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Nerve damage to vocal cords could be the reason why some people recovering from COVID-19 suffer mysterious bouts of shortness of breath for months after shaking off the coronavirus, researchers say.. Vocal cords are meant to constrict across the airway while you're talking, vibrating in the air moving past to create the sound of your voice.. When you're not talking, the vocal cords retract to. In addition, 3 cases of ATM were reported as serious adverse events during the clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (AZD1222). Results: All patients had typical features of ATM with acute onset of paralysis, sensory level and sphincter deficits due to spinal cord lesions demonstrated by imaging. There were 23 males (53%) and. Florida breaks single-day record of COVID-19 cases. CDC says the war has changed in document about COVID vaccines, delta variant allowing us to breathe. Symptoms of vocal cord paralysis. COVID-19 vaccination: 73 cases of facial paralysis, 7 anaphylactic shock Serious symptoms of the vaccine include blurred vision, inflammation of the pulmonary pleura, inflammation of the heart.

When you have COVID-19 you are likely to experience long periods of coughing that won't stop. Coughing brings the vocal folds forcefully together to strongly force air out, clearing any mucus from your lungs and throat. This level of coughing gives the vocal cords quite a battering meaning they can become swollen and inflamed. Picture 3 Nerve damage to vocal cords could be the reason why some people recovering from COVID-19 suffer mysterious bouts of shortness of breath for months after shaking off the coronavirus, researchers say The usual cause of vocal cord paralysis is from the inflammation and irritation of the vagus nerve by the virus infection and the inflammation from our immune system. The vagus nerve controls the vocal cord movements. There is a registry for pregnant women who receive the COVID-19 vaccine to increase the amount of data for this high-risk.

A partnership is underway with Satra Ghosh at the MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research to integrate vocal screening for COVID-19 into its VoiceUp app, which was initially developed to study the link between voice and depression. A follow-on effort could add this vocal screening into the How We Feel app COVID-19: Advice, updates and vaccine options COVID-19: Advice, updates and vaccine options Vocal cord paralysis occurs when the nerve impulses to your voice box (larynx) are disrupted. This results in paralysis of the vocal cord muscles. Vocal cord paralysis can affect your ability to speak and even breathe. That's because your vocal cords. COVID-19 vaccine trials report cases of brief facial paralysis. That's not as scary as it sounds. Geraci notes that is more frequent than what was recorded in the COVID-19 vaccine trial

Many people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) have special concerns related to getting the Covid-19 vaccination. This week I spoke on a panel addressing some of those concerns. I had been invited by. COVID-19 vaccine FAQs. Going to a Cleveland Clinic location? 2 visitors (ages 18+) now allowed daily Most of the time, the vocal cords can open and close appropriately. Vocal cord paralysis is when one or both vocal cords are stuck in one position, unable to open or close. If a vocal cord is fixed closer to the middle of your airway, it may. Vocal cord dysfunction or paradoxical vocal fold motion (PVFM) is an episodic condition that results when vocal cord movement is dysfunctional. We open our vocal cords when we breathe, and we close them when we speak, sing, swallow or lift heavy items COVID-19: Advice, updates and vaccine options COVID-19: Advice, updates and vaccine options Vocal cord paralysis can be frustrating and sometimes debilitating, especially because your voice affects your ability to communicate. A speech therapist can help you develop the skills you need to communicate Vocal cord paralysis is a condition in which one of the vocal cords does not move. Normal voice production involves two vocal cords that move together to produce sound. If you are struggling to speak, call our specialists at 714-456-7017. COVID-19 vaccine and protecting your health ›.

COVID-19 enters the body through mucous membranes. An open injury is a venue for entry for viruses and bacteria. The spleen is the major infection-fighting organ of the body. If you have a disease that affects your spleen or had trauma to the spleen or removal of the spleen, you have an increased risk of infection A day after pausing its Covid-19 vaccine trials due to a possible serious neurological problem in one patient, AstraZeneca Plc faced numerous questions about what exactly caused the issue and. Vocal Fold Paralysis. Your vocal folds — also called vocal cords — are two flexible bands of muscle tissue that sit at the entrance to the windpipe (trachea). Vocal fold paralysis is when one or both of the vocal folds in a person's body stop working. One or both vocal folds can be paralyzed. When one vocal fold is paralyzed (unilateral.

