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  1. In another word, your can't find the Document folder on Mac from Favorites. This could cause your Documents folder to disappear. In this case, you can directly go for Solution 1. 2. Accidentally Removed from Sidebar If you have disabled the Documents option visibility on the sidebar, the Documents folder won't appear on it
  2. People search queries like Documents folder missing Mac or Documents folder disappeared from Mac and hope to find a way to get the missing Documents folder back. This problem is not uncommon. It can occur during everyday use of your Mac or after an upgrade (such as from macOS 10.15 Catalina to macOS11 Big Sur)
  3. go to Finder Preferences / Sidebar, and check the tickbox Documents. Or check your username (the little house), then select it in the Finder's side bar to access the defaults folder of your..

Open Macintosh HD or the folder where you want to display the hidden files in the Finder. Hold down the Command, Shift and Period keys: cmd + shift + [.] The hidden files and folders on your Mac will then appear partially transparent. You can hide the files again using the same keyboard shortcut Open a Finder window, then press Command ⌘ + shift + G to open the Go to folder prompt. Type in a tilde ~ symbol, which represents your user directory, then click Go. Now, drag the Documents folder back into the sidebar. View answer in contex The system will warn you that If you continue, items will be removed from the Desktop and the Documents folder on this Mac and will remain available in iCloud Drive, this is ok. You can safely continue and open each of the Desktop and Documents folders that are shown in iCloud Drive. Click Group Stacks By and see in what way your files. Open a Finder window and navigate to your Home folder. From the Finder menu, click View > Show View Options. The keyboard shortcut is Command + J. Place a check mark in the box labeled Show Library Folder In the security tab of any shared folder or sub-folder click the advanced button, then the Effective Permissions tab. Select the user account you want to check. For any account to see files/folders in that share they will need: Traverse Folder / Execute File, and the next 2 effective permissions (I don't want to list them all here)

Just go to the Apple logo on the top left corner of the screen and click on the Recent Items option. This will give you a list of the recently accessed folders, apps, and documents. Just click on the icon of your choice to view the file or application Many mac users used to store many documents and files on the Desktop. Since macOS Sierra and later, iCloud Drive uses the Desktop & Documents Folders to sync and store the desktop files on Mac. So we can access desktop files and folders from other iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices The folder can be found on the side pane of the Finder screen. c. Default folders: If you haven't placed your files in a particular folder, then your Mac will put that file in the default folder. E.g., you can try looking for photos in the Pictures folder, files in the Documents folder, etc Documents: See all the documents on your Mac. You can quickly view large files or downloads by clicking the corresponding button, and sort files by clicking Name, Kind, Last Accessed, or Size near the top of the window. You can also click File Browser to view the contents and amount of storage used by various folders in your file system Press ⇧ Shift +⌘ Command +.. This key combination will display any hidden folders in your Mac's hard drive. Any hidden folders or files will appear as grayed-out. This keyboard shortcut can be done from any Finder window

Recover Missing or Not Showing Files with File Recovery Software EaseUS file recovery software - Data Recovery Wizard can help you recover files and folders that can't be seen on an internal or external hard drive in Windows 10/8/7. It's an all-in-one solution to recover hidden, not showing up, or missing files. Download for Win Download for Mac This is the easiest way to see hidden files in the Finder app. Simply open the Finder app on the Mac. Press Command + Shift +. (Period) and you will notice hidden files appearing partially..

I have the Mac dropbox app. I want to view files in the app without having them stored on my hard drive - but when I go into the app I don't see the files. However, I can see them when logged into Dropbox on the browser. Does the app only display files/folders that are stored locally, and not sho.. Open the System Preferences and go to Apple ID. Select iCloud from the sidebar, then open the iCloud Drive Options. Enable the Desktop & Documents Folders option. Turn on the Desktop & Documents Folders to sync your content to the cloud On your Mac You can find your Desktop and Documents folders in the iCloud section of the Finder sidebar. If you add a second Mac Desktop, you can find those files in the Desktop folder in iCloud Drive. Look for a folder with the same name as your second Mac

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Click the File menu and select Load File System From Device. It will automatically locate the connected drive, and you can load it. You'll see the contents of the HFS+ drive in the graphical window. Just select the files or folders you want, click Extract, and choose a folder I have a weird issue with office 2019 for mac. I have several users not able to view recent files. Here is what I mean. When a user opens a document (Excel or Word) it should for the most part appear in Recent. You can see a list of documents or workbooks that you have worked on

