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  1. Flying Monkey Trail. Recommended Users: Mountain Bikers, Hikers. Singletrack trail. 2.53 miles in length. Difficulty: Extremely difficult. From the trailhead, the trail immediately drops down a steep, rugged slope and careens toward the cliff edge on your right. Follow the narrow, winding track southeast as it traverses the crumbling layers of.
  2. Aug 25, 2017. #1. A Lander hunter I had a great talk with last year at Dad's Lake said I was wasting my time fishing for goldens in mid-Sept. Based on the last several years of attempts, I can't dispute that! So far I've struck out twice at Wall and last year at Upper Golden and L. Louise (did not try Dennis on way out; sleet and 40mph winds)
  3. g, both off-trail and on-trail, for approximately 135 miles, giving special emphasis on staying close to the Continental Divide in the most scenic alpine areas

Wind river range Sept 1 - 11 2016 Days 1- 5. Nothing in fishing excites me as much as sight fishing mountain lakes with dry flies and the for the last 3 summers the Wind river range has been my go to place. This trip was planned as a 10 day shuttle trip from Meadow Lake TH to Boulder lake TH on the west side of the Winds out of PInedale WY Wind River Mountains Topographic Map - Northern Half by Beartooth Mapping. For rods, I prefer 3 piece bamboo when backpacking. I'm kind of a Granger fan so the thought of taking 2 of those is something I look forward to. In 3-pc 4wts, there are 7.5 and 8 footers. In 5wts, there are 7.5, 8 and 8.5 footers Heard about the Wind River Range and it peaked my curiosity. What I am looking for is a 5-8 day hiking trip with some pretty mountain scenery, good backcountry camping, and a place to use my Scott 4 wts. My goal is to fly in, rent a car or use a shuttle service if applicable, hike and fish, then head back to the airport

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The Wind River Range is home to thousands of lakes and ponds, with an appealing mix of golden, brook, rainbow, and cutthroat trout. Best of all, nowhere else in the world do golden trout grow as big. Wyoming's record golden trout, which is also the current world record (an 11-pounder measuring 28 inches), was caught at Cook Lake in 1948 Timico Lake is situated in broad, open tundra, surrounded on three sides by peaks rising to over 12,000 feet. Timico Lake. Round Top Mountain at 12,048 has the distinction of being the only named peak in the group though it's not the highest. View from our campsite-Timico Lake with 12,367>12,236>Fall Creek Pass above Wind River Range . Pinedale, WY . Aug. 10-14, 2009 . 50 miles / 25+ lakes . Elevation: 8,000 - 11,000' This is the trip that I have been anticipating for years. I consider the Wind Rivers to be the Mecca of backcountry fly-fishing destinations. The Wind River Range runs 100 miles along the Continental Divide Note: This is a remake of the previous upload I was not happy with. This version, about 15 minutes shorter than the original, eliminates a lot of redundant..

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  1. For anyone who wanders the Winds often, Finis Mitchell's little book Wind River Trails written in the 70's is fantastic reading. Finis Mitchell spent more time in the Winds than probably anyone else in the world, ever. And he is directly responsible for almost all of the fish in the high lakes of the Wind River Range
  2. Hay Pass, the Golden Lakes and Fall Creek Pass - The side trip visits Lake Victor and then ascends the beautiful North Fork Boulder Creek Valley to scenic Hay Pass, overlooking Dennis Lake. The pass enjoys great views of the North Fork Canyon and the high peaks towering above the Middle Fork Bull Lake Valley. Beyond the pass an unmaintained trail drops to the Golden Lakes
  3. Titcomb Basin Backpacking Guide - Wind River Range, WY. November 04, 2019 / Dave Collins. With dense forests, granite slabs, high alpine meadows and lakes cradled beneath craggy granite peaks, The Wind River Range, or The Winds, as they're called by fans, are jammed with bucket-list day hikes and backpacking trips that reward you with epic.
  4. Fly Fishing the Wind River Range . by Scott Smith . It was a Friday evening and the end of a long week was upon me. I'm not sure what made the week seem so long, possibly the reflection of the past weekends venturing to the beautiful trout streams in neighboring Idaho, or it may have been the agonizing anticipation of the weekend ahead
  5. That evening we fished camp lake, like most lakes in the Wind Rivers, all we caught were stunted brook trout. Here are a few evening shots of the inlet above camp lake. We had 3 day hikes planned on this trip, the first day ended up being our biggest hike of the trip. We logged 11.4 miles on our boots looking for golden trout in the wind river.