Laryngitis, or inflammation of the vocal cords, can alter the way the vocal cords come together and vibrate, causing voice changes. Voice change caused by laryngitis, or voice box inflammation, can be accompanied by constant throat pain or pain with talking or swallowing Vocal fold (or cord) paresis and paralysis result from abnormal nerve input to the voice box muscles (laryngeal muscles). Paralysis is the total interruption of nerve impulse, resulting in no movement; paresis is the partial interruption of nerve impulse, resulting in weak or abnormal motion of laryngeal muscles Vocal cord paralysis. Vocal cords must open to breathe, then close completely to produce a normal voice and cough. Weakness or paralysis in a vocal cord means there is nerve damage limiting or restricting movement. This can cause a breathy voice, weak cough and difficulty swallowing Vocal Cord Paralysis. Paralysis of the vocal cords may occur when one or both vocal cords or folds does not open or close properly. A common disorder, this condition can range from relatively mild to life threatening. When one or both vocal cords are paralyzed, the open cord (s) allows food or liquids to slip into the trachea and lungs Bilateral vocal cord paralysis. Vocal cords must open to breathe, then close completely to produce a normal voice and cough. Weakness or paralysis in a vocal cord means there is nerve damage limiting or restricting movement. Bilateral vocal cord paralysis often leads to both vocal cords sitting in a near-closed position

For patients suspected of having functional laryngeal abnormalities, transcervical laryngeal ultrasound provides a rapid and noninvasive evaluation of vocal fold motion to inform decisions about safety of feeding, airway, and progression of care. Keywords: COVID-19; coronavirus; laryngeal evaluation; laryngeal ultrasound; vocal cord paralysis. Regulators say the benefits of the vaccine still outweigh any risks. Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a rare neurological disorder in which the immune system attacks the nerves. It can cause muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis. People usually recover from it, but it can lead to hospitalization and, sometimes, permanent damage to nerve cells Laboratory staff are looking for vocal biomarkers of COVID-19 by analyzing speech signals of asymptomatic people. Illustration: Bryan Mastergeorge. It's often easy to tell when colleagues are struggling with a cold — they sound sick. Maybe their voices are lower or have a nasally tone. Infections change the quality of our voices in various ways

Akst says that dehydration also factors in because vocal cords need to be lubricated for them to vibrate against each other. People who have had Covid-19 may experience vocal problems, too. The disease doesn't directly affect the larynx, but the shortness of breath can reduce voice quality, says Akst Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine. pain, aspiration, or tightness in the throat when speaking and breathing. Treatment of vocal cord paralysis differs depending on whether the paralysis affects one or both of the vocal folds. Vocal Cord Polyps. Vocal cord polyps are benign lesions, similar to vocal cord nodules, that can cause.

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Since COVID-19 vaccines are new, some people have asked about their effects on those who take them. Short-term side effects (i.e., those that happen in the days after a vaccine has been given) are readily apparent because of clinical trial reports and personal experiences, but people also wonder about possible long-term effects of these vaccines Press release - Market Research Future - Covid-19 Outbreak Impact on Vocal Cord Paralysis Market 2020, Industry Analysis By Global Size, Share, Growth, Statistics, Trends, Key Players With. Vocal fold paralysis (VFP) may follow the procedure as a complication. The authors describe their experience with patients having VFP after anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion (ACDF), with an emphasis on outcome and prognosis. Study design: Retrospective. Methods: Medical records of patients who underwent ACDF between January 1987 and. We know what symptoms to watch for when it comes to COVID-19. But what about the more unusual ones like delirium, vocal cord neuropathy, skin irritation or elevated heart rate? Learn what causes. Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) will be listed as a very rare side effect of COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen and a warning will be included in the product information to raise awareness among healthcare professionals and people taking the vaccine. GBS is a rare neurological disorder in which the body's immune system damages nerve cells which can result in pain, numbness and muscle weakness.