Hi LindsayHiggins, For your situation, I suggest you try to do the following steps: If the folders were created under on my computer folders, you can follow these steps to show them on the Outlook menu> click Preferences> Under Personal Settings > click General, under folder list clear the Hide On My Computer folders check box and select the Show all account folders check bo Boot Camp can be annoying. Both Windows and Mac OS X can see each other's files, but they can't write to the other operating system's partition. Thankfully, there are ways around these file-system limitations. Third-party applications can enable write support for these partitions, while you can also share files in other ways Click the Large & Old Files tab. Run a quick scan. CleanMyMac X will show you all files stored on your Mac. You can sort files based on their size, type, and access date, to see the large items that can be removed from your Mac. Check the boxes for the files you want to delete and click Remove

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How to see hidden files in macOS. A quick and easy way to find secret files within a folder is to open the Finder and press Command + Shift + . (full stop/period), but there are other options you. c. Default folders: If you haven't placed your files in a particular folder, then your Mac will put that file in the default folder.E.g., you can try looking for photos in the Pictures folder, files in the Documents folder, etc. You can access these folders from the left-hand window of the Finders screen The Library folder contains many of the resources that installed applications need to use, including preferences, support documents, plug-in folders, and the files that describe the saved state of applications. It has long been a go-to location for troubleshooting issues with individual applications or components shared by multiple applications The first Mac with which you used the feature names the two folders simply Desktop and Documents. However, any subsequent Macs add the name of the Mac at the end of the Desktop and Documents.

I have another Mac Mini that is configured similar to my iMac. It does not have this problem at all. All shares mount normally and all the files appear. As I mentioned, nothing that I am aware of has changed. I can't figure out why I am suddenly unable to see the files. Googling for this problem has netted me zero helpful answers Press ⇧ Shift +⌘ Command +.. This key combination will display any hidden folders in your Mac's hard drive. Any hidden folders or files will appear as grayed-out. This keyboard shortcut can be done from any Finder window. The main Hard Drive folder usually contains hidden system files and folders so you should be able to see this better. I've had a number of times when a Mac user on my network can't see a file or folder they just put out there. Other times tey can't move or delete a file or folder. I'll check the server's open files, and that's not the problem. They reboot and -poof- they're able to see the files, move, delete them Latest version of Illustrator (Mac) I am a long time user of Illustrator but i have never had this issue before. When i open a file I can see the layers window, etc but not the actual file. There is no window or tab for the file, just the recent files window. I can actually double click the screen a..

Regardless of where you used to keep your missing iCloud Drive folders, you should look inside the Desktop and Documents folders on iCloud to see if they've moved. If you can't find any Desktop and Documents folders in iCloud, turn on this feature from the System Preferences below. Once you do so, your Mac syncs the entire contents of your. To learn how to check iCloud drive settings to get back the lost or disappeared desktop files, follow the below steps: To start with, move to the Apple menu, and then, go to System Preferences. Now, click on iCloud and then, click on Options next to iCloud. Here, you need to uncheck the box Desktop & Documents Folders and finally, click on. After performing method 1, you can see the hidden files or folder on your Mac. But sometimes you want to keep them always visible to make it easy to access. For example, you might want to make the hidden folder ~/Library always visible since it stores your personal application support files and other important files How to download Desktop and Documents files from iCloud Drive: Open two Finder windows on your Mac. In the first window, navigate to the local Desktop ( Cmd + Shift + D) or Documents ( Cmd + Shift + O) folder on your Mac. In the second Finder window, open iCloud Drive ( Cmd + Shift + I) and go to the Desktop or Documents folder within iCloud Drive

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Once you find the Downloads folder, you will see all the files like photos, movies, PDFs, word documents, presentations, and images, sent to you via AirDrop. However, there is a shortcut as well to get to Downloads folder. Just open the Finder and click Options + Command + L. It will navigate you quickly to the Downloads folder to find all the. How to Turn On Desktop and Documents Folders for iCloud. To start syncing your Mac's Desktop and Documents folders with iCloud, you need to enable the option under iCloud Drive in your System Preferences. Here's how: Open the Apple menu and click System Preferences. Go to Apple ID, then select iCloud from the sidebar

