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(Did you know that unscramble is a word with 9 letters?) Remember that if you play all seven letter tiles in your rack, you earn a 35-point bingo bonus in Words With Friends and a 50-point bonus in Scrabble®. See how your tiles can fit in with letters already on the board for the best chance of winning Sentence scramble is a puzzle which helps students learn grammatical structure. It takes some care to design a puzzle, as it is easy to make a question with two correct and ambiguous solutions. Numbering the segments of each sentence makes the puzzle more enjoyable for students, as it is very tedious to rewrite the entire sentence, but should be discouraged if you wish to emphasize writing. It has never been so easy to create a sentence scramble puzzle with the free sentence scramble maker. There are lot of free puzzles you can choose from and still you are able to add sentences or modify the list

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