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A laryngologist will examine your vocal cords for growths or other conditions and may recommend voice therapy to learn techniques that reduce the stress on your vocal cords, and hopefully help to reverse any tissue damage. COVID-19 vaccines: Separating myths from reality Sonja Bartolome, M.D. January 28, 2021. Vocal cord paralysis: Paralysis of the vocal cords may happen when one or both vocal cords doesn't open or close properly. A common disorder, this condition can range from relatively mild to life-threatening. When one or both vocal cords are paralyzed, food or liquids can slip into the trachea and lungs Vocal Cord Paralysis or Paresis Surgical Treatment. In cases of vocal fold paresis and paralysis which do not respond to voice therapy, surgical intervention is offered. Surgery options primarily consist of medialization procedures that attempt to push the affected vocal fold to a more favorable position (ie in the middle of the body) Facial palsy has been reported after taking COVID-19 vaccine by a patient. The Case report shows that this patient suffered from two facial palsies after receiving two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech.

Unilateral vocal cord paralysis (UVCP) is more common than bilateral vocal cord paralysis, and the left vocal ford is more frequently involved. Unilateral vocal cord paralysis can occur after a direct injury to the nerve (e.g. after forceps delivery, or after surgery in the neck or chest), or after some infections. The cause may also be unknown Many vaccines for COVID-19 are going to appear in the market in the near future, including DNA vaccines , and our effort as physicians to maintain public confidence and minimize vaccine hesitancy will be crucial. We are aware that any drug, vaccine, medical device, or medical product can induce adverse or allergic reactions

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It also is testing the vaccine in thousands of people in Britain, and in smaller studies in Brazil and South Africa. Several other COVID-19 vaccine candidates are in development About Vocal Cord Paralysis. Vocal cord paralysis can occur when the nerve responsible for your vocal cord movement is damaged, preventing one or both of your vocal cords from opening and closing properly. This can be due to trauma, surgical injury, stroke, a virus, or a tumor. Depending on the extent and functional impact of the paralysis, you. When Google CEO Larry Page blogged about his struggles speaking and, at times, breathing last week on his Google+ page he spotlighted a rare condition, bilateral vocal cord paralysis, which leaves sufferers short of breath and with few viable treatment options.This is likely to change in coming years. Page has deep pockets and has promised to fund research into the disorder via the Voice.

Vocal Cord Paralysis. Vocal cord paralysis is a voice disorder that occurs when one or both of the vocal cords (or vocal folds) do not open or close properly. Symptoms can range from mild to life threatening if there is an airway obstruction. The most common causes of vocal cord paralysis are surgical traumas to the neck and chest Dr. Joan Thode offered the following advice about croup: Croup is a condition caused by one of several viruses that creates acute inflammation at the level of the vocal cords. This causes the. Read: Exclusive summary of Covid-19 vaccine concerns. The list includes Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disorder which can be deadly, causing irrecoverable paralysis. The FDA recently warned that the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine may be linked to numerous cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome Paralysis of your vocal cords affects more than your ability to speak; it also restricts your breathing and turns any physical activity into a struggle for air. When vocal cords or folds are immobile due to trauma, disease, arthritis or other causes, they become fixed in position less than one-eighth of an inch apart, a space too small. Baylor launches clinical trial for COVID-19 vaccine booster. Dipali Pathak. 713-798-4710. Houston, TX - Jun 8, 2021. Content. Researchers at the Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit at Baylor College of Medicine have launched a clinical trial to study the safety and efficacy of a booster dose of the Moderna-mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccine