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I have experienced this same issue, trying to share a file with a colleague in PNG. He has shared a folder with me, and I can see the folder. I can even put files in the folder and he can see them. But I can't see files he puts in the folder. I hadn't seen this before today. We then tried it again with a second google account of mine, and same. You can't avoid them (but see the dot_clean answer by Saeid Zebardast --they can be removed from a directory if that is what you need). They're created to store file information that would otherwise go into an extended attribute on HFS+ (Apple native) or Unix/UFS volumes; in earlier Mac OS this would be the resource fork

Re: Team Members can't see files. On microsoft teams, I went to the teams tab and create a team, I made it private. then it has a button to add members. The files were on my desktop, i just went to the files tab on the teams and hit upload. Thanks for the help Many Mac users complained about not being able to add files to their emails. This problem mainly affects third-party email services such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and others.In other words, Mac prevents users from adding email attachments when using non-Apple email services on Safari Download and run the license removal tool. 1. Download the license removal tool. 2. Open the .pkg file from your Mac's Downloads folder. Note: If you get an unidentified developer error, try opening the file by holding Control + clicking the file > Open. 3. Select Continue and follow the prompts in the setup wizard Can't see files on Dropbox. 02-08-2017 05:41 AM. I created a file and saved it in my dropbox app, but then could not find the file on another computer in dropbox or on dropbox.com. This happened both with a file in my own folder and in a shared folder. The file has not been moved or deleted and it does not show up in dropbox on my other.

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  1. Recover Downloaded Files Not Showing up on Windows 10/Mac. When you can't find the downloaded file anywhere with anyway, the final useful way is resorting to EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It is a versatile file recovery program that enables you to recover hidden, deleted, formatted easily, and virus-attack documents, photos, audios, videos, etc
  2. Saved game files can be relevant if you're looking to manually back them up, store them in a cloud service for use on multiple devices, sharing with others, amongst other purposes. With the amount of time many people invest into Minecraft, the saved game data is rather important. So, let's dig into where these files are located on Mac and PC
  3. You can use Migration Assistant to transfer user accounts to a different Mac, but you can't use it to merge accounts on the same Mac. You should see a circle filling up next to iCloud Drive in the sidebar. When the circle is full, the upload is complete. Turn on the Desktop & Documents Folders option and click Done
  4. Try accessing the folders directly to see if the files are there. To do this on a Mac, goto Go > Connect to Server > address would be smb:// [ipaddress of device. Thanks for your reply. I can see the files by using my iPhone, iPad, WD Quick view and Finder on my Mac. Knowing they are there is not the problem
  5. Rinse and repeat for any other files you believe may be affecting your ability to empty the Trash. Related: How to Add and Remove Kexts from macOS. Now that you have successfully deleted a file that won't delete initially, it is good to delete an autosave file version to free up storage space. You should also locate and delete duplicate files on your Mac
  6. Just update to design cc 2018 and I can't see my files. I have a mac with high sierra and on the menu window I can see the file opened, but it doesn't appear on the screen. I've tried to hold the keys Shift+alt+command+control but it doesn't do anything
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Generally one can use Windows File Explorer (Windows) or Mac Finder (Macintosh) to access the My Cloud on their local network. One can map the My Cloud using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to make it a bit easier to access in those two file manager programs. support.wdc.com In this video you can learn how to fix not being able to write files to you external drive on a Mac.This is the grey circle fix:Quick Fix at 1:29 Can be down..

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Sharing files between Windows and OS X used to be a headache. Now with Windows 10 and the newest versions of OS X, the process has become much easier. see the Mac in all windows 10 computer. New files are not being synced to the Teams folder, and as such SharePoint group. Verified sync settings, even tried uninstalling OneDrive and re-installing. See screenshots. You'll notice several files are missing from the Teams File tab and the SharePoint page 1. Got to Details tab of Task Manager. 2. Find SkyDrive.exe to see whether it is running or not. If not, to run SkyDrive, click File on top of Task Manager window and select Run new task in the drop-down menu. In the pop-up window, enter skydrive.ext and click OK. Run SkyDrive. Solution 22 The ones that let you see files generally allow these files to be synced from a computer, using File Sharing: How to Transfer files and folders to an iPhone or iPad App from a Mac or PC. But most apps don't have File Sharing enabled. Also even if the app has File Sharing enabled, you cannot access other folders than the Documents folder

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Option 2: Recover Files from Trash on Mac Approximate time to recover a file: 1 minute Difficulty: Easy. You don't need special knowledge to use this method. Limitations: Files can't be recovered from Trash that has been emptied, which can happen either manually or automatically after 30 days. Bulk recovery: Possible. You can recover as many files at the same time as you want What Type of Files are Hidden in Mac OS X? Now that you've revealed a ton of files on your Mac, you might be wondering what they are and what they do. Take a look at this comprehensive article for some of the most common types of hidden files and folders you'll see. Remember, if you don't know exactly what a hidden file or folder does.

