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Mike Boruta captured a fairly large mudslide and flooding that shut down Highway 550, also known as the Million Dollar Highway. Colorado was pummeled by heavy rains over the weekend that caused flooding and road closures across the state. Not sure exactly which part of Highway 550 this was filmed at, but he mentions he was heading to Ouray, CO in the video description The goal of the meeting was to rebuild the highway. As contracts for the work were reviewed someone commented that the work would add up to about a million dollars. He kept referring to the road is this million dollar highway and voila! The highway runs 25 miles from Silverton to Ouray Colorado. Despite being called a highway, though, it.

Overview. (active tab) Offering breathtaking mountain, valley and gorge views, the Million Dollar Highway cost a reported million dollars a mile to build. The road winds and clings to the mountain providing dramatic view at every turn. Part of the San Juan Skyway Colorado Scenic Byway. Location The Million Dollar Highway is a spur of U.S. Highway 50, Also known as U.S. 550. The stretch from Silverton to Ouray is frequently called the Million Dollar Highway, but it goes by other names; such as the Scenic Byway. If you are being dramatic it's referred to as the Highway to Hell. The road has made its way to several large. Highway 550 North from Durango is closed less often. Closures are relatively infrequent on both passes however. For road closure information by telephone, please call (303) 639-1111 from Denver or out-of-state. For inquiries from within Colorado but outside the Denver area, please call toll free 1 (877) 315-7623 It is traversed by the Million Dollar Highway (aka U.S. Highway 550) between Ouray and Silverton. The pass is known for being treacherous in the wintertime due to the steep 8% grade and switchbacks, many sections of road is winding, narrow and has no shoulder/guardrails, with dropoffs exceeding 1,000 feet in places Known colloquially as the Million Dollar Highway, this stretch of mountainous road is anything but. A nightmare for anyone with a fear of heights, the narrow, two lane road winds through the heart of the Colorado Rockies. RELATED: 10 of the Coolest Classic Station Wagons. Much of the road has a steep drop to its left

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The Million Dollar Highway stretches for about 25 miles (40 km) in western Colorado and follows the route of U.S. 550 between Silverton and Ouray. It is part of the San Juan Skyway. Between Durango and Silverton the Skyway loosely parallels the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. The road climbs up to 3 very high mountain passes My girlfriend and I traveled on the Million Dollar Highway in late September as part of our 25 day road trip. Before we left I read many reviews and I was sooo worried about driving it. I am a 66 year old woman and I am NOT an experienced mountain driver.So fear had me convinced that we could possibly go over the edge at Red Mountain Pass The scenic drive on Colorado's Million Dollar Highway, from Silverton to Ouray, just might be the most eye-popping, awe-inspiring drive we have ever taken. David Porter, The Roaming Boomers. Another explanation is that the construction of the road in the 1930's cost one million dollars per mile, or that the land cost a total of a million

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Driving the Million Dollar Highway. The paved, two-lane road climbs approximately 2,000 feet from Silverton to its summit at Red Mountain Pass and then drops another 3,000 feet en route to Ouray About the Million Dollar Highway. Originally built in 1883 for use as a toll road, it was rebuilt in the 1920s as a two-lane road. Traveling over three mountain passes, Coal Bank, Molas, and Red Mountain, the views along this stretch are extraordinary. The hardest feat while driving will be keeping your eyes on the road US Route 550 is commonly referred to as the Million Dollar Highway, but typically it is the 25 mile stretch from Ouray, CO to Silverton, CO that is referred to as the Million Dollar Highway. This section of road goes through 3 mountain passes, all with elevations exceeding 10,000 ft with very tight turns and usually boasting snow/ice covered roads Million Dollar Highway Road Trip Durango. Durango, often considered one of America's best outdoor towns, is the most popular destination on the Million Dollar Highway partially due its famous Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. This makes it a common place for travelers to stay for a few days Though a truly breathtaking route, check road conditions ahead of traveling the Million Dollar Highway — the stretch between Silverton and Ouray — and be cautious of drop-offs lacking guardrails to ensure your safety. Plan your outdoor adventures around commonly occurring afternoon thunderstorms in summer