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  1. Thyroplasty, arytenoid adduction, and vocal cord augmentation to restore your voice following vocal cord paralysis. Vocal cord microsurgery to treat vocal cord lesions such as polyps, cysts, and scars. Injections of vocal cords to reduce tight, squeezed phonation and voice breaks caused by spasmodic dysphonia or essential tremor
  2. Vaccines are safe and save lives. The rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines has people asking questions. Here is an overview of the reactions and side effects you can expect
  3. COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Tracker Thyroid Test Analyzer Doctor Discussion Guides Hemoglobin A1c Test Analyzer Lipid Test Analyzer Unilateral vocal cord paralysis: a review of CT findings, mediastinal causes, and the course of the recurrent laryngeal nerves
  4. Here are four conditions you should watch for that can lead to vocal cord irritation or damage. 1. Overuse, misuse, abuse. These three behaviors have to do with how you produce sound. Overuse: All of us can easily fall into overusing our voices, but professional voice users - which can include singers, teachers, call center employees, and.
  5. e the safety, tolerability and immune response for different doses of a two-part, investigational.
  6. Hoarseness can also be caused by neurologic conditions such as vocal cord paralysis. This may be spontaneous or may be the result of trauma or a previous surgical procedure. Speech therapy can be helpful in treating these patients. A procedure to help move the vocal cord into a more natural position to achieve better voicing may also be necessary

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Dr. Maronian is board certified in Otolaryngologic surgery. Her special interest are voice, airway and swallowing disorders, laryngeal cancer, as well as vocal cord paralysis and vocal cord lesions. She joined the UH Seidman Cancer Center's staff in 2006. Dr. Maronian's research interest is neurolaryngology, tracheal disease, and dysphagia CDC Panel: No COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Surprises. Jan. 27, 2021 -- The U.S. is nearly 6 weeks into its historic campaign to vaccinate Americans against the virus that causes COVID-19, and so far.

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  1. Dr. Sulica is the author of the textbook Vocal Fold Paralysis, and editor of a volume entitled Classics in Voice and Laryngology. He has authored more than 60 journal articles and 30 book chapters covering such topics as voice physiology, clinical evaluation of voice disorders, microsurgical technique in larynx surgery, principles of evaluation.
  2. Vocal Cord Paralysis. Paralyzed or partially paralyzed vocal cords (paresis) can be caused by a viral infection that affects your vocal cord nerves, an injury to a nerve during surgery, stroke or cancer. If one or both of your vocal cords are paralyzed in a nearly closed position, you may have noisy or difficult breathing
  3. UR Medicine Voice Center UR Medicine Voice Center provides state-of-the-art evaluation and management of individuals with voice, swallowing and airway disorders such as laryngitis, vocal nodules, vocal polyps, paradoxical vocal fold motion disorder (PVFM) / vocal cord dysfunction (VCD), chronic cough and vocal cord paralysis

Paralysis, vocal cord: Inability of one or both vocal folds (vocal cords) to move. The paralysis is usually due to damage to the nerves going to the vocal cords or due to damage to the brain itself. In more technical terms, vocal cord paralysis may result from lesions in the nucleus ambiguus or its supranuclear tracts in the brain, the main trunk of the vagus nerve, or the recurrent laryngeal. A regional center of excellence, UC San Diego Health offers a multidisciplinary approach to care for complex disorders of the voice and swallowing systems. At the forefront of clinical research, our team offers a wide range of state-of-the-art surgical and behavioral therapy options to help restore and optimize the ability to talk, eat and breathe

Others who've had COVID-19 are developing problems with nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. These include Guillain -Barré syndrome (GBS), which can cause lung failure or paralysis Study author Dr. Peter Hotez notes the widespread use and outstanding safety track record of yeast-expressed recombinant protein immunizations offer promise for using this approach to produce and deliver COVID-19 vaccines for global health. Hotez is dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor and co-director of Texas Children's. Voice problems are difficulties with sound production, not with formation of words. Most of these problems originate in the larynx (voice box), and are characterized by a hoarse voice in children or a quiet voice. The causes of voice problems in children include: Vocal nodules or polyps. Vocal cord paralysis. Laryngeal tumors Vocal cord paralysis is caused by injury to one or both of the nerves attached to the vocal cords. Paralysis is the interruption of nerve signals resulting in no movement of the affected vocal cord(s). Latest COVID-19 Vaccine Updates. Vaccination against COVID-19 is the single most effective way to reduce severe illness and death from infection. Two COVID-19 vaccines are currently in use in Australia - AstraZeneca and Pfizer (Comirnaty). Like all medicines, the vaccines can have side effects (also known as adverse events).The overwhelming majority of these are mild and resolve within a few days