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LibreOffice is a free, open-source alternative to Microsoft Office for Mac and is based on the popular free Office suite OpenOffice. As of version 4.0, LibreOffice is the only program to both open and edit Microsoft Publisher files for free although you can't export to Publisher format why use partition magic? i would just copy the files i what to keep to the mac, and just use the mac to reformat the drive. if you need it to work with pcs and macs, then format fat32, which the mac can do. if it doesn't need to goto pcs again, than format hfs+, and the mac will work with it better. then copy all the files back You can also see a lot of the properties for a file or folder by selecting it while you are in Column view in a Finder window. The properties will be listed below the thumbnail preview of the file or folder on the right-most column. You can click on the More Info button to open the Get Info dialog box and view additional properties Mac OS X includes a program called Spotlight that does more than just find files; it can do math and find word definitions, and you can download plug-ins for..

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  1. View Hidden Files in Finder. In Finder, you can click your computer's hard drive under Locations, then open your Macintosh HD folder. Press Command + Shift + . (period) to make the hidden files.
  2. al command to show hidden file
  3. Under Shared Folders, the Public folder is shared out by default. Click the little + (plus) button to share any folder on your hard drive. Under Users, you can see the standard permissions and edit them as you see fit. The only other thing you have to do is click on the Options button and you'll see a section at the bottom called Windows File.
  4. Apr 22, 2016. #18. Move an item: Drag it, then drop it where you want it. To copy the item instead of moving it, hold down the Option key while you drag and drop. Add an item to the Dock: Drag it to the Dock. Place apps to the left of the separator line, and files and folders to the right
  5. This is a neat trick to find out what the other portion of your storage is, and how to get rid of it to free up space on your computer.OmniDisk Download: h..
  6. MacDrive also has other tools, which you can see across the top: Create, Repair, Burn, etc.Using Repair, you can connect a Mac drive to your Windows PC and fix it so that the data can be accessed.This is a great tool if you are a PC technician and someone brings you a Mac formatted hard drive that is corrupt or unreadable by OS X

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After all, these files are hidden for a reason! See hidden files on Mac via Finder. As mentioned above, it doesn't take much to make the hidden files on your Mac visible. In fact, you can check out all of the hidden files on your Mac by following just three easy steps: In Finder, open up your Macintosh HD folder; Press Command+Shift+Do The Mac disk or folder that you have made available is listed with all other disks and folders on your Windows-based computer. Note If you can't see the Start menu, on the View menu, click Full Screen.To return to window mode later, point to the top edge of the screen until the RDC menu bar appears The Trash folder in macOS also can take up quite a bit of space if you haven't emptied it in a while, so it's worth taking a look to see if you're still storing some large files. Find Large Files Manually. Finder has a built-in way for finding large files with Spotlight search Get All Documents from iCloud Back to Local Mac. Step 1 Open Finder and click iCloud Drive, and locate Documents folder in iCloud Drive. Step 2 Click File in the menu, select New Finder Window, and navigate to your local Documents folder. Step 3 Select all the files in iCloud Drive Documents folder, drag and drop these files to your. Click on the file you'd like to move to select it. Hold down the Option key (or Alt) on the keyboard while moving the file to its new location. You'll see that instead of moving the file, your Mac will automatically copy it to the new destination folder. Now you can see that two identical files exist on your computer

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  1. 1. Connect your external drive to your Mac, open the drive and select File. 2. Select New Folder. 3. Type Exported Files and hit Return. Skip to Step 17 if you don't use Photos. 4. Open the.
  2. Can't see all OneDrive Folders and files in Windows Explorer but can in OneDrive online After selecting all Files and Folders in OneDrive to be available on my pc -> Settings -> Account -> Folders -> select ALL they still do not show up in my explorer window, but do show up when I display OneDrive online
  3. Open up your Outlook email client. Click on File located in the upper toolbar.; Select the Options setting.; From here, select the Mail category.; Now, under Compose messages, you want to ensure the HTML or Plain Text option is selected for the Compose messages in this format.; Next, under Message format, set When sending messages in Rich text format to Internet recipients to Convert to HTML.
  4. When you can't see files on hard drive Windows 10 or encounter files missing from external hard drive but still taking up space, there is a possibility that the files are just hidden. If this is the case, you can just follow the steps in this article to unhide the file and that's simple
  5. Another common practice is for certain programs to contain locked files in them; and sometimes there are tons of them. This is a simple method of copy-prevention, as you are unable to move the files to another volume on your Mac. Both of these methods for locking files can cause a lot of consternation, though! Deleting or Changing a Locked Fil