The Million Dollar Highway climbs up and over Red Mountain Pass, with a summit of 11,075 feet (be sure to check out Red Mountain itself, which gets its red color from oxidized minerals within its rocky surface), before clinging to the stunning, steep canyon walls of Uncompahgre Gorge as it makes its descent into Ouray The Million Dollar Highway is an understatement: Utah SR-12 is one of America's most gorgeous roads Another white-knuckled drive that might intimidate you is called Skyline Drive. Much like the Million Dollar Highway, this road offers positively breathtaking views, but what it doesn't offer is guardrails. The route was built by local inmates in 1903 and it stretches for approximately three miles When this road shuts down, it means a detour that can add several hours of travel between Ouray and Silverton depending on road conditions. RELATED: Read more about the Million Dollar Highway here Though crash cleanup is currently underway, one lane has reopened to alternating traffic

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The road is shut down when conditions are deemed too unsafe. The road also attracts many during the summer months thanks to the stunning view, frequently called the Million Dollar Highway In the state of Colorado of the United States of America there's a special highway built in the late 1880's: the Million Dollar Highway, part of the San Juan Skyway. It's one of the nation's most spectacular drives. You'll be on the outside for a while with a hell of a view to your right (let the passenger look. You'll want to watch the.

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  1. The Million Dollar Highway runs 25 miles across western Colorado and follows U.S. 550 between Silverton and Ouray. There are several legends as to how the road got its name: Some say it cost a million dollars to build the road back in the day, because it carves its way through and across so many high mountains
  2. 5. The Road Climbs And Descends. Speaking of views, one of the best parts about driving the Million Dollar Highway is seeing where the road goes next. If you drive it from the south (Silverton) to the north (Ouray), you will climb up Red Mountain to Red Mountain Pass and then begin a long descent through the Uncompahgre Gorge down to Ouray
  3. Location: Traversed by the Million Dollar Highway (US Highway 550) from Silverton to Ouray, CO. Why it's dangerous: Another, perhaps worse, segment of the Million Dollar Highway is Red Mountain.
  4. istration estimates that each dollar spent on road, highway and bridge improvements results in an average have a significant impact on highway and bridge conditions.

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Highway 82. From Highway 24 to Aspen, Colorado. 2. Trail Ridge Road. Be sure to check cdot.org for the latest road conditions before your trip. Some of the drives listed above are only open during the summer months. the Million Dollar Highway (of course), and even the gravel road over Ophir Pass back when we had an Isuzu Trooper, but. 5. The Million Dollar Highway. Built in the late 1930s and stretching north to south across western Colorado is U.S. 550. Originally a toll road, the origins of its colorful nickname remain a bit of a mystery. Although often applied to the entire highway, the Million Dollar portion is specifically the 25-mile passage from Ouray to Silverton

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This section of 550 is known unofficially as the million dollar highway, though conflicting stories of the name's origin include the cost of building or paving the road, as well as the amount of. Colorado's Million Dollar Highway is not a long road trip - technically only 25 miles long - but those miles are packed with thrills and sights. Don't expect this road trip to go quickly, either As its nickname suggests, this ultra-remote stretch of Siberian road has a gruesome history. Also known as Kolyma Highway, it was built by Stalin-era political prisoners rounded up from gulags and forced to work in horrendous conditions. Some froze to death while others were shot, their bodies simply buried beneath or around the road The Million Dollar Highway Loop is a road trip route that goes through Colorado. Find and review the best scenic drives at BestRoadTripPlanner.com

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Between Ouray and Silverton, Colorado A highway built in the late 1880s, Million Dollar Highway is part of the San Juan Skyway. It's often called one of the nation's most spectacular drives, providing many jaw-dropping vistas. But that doesn't mean you should attempt this road (which was cut from the side of a mountain) in an RV The road has been designated a National Scenic Byway. The road cost over 100 million dollars to construct. The Cherohala Skyway crosses through the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee and the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina. The name Cherohala comes from the names of the two National Forests: Chero from the Cherokee.