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One of the following procedures may be suggested if your child has vocal cord paralysis. Temporary Vocal Cord Augmentation: Injectable, dissolvable fillers add bulk to vocal cords that have lost muscle tone due to vocal cord paralysis. A tiny needle is inserted into the area next to one or both vocal cords. The injection creates a stronger voice Post-COVID-19 paradoxical vocal fold movement disorder. Kawasaki H (1970) Paradoxical movement of the vocal cord in recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis. Nihon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho 73(7):885-891. CAS PubMed Google Scholar 3. Li YC, Bai WZ, Hashikawa T (2020) The neuroinvasive potential of SARS-CoV2 may play a role in the respiratory. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine appointments are available to our patients. What is vocal fold paralysis? Vocal fold paralysis is immobility of a vocal fold because of damage or dysfunction of its principal nerve. This nerve travels from the brain, down the neck and into the chest, before turning upwards back to the larynx..

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Voice problems have multiple causes, including upper respiratory infection, inflammation from acid reflux, vocal overuse, laryngeal cancer, and neuromuscular diseases such as spasmodic dysphonia, vocal cord paralysis, Parkinson's disease, stroke, Lou Gehrig's disease and multiple sclerosis . Psychological trauma can also result in vocal. Results from trials across the UK and Brazil showed that the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine can prevent about 70% of COVID-19 cases.20 The most common reported side effects from trials of this vaccine in the UK, Brazil and South Africa were pain and tenderness at the site of injection, fever, chills, malaise, fatigue, myalgia, arthralgia. Background: Spinal cord complications associated with coronavirus infectious disease of 2019 (COVID-19) are being widely reported. The purpose of this systematic review was to summarize so far available pieces of evidence documenting de novo novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) mediated spinal cord demyelinating diseases. . Indeed, the spinal demyelinating disorders. T he participant who triggered a global shutdown of AstraZeneca's Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trials was a woman spinal cord that can cause muscle weakness, paralysis, pain and bladder problem Acute transverse myelitis (ATM) - an inflammation of the spinal cord which can cause pain, paralysis and sensory problems - was identified in 43 adult COVID-19 cases across 21 countries, with patient ages ranging from 21 to 73, and also 3 children aged 3 to 14 years old.. The review collects together previous research and case reports, and according to the team behind it, the data are.

A rare side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine includes one that affects your entire body. Here's what you should know. Now that most Americans are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, the majority of us are aware of the possible side effects we may experience once we've been inoculated — the majority of which are pretty standard when compared to flu and other shots, specifically. The IPV vaccine protects against poliomyelitis, a disease caused by the poliovirus, which can trigger an infection in a person's brain and spinal cord, causing paralysis. Measles vaccine. Everyone is anxiously waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine. But as the world's most cutting-edge drugmakers race towards the finish line, things have gotten complicated.. In the U.S., there are four.

When one of your vocal cords doesn't open or close properly, it could be because of vocal cord paralysis or paresis. Learn more. Review the latest information on visitor policies, safety procedures, vaccines and more in the COVID-19 Resource Center Unilateral vocal cord paralysis (when one vocal cord is paralyzed) is the most common form of vocal cord paralysis. About one-third are caused by tumors, injury and unknown factors. Bilateral paralysis of both vocal cords is more commonly caused by an injury and is a life-threatening condition because it interferes with your breathing Vocal fold paralysis can cause a variety of symptoms affecting breathing, swallowing and speaking. Learn more. Review the latest information on visitor policies, safety procedures, vaccines and more in the COVID-19 Resource Center

And, if there is vocal cord trauma [] this will also impact an individual's ability to use their voice, and communicate. COVID-19 patients may have muscular weakness related to being. Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a rare disorder where the body's immune system damages nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis. While its cause is not fully understood, the syndrome often follows infection with a virus or bacteria. Each year in the United States, an estimated 3,000 to 6,000 people develop GBS The entire world is waiting with bated breath for an effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine. Several companies, including pharmaceuticals Moderna and Pfizer, are currently testing out vaccine.