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About the Winds. Located roughly 90 miles southeast of Grand Teton National Park, the Wind River Range runs approximately 100 miles and encompasses 2,800 square miles of land. It contains 19 of the 20 tallest peaks in Wyoming and is endowed with three wilderness areas within two, vast national forests. Those facts alone would make any outdoor. Wind River. 📍Location: Wind River, Wyoming. The Wind River is predominantly unknown due to the high alpine lakes within the Wind River Mountain Range. However, this river is a fly fishing haven with beautiful populations of cutthroat, rainbow, and brown trout. You'll find these fish ranging from 12-20 inches https://youtu.be/aeQ61IH9fv4 A six day solo backpacking loop in Wyoming's Wind River Range starting at Boulder Canyon trail head. Then to Fire Hole Lakes, to.. Wind River Range. The Wind River Range is the largest mountain range in the state. The Continental Divide creates the spine of the range in its entirety, creating the most scenic and rugged mountain terrain in the Rockies. 19 of Wyoming's 20 highest peaks are in the Winds, including Gannett Peak, topping the charts at 13,809 A dramatic canyon and five beautiful alpine lake basins set amid the high peaks of the northern Wind River Range are the highlights of this loop backpack out of the New Fork Lakes trailhead. Distance: 43.0 miles ; Elevation: 7,895-ft. at New Fork Lakes Trailhead 7.825-ft. at Upper New Fork Lake 7,850-ft. at Junction Lowline/Doubletop Mtn. Trai

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Wind River Gold Hunt Trip Report. This past summer, Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions, led a group of returning students on a six day backpacking trip into The Winds in search of the ever elusive Golden Trout. For those not in the know, The Wind River Range, or The Winds as they are called, are one of the most amazing wild places in the. We Are Fly Fishing in the Wind River Range. Sweetwater Fishing Expeditions, LLC is a fly fishing outfitter in the Lander, Wyoming area specializing in guided camping trips into the grand and rugged Wind River Mountains and day fly fishing excursions on the smaller streams coming out of the east side of the Winds. We live a simple, rustic life in these mountains, camping right where the fishing. I got a call from my friend Kory stating he wanted to get his boy out for his first backpacking trip towards the end of July. We had one planned in August with the boys, there was no way I could say no to the Wind Rivers. For the past five years we have been searching for the Golden Trout in the Winds. Five years ago up in the North end of the range part of our party found 2-4 Golden's in a lake Seven Nights in the Wind River Range: Visiting the Popo Agie Wilderness of the Shoshone National Forest, and Catching Cutthroat Trout and Brook Trout by the Score Matthew Dickerson July 18-25. Standing on the bank looking down into the small river, I saw so many trout piled up below me it was looking into the raceway of a fish hatchery

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Wind River Range High Route. I started the northern High Route through the Wind River Range at the Green River Lakes Trailhead. One of the moose at Green River Lakes, going for a pond feeding on a chilly morning in late September. I stayed on the eastern side of Peak Lake at 10,500ft and saved the 12,000ft pass for the morning Windy Lake was once one of the most popular golden trout fisheries in the Lander Region because of consistent stocking from the 1950s through 1993; however, stocking ceased after 1993 because a large wildfire decimated Wyoming's golden trout brood source. The fishery at Windy Lake (and many other Wind River Mountai For their second excursion into the Wind River Range, they are backpacking up at the 11,000-foot elevation and fishing for Golden Trout. These lakes and streams of the Wind River Range were originally devoid of trout. They were first stocked in the 20's & 30's with Brooks and Goldens using the milkcans tied to pack-mules