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Million Dollar View (Route 1) Region: Aroostook, Downeast and Acadia Length: 8 miles Travel Time: 1 hours Highlights: boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, foliage viewing, fourwheeling, hiking trails, lake, pond, river views, mountain views, skiing, snowmobiling, wildlife Side Trips: cross the border into Canada; continue north into Aroostook County Here a warm welcome awaits the traveler in. The Million Dollar Highway is the portion of U.S. Highway 550 in Colorado, from Ouray to Silverton. It got its name because it cost a million dollars to build it all the way back in the 1880s. This 25-mile stretch of the highway has many twists and turns through the mountains, ascending to an elevation of up to 11,000 feet

The Million Dollar Highway from Durango to Ouray gained another bit of notoriety this week, earning a spot on a USA TODAY list of the World's most dangerous roads. The list written by Pet.. U.S Route 550, otherwise known as the Million Dollar Highway, offers absolutely beautiful views, however, some say that the views aren't worth the level of danger driving this road creates. It spans all the way from Red Mountain Pass in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado straight to New Mexico, says Information In

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Drive slowly on the Million Dollar Highway. A 25-mile portion of the road between Silverton and Ouray is known as the Million Dollar Highway. Built between 1880 and 1920, the old toll road served. The Million Dollar Highway stretches for about 25 miles (40 km) in western Colorado and follows the route of U.S. 550 between Silverton and Ouray, Colorado. It is part of the San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway. Between Durango and Silverton the Skyway loosely parallels the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Though the entire stretch has been called the Million Dollar Highway, it is really. When it gets to Ouray, drivers headed south are at the starting point of one of the most spectacular 25 miles stretches of road in America. Nicknamed the Million Dollar Highway, the views are worth every penny (lol)!. The origin of this name is uncertain, but it may have come about because it was thought that a million dollars' worth of gold dust was in the gravel and dirt that was used to. The Million Dollar Highway, connecting Silverton and Ouray, is one of Colorado's unforgettable scenic routes. This thrilling high altitude road climbs up and over the San Juan Mountains. Snowfall and slippery conditions can only add to the excitement here along this hair-raising route. The road began as a mining access route, as ore wagons. Many parts of The Million Dollar Highway, the section of road between Silverton and Ouray, have drop-offs that lack guardrails and will surely get your heart pumping! The San Juan Skyway was designated as a National Forest Scenic Byway in September 1988. It was later named a Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway in 1989 and an All-American Road in.

A fun day out with the boys Started in Durango Coloroado, Headed up to Silverton, throught he Million Dollar Highway towards Ridgeway, turned towards Tel.. Like Drivelapse? Friend it! http://www.facebook.com/takemytripdotcomThis drive begins in Silverton, Colorado, and heads north on US 550, the Million Dollar H.. It began Jan. 12, when a Super Bowl-field-sized slab of mountainside began slipping and huge hunks of quartzite fell onto the road known as the Million Dollar Highway. More rocks fell in following.

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  1. The Million Dollar Highway (Colorado) You'd be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful stretch of road than the Million Dollar Highway that runs between Silverton and Ouray. However, when it comes to the breathtaking views on display, you better leave them to the passengers because the Million Dollar Highway can be treacherous if you take your.
  2. The project includes grading and resurfacing Highway 2 from Cass county road 206 to Cass county road 10 east of Cass Lake. The contractor for this $1.7 million dollar project is Northern Paving. This project will create a safer, longer lasting road surface. It is estimated to be complete by the end of August, weather permitting
  3. Where to Stop: The winding, high-altitude Million Dollar Highway is a dangerous drive, so only stop in the ghost towns along the way, not on the route. 6 of 14 View Al

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Highway 550, Colorado . Highway 550 is a high elevation roadway that takes you through portions of southwest Colorado and more specifically the San Juan Mountain range. The road can reach elevations of 11,000 feet and experience all sorts of weather The mistake means the 23 million dollar project - at the intersection of i-35 and Highway 30 -- is now delayed... AND, must be rebuilt. The bridge is designed to prevent the kinds of serious. Highway 550 runs a long way and even goes down into New Mexico but the section from Ouray to Silverton and on to Durango has been popularized as the Million Dollar Highway and even just the first 5 minutes, you can surely see why. The highway was built in the late 1800's and is part of the San Juan Skyway (which connects on to Telluride)