The Food and Drug Administration is weighing whether to follow British regulators in resuming a coronavirus vaccine trial that was halted when a participant suffered spinal cord damage, even as. Eleven patients who received AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine in England and India have developed a rare neurological disorder that affects the brain and spinal cord, the Business Standard reports.. Guillain-Barre syndrome is a disorder in which the body's immune system attacks the nerves, which can lead to paralysis, and in severe cases, death, according to Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic Vocal cord paralysis is a rare but serious cause of hoarseness. Normally, the two vocal cords act as a valve in the upper airway, opening for breathing and closinWhen one vocal cord stops moving (unilateral vocal cord paralysis), this valve can leak, resulting in a weak and breathy voice A vocal cord injection is a procedure in which a filling agent is injected into your vocal cord to repair vocal cord paralysis or immobility, age-related voice changes and more. To learn more, call our specialists at 714-456-7017

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COVID-19: Schedule a Vaccination | Reminder: A vocal cord web is a band of tissue between the two vocal cords. A congenital web is caused by the failure of the vocal cords to completely separate during development. Vocal fold paralysis, or paresis, results from an injury or lesion in the peripheral (surface) or central nervous system. COVID-19 Vaccine: What Side Effects — or No Side Effects — Mean. If you're gearing up to get your COVID-19 vaccine, maybe keep your schedule light for the day after your second shot — or only shot, if you're getting the Johnson and Johnson variety. Some people feel muscle aches, pains or just flat-out exhaustion afterward, side. The vocal cords (also called vocal folds) are 2 bands of smooth muscle tissue found in the voice box (larynx). The larynx is set in the neck at the top of the windpipe (trachea). The vocal cords vibrate and air passes through the cords from the lungs to make the sound of your voice Congenital laryngeal palsy is also known as congenital vocal cord paralysis. It represents 15%-20% of all cases of congenital anomalies of the larynx. It may affect one (unilateral) or both (bilateral) vocal cords. The cause of bilateral paralysis of the vocal cords is often unknown (idiopathic). In some cases, paralysis may be secondary to the.

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Monthly Data as of July 1, 2021. The Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) provides compensation for covered serious injuries or deaths that, based on compelling, reliable, valid, medical and scientific evidence, are found to be directly caused by the administration or use of a covered countermeasure or are determined to meet the requirements of a countermeasure injury table Vocal cord paralysis occurs when the nerve impulses to your voice box (larynx) are interrupted. This results in paralysis of your vocal cord muscle. Vocal cord paralysis can affect your ability to speak and even breathe. That's because your vocal cords, sometimes called vocal folds, do more than just produce sound

An acute episode of vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) can be scary because it feels and sounds like you can't breathe. The best thing to do is be prepared by learning ways to relax your vocal cords. Pediatric vocal cord paralysis occurs when a child's vocal cords cannot move. This can occur on one side (unilateral) or both sides (bilateral) of the vocal cords. Dallas. 214-456-6862. Fax: 214-456-7115. Suite F5300

A child with vocal cord dysfunction may: have trouble breathing, especially when breathing in (inhaling or getting air in). This can be scary and need medical care. cough or clear the throat. wheeze or make raspy sounds during breathing. be hoarse or have other voice changes. have chest pain or throat tightness Vocal Cord Paralysis. Vocal cord paralysis has numerous causes and can affect speaking, breathing, and swallowing. The left vocal cord is affected twice as often as the right, and females are affected more often than males (3:2). Diagnosis is based on direct visualization. An extensive assessment may be necessary to determine the cause Vocal cord paralysis occurs when one or both vocal cords cannot move. It is often the result of nerve damage, and it can cause various complications, including the inability to speak, cough, and. House Democrat diagnosed with COVID-19 after receiving both vaccine doses. Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Stephen Lynch contracted COVID-19 after reportedly receiving both doses of the vaccine, his. Throat, Voice, and Swallowing Disorders (Laryngology) At USF Health, our Otolaryngology team specializes in caring for patients with diseases of the throat, larynx (voice box), and the upper digestive tract or esophagus, including voice and swallowing disorders. Using today's advanced technology and treatments - videostroboscopy, laryngeal.