and Area 17. Deer - Region C, Area 23. Elk - Area 129 (General Licenses) Length of Hunts. Deer - 4 days. Antelope - 3 days. Antelope/Deer combinations - 4 days Mule Deer Hunting. Big Horn Outfitters offers excellent mule deer hunting opportunities in Wyoming Game and Fish regions: C & Y. We harvest excellent deer every year averaging between 150-165″, with many larger deer harvested each year. You can expect to see good numbers of animals and have opportunities at respectable bucks during your hunt

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  1. g has to offer including Elk, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Mountain Lion, Wolves and Bear. Call Melanie at (307)349-9820
  2. g and will only hunt 6 mule deer per year. We also hunt the U.S. Forest Service Lands hunting from mules and getting off the road to the high country
  3. g is known world wide for hunting big mule deer. This region of the state has high mountain basins with plentiful vegetation, timber and drainages for cover, and natural winter range for Wyo
  4. g. This is a very good area, and hunts are very affordable. Hunts are conducted from local motels in the area. All hunts are 2x1 or 1x1 Guide Service. Hunts are 3 or 4 days in duration. Hunters are responsible for their motel fees and meals. Limited openings!! Call 406-490-6075 to reserve.
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  1. g's unit 90 is a great low-density open country desert mule deer hunt. Hunter success typically runs high as rifle hunters have the whole month of October to find a buck. Even though it's an open country hunt, the deer here are very good at hiding in the open and in the breaks. The key to hunting this unit is to locate the water sources
  2. 5 full hunt days (Area 29, Type 2) Archery Antelope-Mule Deer Combo Hunt Price: $4,750.00 Deposit $1000.00 (limited hunt. See availability page) 5 full hunt days Antelope (Area 29, Type 2), Mule Deer (Region B) Antelope are taken out of the waterhole blind. Mule deer will be taken using blinds or tree stand. October Rifle Antelope Hunt
  3. Hi Laura. I just returned from a mule deer hunt with y'all. Alex was our guide. What a fantastic hunt. Alex was the best guide I have ever had. Nathan and Dustin were the other guides and they were wonderful. I need to take my other son on a hunt and I wanted to see if you could give me some details on the spring bear hunt

Wyoming Mule Deer Hunting Coming into this 2021 season, the general theme across Wyoming is We are below objective in this management area for mule deer. Although WYGF had been aware of elevated winter mortality across the central and eastern portions of the state, after record low harvest rates in multiple regions in 2019 and 2020, the. First Video coming from the Wasatch Shadows Team. This is all filmed with a Go Pro in the hunt of a lifetime as we take down two giant Wyoming Mule Deer in t.. Our mule deer hunting is world class. Bucks are consistently killed in our area that score over 200″ B&C. We hunt the famous Region G, also known as the Salt River Range. Our hunting area borders Idaho on the very western edge of Wyoming. It is impossible to beat a hunt in our beautiful country Wyoming's mule deer continue to have a very rough and tough go. Winter after tough winter have put the deer on the western side of the state in peril. Of the 140 total mule deer hunt areas, less than 20 of them are over objective when it comes to population counts. The logical side of Learn everything about hunting Wyoming Mule Deer Unit 143. View Harvest Reports, Draw Odds, Preference Points, Regulations, Elevation, Maps, Vegetation Analysis, really anything pertaining to hunting Mule Deer this fall! Plus you can go 'Premium' and get 5 year stats and access to premium content

Deer tags are available over the counter in Nebraska. Archery and rifle tags are purchased for specific regions that encompass large areas. The December muzzleloader season is open statewide. Keep in mind, some portions of the state are closed to any mule deer hunting and in others killing mule deer does is prohibited We manage thousands of acres of private hunting ground throughout the state of Utah, and we guide public and private land in Wyoming (license # BG-0193). We offer quality fair-chase for Trophy Mule Deer, Elk, Shiras Moose, Antelope, Black Bear and Mountain Lion. We have guaranteed tags on most of our Utah hunts WYOMING; Elk: $4500: Mule Deer: $4000: Mountain Lion: $4995: Archery Antelope: $2000: Antelope: $1500: Combo Deer/Antelope: $4500: Moose: $4500: Drop Camp: $1000-2000 per person depending on species and location: IDAHO; Elk Area 66A Allocated outfitter tag: $7500: Elk Area 78 Over the counter tags: $3300: Elk Area 76 Archery: $4500: Mule Deer.