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  1. The Wind River Range is divided between two forest districts: Bridger-Teton National Forest is on the west side of the Continental Divide. The Bridger Wilderness lies in Bridger-Teton N.F. Shoshone National Forest is on the east. Pinedale access - Western Wind Rivers (includes Bridger Wilderness).
  2. The Wind River Range is one of the best backpacking + climbing wildernesses in the lower 48. Seneca Lake is right at the beginning of some of the most spectacular high alpine climbing and backpacking routes.From the Elkhart trailhead parking lot, take the Pole Creek Trail directly adjacent to the restroom
  3. The Wind River Range offers world renowned fly fishing, and the area's 1,300 alpine lakes means any trail should offer multiple opportunities to cast your line. Elevation & Weather The trails of the Winds are at higher elevation than other mountain ranges in the West, so weather is an important factor when camping and hiking here
  4. At 10.2 miles, turn left at a T onto Meadow Lake Rd., and left at the next fork. Continue to mile 13; look for the trailhead kiosk in a meadow at the edge of woods on the right. Maps Wind River Range North and Wind River Range South ($10 each, omnimap.com) Contact (307) 367-5750; fs.fed.us/r4/btnf

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  1. September 20, 2020. Fall in Wind River Country is our best-kept secret. When August rolls into September, the air becomes crisp and the sun starts to cast autumnal, long shadows. Quaking aspens turn from green to yellow and their rustling leaves begin to drop off. For a treasured six weeks, adventurers enjoy the pause between the mosquitoes of.
  2. Wind River High Route - A Guide. The Wind River High Route is in our opinion, mile for mile, the finest non-technical Alpine route in North America. It stays close to the crest of the Continental Divide in one of the most rugged and glaciated mountain ranges in the lower 48. The route is thrilling and the scenery spectacular
  3. It was marshy for about 50m before and after the river. The goal for the day was the Stough Creek Lakes about 6 miles away (map distance). Along the trail we crossed paths with 3 other groups. Most people we have seen in quite a while. Snack break was against a nice sitting log overlooking a meadow. With the heavier packs and the last few days.

Wyoming's Wind River Mountain Range is famous for its pristine alpine lakes and streams teeming with wild trout, an adventure paradise for fly fishermen. Cutthroat trout are the only native fish in the Wind River Range. However, thanks to the old-timers who horse packed young fingerlings in milk cans to secluded lakes, today you can also enjoy. We Are Fly Fishing in the Wind River Range. Sweetwater Fishing Expeditions, LLC is a fly fishing outfitter in the Lander, Wyoming area specializing in guided camping trips into the grand and rugged Wind River Mountains and day fly fishing excursions on the smaller streams coming out of the east side of the Winds. We live a simple, rustic life in these mountains, camping right where the fishing. The black bear is North America's most common species, but don't let the name fool you, the ursine creatures come in a range of colors including brown, blond or cinnamon Wyoming Game and Fish Department - Hom Another plus is the author s familiarity with the local history of the Wind River area. For example, she frequently describes the derivation of the names of mountains or lakes, often with brief, colorful anecdotes. This book is 255 pages long and there is a 33 page section devoted to fishing in the Wind Rivers

Mitchell, who opened the Wind River Range in western Wyoming to fishermen, would pack trout by horse into many high lakes that had been previously devoid of fish. Many of these lakes proved ideal for golden trout, with Cook Lake producing a world record fish in 1948. This monster was 28 inches long and weighed more than 11 pounds Fishing Wind River Country Wind River Country sports some of the best fishing in 43,000 acres of lakes and reservoirs and nearly 2,000 miles of streams fed by mountain snow melt. Try a day trip fishing or go for the elusive golden trout on an epic backcountry trip. Fishing Licenses Non-Resident Annual- $102 Non-Resident Daily [ Wind River High Route - A Guide January 27, 2016 / by Alan Dixon. The Wind River High Route is mile for mile, the finest non-technical Alpine route in North America. It stays close to the crest of the Continental Divide in one of the most rugged and glaciated mountain ranges in the lower 48. The route is thrilling and the scenery spectacular Range: Beavers are found throughout Texas, but mainly in the eastern half and along the Rio Grande River. Habitat/Habits: Lives in streams, ponds or lakes with alders, willows and trees such as cottonwoods. Constructs houses of sticks, logs and mud or burrows in banks; builds dams which serve to create suitable beaver habitat

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  1. Caleb's story includes a lesson on the Geography of the Wind River Range: Our Adventures in the Winds. Joshua's chose to focus his story on the fish and the hike to reach them. Fishing the Wind River Range. Enjoy. Upper Deep Creek Lake, Wind River Glacier, and Wind River Pea
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