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Learn everything about hunting Wyoming Mule Deer Unit 135. View Harvest Reports, Draw Odds, Preference Points, Regulations, Elevation, Maps, Vegetation Analysis, really anything pertaining to hunting Mule Deer this fall! Plus you can go 'Premium' and get 5 year stats and access to premium content Drop Camp Location. We take you in on horses to the appropriate area of hunting, all areas must be five miles away from other outfitting camps. We drop you off for the duration of five days. You are responsible for your own food, gear, tents and water. You will be expected to clean up your camp area when the hunt is finished Deer Hunts. Western Wyoming mule deer herds are the best they've been in several years and are expected to continue to be strong. The famous Region G, aka Salt River range, has been producing 200 B&C bucks for many years. This local gene pool has produced legendary bucks like Popeye, Morty, and Goliath Salt River Range Outfitters - quality, personalized high country horseback hunts in the best trophy elk and mule deer country. Hunt Areas: the Bridger Teton National Forest, most of the Salt River Range Drainage and Lower Greys River Drainage as well as the BLM Land to the South of Star Valley, where many of our trophy mule deer migrate and where the antelope roam Please contact us for questions on pricing or reservations for guided mule deer hunts in Wyoming. (435) 510-5847 - (801) 655-5484

The topography is suitable for most physical abilities. Spot and stalk tactics will be used on our mule deer hunts. Drawing odds have been hovering around 80% with 0 preference points the last few years for the Wyoming Mule Deer region this hunt takes place in. Muzzleloader Rifle Hunting Stalking. Mule deer and concomitant harvest trends. Learn more here. Wyoming. Mostly known for elk and mule deer, Wyoming also has solid whitetail opportunities Mr. Latturner himself has deer hunted the prized Region G in western Wyoming as a nonresident an astounding 9 of the past 10 years, according to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department. According to the draw odds at gohunt.com , in 2018, a nonresident applying for a Wyoming Region G Deer tag with less than 6 preference points, had a 4.9% chance of draw

License #BG279. Barlow Outfitting is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Service Provider. DROP CAMPS. We can pack your hunting party up to four people into the Bighorn Mountains for an archery deer or elk hunt in September. This is a great way for hunters that would like to hunt on their own. We can also pack out meat for successful hunters Multiple species. One destination. Wagonhound Outfitters offers elite trophy hunts in the heart of the Laramie Mountain range. We are best known for being home to some of the best elk hunting in North America. Wagonhound Outfitting consists of 300,000 acres in the famous elk area 7. While on a hunt with us you will be with an experienced. Wyoming Hunt Area 135 Mule Deer Maps, regulations and land access information. Total Area. 1,538,677 acres. Public Lands: 74%. 1,151,244 acres. Burn Areas Last 10 yrs. 20,097 acres. CWD. Yes. Nearby. 131 Mule Deer 132 Mule Deer 134 Mule Deer 138 Mule Deer.

Due to the severity of the 2016-2017 winter and associated deer losses, the Region G nonresident quota was reduced by 200, resulting in a total of 400 nonresident licenses. Sheridan Mule deer populations in the Sheridan Region are well below the population management objectives in all four herds Camp Accommodations. Trophy Mountain Outfitters offers hunts out of four separate pack-in wilderness tent camps located in the high mountains south of Jackson Hole, as well as from our end-of-the-road, drive-to tent camp located in the heart of the Wyoming Range Mountains. Our first-class hunting camps are centered in prime locations that. Our Wyoming mule deer hunt takes place in mid September in region G on the western side of Wyoming. This is a horseback hunt based out of our house. It is a 2 hunter per guide ratio, unless other arrangements are made. We have some tremendous mule deer genetics. This is an extreme hunt taking place at 9500-10,000 feet in elevation

Wyoming is a draw state for non-resident hunters and Hunton Creek Outfitters, LLC. will assist clients with the application process. S.E. Wyoming is unique in that it is made up of almost entirely private land. License availability for our clients is very good. We hunt deer regions 'T' and 'J', which have consistently maintained 100%Mule Deer. Hello, I am currently planning a hunt for next fall to hunt mule deer in Wyoming. We are planning to hunt Region D in the Centennial area on public land in Medicine Bow National Forest. We usually go out and hunt the Saratoga side of Medicine Bow but we noticed this year it is a limited license quota area so we decided to try the Centennial. A True Wyoming Experience. Jackson Hole is home to some of the finest big game hunting on earth, where hunters have the opportunity to pursue animals in their natural habitat. Our experienced and fully-licensed guides will lead you and your party in search of cow elk, bull elk, moose, sheep, mule deer, antelope, and bear If you're looking for the hunt of a lifetime, you found it! Western Wyoming Outfitters has the best guided elk and mule deer hunting in Wyoming. get ready for 2021! Located outside of Jackson Hole and the gorgeous Teton National Park, you will experience the most beautiful and rugged terrain Wyoming has to offer We hunt units 128-9 for late season trophy mule deer. This hunt is from our cabin in Dubois Wyoming. We have hunted this country for over 50 years. We have a wide variety of acreage we can hunt on this hunt. We generally hunt for bucks from 175 to 200+ on this hunt. We hunt this hunt from 4x4's, foot, and horses

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Self guided Elk and Mule Deer hunts in Wyoming Hunt areas G and H and Idaho hunt Units 66, 66a, and 67! Over the years the Rockin' M Ranch has become a well kept secret for the self guided, (D.I.Y.), do it yourself hunter. Our unique location in Wyoming and less than a mile from [ A $400Trespass fee for 3 days uninterrupted hunting with your own Antelope permit. UNIT 73 A $400 Trespass fee for 3 day uninterrupted hunting with your own Deer permit. UNIT 34 . Horseback available,hunt in secluded area's that are hard to get to by truck or even foot. The hunt is a one on one, unless you want to hunt with a group Mule Deer Hunts. Whitetail Deer Hunts. Bear Hunts. Mountain Lion Hunts. Call today to book a hunt! 307-890-6121 Contact Great Plains Outfitters today to let us plan your dream hunt--located in Wyoming, our guides know where you need to go to harvest your big game Booking a Hunt. A $1,000 deposit is required on all hunts. All deposits are non-refundable except in case of subsequent death or incapacitating illness/injury of client prior to hunt. Balance due 30 days prior to hunt date if paying by check. Cash or cashiers check accepted on arrival Unit (if desired): Region G . Guide (if applicable): N/A Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt 2003 One of my favorite places in the world to hunt deer is South Western Wyoming. I've spent a ton of time in the area hunting deer and moose over the years. Any opportunity I get to be in the mountains hunting is truly a gift

Star Valley Outfitters is one of Wyoming's premiere outfitting destinations, offering elk, mule deer, bear and moose hunting for rifle or archery, all from the same camp. If you're looking to journey on a hunt of a lifetime, you've come to the right place. Being immersed in the backcountry, saddled up on your trusty horse, and getting an. Regions such as G, H and K contribute the most, big bucks to the pool for Wyoming. The sad part is these are the regions that were the most devastated from the winter. The top five hunts for Wyoming deer this year are mostly concentrated around the central and southern regions of the state I hunt there regularly with friends and we make pretty significant grizzly cautions, electric fencing, bear spray and large calibers. Re: Region H Wyoming mule deer [ Re: guf54 ] #6595005 08/14/19 10:49 PM 08/14/19 10:49 P Wyoming Draw Odds & Information. Mule Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting and Western Big Game Hunting. Forums, Articles, Photos, Tips, Information. Guides, Outfitters, Hunts, Tag Licensed by the Wyoming Board of Outfitters & Professional Guides: License #BG279. Barlow Outfitting is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Service Provider. WYOMING POWDER RIVER MULE DEER HUNTS. We hunt high timberline bucks and prairie bucks from mid-September to mid-October. Big mule deer are one of the toughest North American trophies to hunt.

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The topography is suitable for most physical abilities. Spot and stalk tactics will be used on our mule deer hunts. Drawing odds have been hovering around 80% with 0 preference points the last few years for the Wyoming Mule Deer region this hunt takes place in. Muzzleloader Rifle Hunting Stalking. Mule deer Mule Deer Hunts; Mule Deer and Antelope Combination Hunts, 4 Day Hunt $2800 2x1 Guide Service. CALL NOW WITH YOUR DATES. GET YOUR HUNT BOOKED TODAY!! CALL US TO GET IN ON THESE HUNTS FOR 2019 AS AVAILABILITY IS VERY LIMITED!! 406-490-607 Wyoming Trophy Mule Deer, Antelope and Elk Hunts. Montana Trophy Mule Deer, Antelope and Elk Hunts. Cole D. Benton Wyoming Outfitter #BG068 Montana Outfitter #7296. W H A T T O B R I N G: 1921 Passaic Road · Clearmont, WY 82835 · Telephone: (307) 736-2277 · E-mail: grizout@vcn.com: Click on weather button below for detailed weather. Do you guys have any recommendations for an outfitter in region F who does a drop camp mule deer h. wy buzztail 18-Jul-16. From: bows4bulls. 11-Jul-16. Do you guys have any recommendations for an outfitter in region F who does a drop camp mule deer hunt? I know our options may be very limited outside of a wilderness area since we are non.


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Find a Map > States > WY > Hunt Area / GMU Maps Hunt Area / Big Game GMU Maps. Hunt Type Game Management Unit / Hunt Area; ANTELOPE Wyoming Antelope GMU 1: Wyoming MD GMU 9: Mule Deer Wyoming MD GMU 90: Mule Deer Wyoming MD GMU 92: Mule Deer Wyoming MD GMU 94: Mule Deer Wyoming MD GMU 96: Mule Deer. Non-Resident Big Game Wyoming hunting licenses for Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, and Whitetail Deer are on a permit drawing basis. Results are commonly available for Antelope on June 30th. Season dates and application dates are subject to change by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department One outfitter in Wyoming sells his trophy mule deer hunts for $3995, but his management hunts run just $1995. A few years ago one hunter was involved in a management-type hunt in a Colorado area known for producing some of the top bucks seen anywhere these days. Landowner tags in this area cost upwards of $8000, and the hunts themselves. Poker Creek Camp. $6695. Hobble Creek Camp. $5895. **The cost for a non-hunter is $250 per day at our Hobble Creek camp and $300 per day at our Poker Creek camp.**. Book Now. 3 DAY ANTELOPE HUNT. The Antelope guided hunt is not a full-service hunt, so it does not include accommodations and meals. For further details please call us I believe Wyoming is still the best value for price deer hunt overall. Applications are accepted between January 1 and March 15, 2010. Click MULE DEER BY STATE or on the States page for more information and for applying online. Non-residents pay: $326 for Region General or limited quota tags; $566 for Special deer tags; and $124 for Youth Deer tags

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Wyoming is home to such big game species as whitetail deer, mule deer, black bear, elk, moose and pronghorn antelope. Hunters can prearranged guided trips with Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters in pursuit of a potential trophy animal. Yellowstone has the largest concentration of free-roaming wildlife in the lower 48 states 5) Region-H - For big buck potential and relative ease of draw Region-H should see a decent bounce in. Information all hunters need to know when applying for mule deer, whitetail deer and antelope in Wyoming for the 2021 season Wyoming 2021 hunting applications opened for resident and non-resident deer and antelope Jan 4th. Deadline to apply is. Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association is proud to announce the release of Hunting Safely in Grizzly Country. You may make a donation to the efforts to save the Wyoming feedgrounds here. Private ranch hunts for elk, mule deer and antelope. We hunt the Horse Creek area northwest of Cheyenne Another $1000 is due within 30 days of successfully drawing your Wyoming license for the species you are hunting. The remaining balance is due upon arrival in camp. Six Day Mule Deer. $4400. Youth Hunt. $3200. Six Day Elk/Mule Deer Combo. $5400. Six Day Moose. $5400. Six Day Elk/Moose Combo. $6000. Find a Wyoming outfitter by region on a map of the Wyoming Game and Fish regions. Let us be your guide Come Hunt with Us. Double T Outfitters offers quality elk, mule deer, antelope, moose, black bear and antelope hunts. We offer archery hunts, bugle hunts in heavy rut with a rifle and migration hunts. We enjoy some of Wyoming's most game rich country, years of experience and the best guides in the area. We're a serious, hard working, alcohol.