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  1. The steps are: Open System Preferences on your Mac and go to Sharing. Select File Sharing from the menu on the left. Click the Options button and make sure that the Share files and folders using SMB and Share files and folders using AFP boxes are selected. Select the box next to your account in the Windows File Sharing section to ensure that.
  2. Zip a single file or folder: Control-click or right-click it and select Compress. Zip multiple files or folders: Shift-click to select them. Control-click or right-click selected files and choose Compress. Unzip an archive: Double-click the archive. This article explains how to zip and unzip files and folders on a Mac using the Archive Utility.
  3. al and type or paste this one-liner defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE ; killall Finder That's it!! So easy Software/Applications to Unhide Folders on Mac. You can use 'FUNTER' application to find hidden files or folders
  4. In the new window, you can see, all partitions of your computer as well as external hard drives are listed. Select the USB drive from the list to scan and click Scan to show hidden files in USB on Windows or Mac. Step 4. Show hidden files in USB drive on Windows PC/Mac. During the scanning process, hidden files are scanned and sorted into.
  5. One way to get to it is via the Finder's menu Go > Computer then opening your system drive (typically named Macintosh HD) and finally into the Users Folder. There, you'll see the Shared Folder.
  6. Modern versions of Mac OS offer a super-fast and easy way to reveal invisible files on a Mac, all you need to use is a keyboard shortcut. With a simple keystroke, you can instantly show hidden files on a Mac, and with another strike of the same keyboard shortcut, you can instantly hide the hidden files again too
  7. If you want to send files TO another user on your Mac instead, you can drag them into his Drop Box, but you won't be able to see the items after you've done so. It's sort of like dropping a.

I can't add files to my transfer in Safari! if possible, update your Mac OS to a newer version. Of course, if you're still unable to get your transfer up off the ground - get in touch with our Support team, and we'll do our very best to get your ideas flowing again Step 1 : Connect hard drive to Mac via USB slots. Step 2 : Now go to Utilities Folder > Disk Utility. Select the external hard drive. Step 3 : As long as you don't have any important files in the external hard drive, choose the Ease Tab and then select Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Step 4 Navigate to the folder with the file you want to open. The file often ends with .eps.. Select the file and click Open. The name of the file now appears next to the Choose File button. Click View Image. It's the red button under the Choose File button. The EPS file now appears in your browser window Fortunately, you can recover unsaved or deleted files in Photoshop on Mac. Location of the Photoshop temp files on Mac. Photoshop temp files are located in the default temp folder of Mac. However, for a novice user, it can be a bit complicated to access it. Hence, follow the mentioned instruction to access the Photoshop temp folder on Mac Step 2: Launch Disk Drill and select a disk that contains the Recycle Bin. Next, you need to launch Disk Drill and tell it to analyze the storage device where the files were located before you deleted them by clicking on the Search for lost data button next to it. In most cases, the system drive, which is the drive that contains the operating system and all related system files, is marked with.

In this article we show how it's done. Here's how to connect a Mac and a Windows 10 PC and share files over a network. See also: macOS vs Windows 10 comparison. Run Windows 10 on your Mac using. You need to be able to see invisible files first. In finder press ⌘+⇧+. -command + shift + dot- to toggle hidden files visibility.. Then just go to the folder where the file is and you'll see it there. You can now rename the file to start with a . if you want.. To create a new file you can do this in the terminal: touch .htaccess, once the terminal is at the right folder I have three CDs that I had restored from a bad Hard drive. Once I started to restore those three CD's I could see the data transfer but when completed and When I open the folder, I do not see any data. I did go to Windows Explorer, View, Folder Options and click the view tab. The Show Hidden Files, Folders & drives is checked.

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The most common cause for not seeing your files on a USB is because it has a virus. The virus on your USB might be hiding all the files and for this reason you don't see them from another computer. If this is the case don't worry, the files are still there even if you can't see them Select files. Click a file that you want to upload to OneDrive or hold down Ctrl (Windows) or ⌘ Command (Mac) while clicking individual files to select them independently. You can also select all files in a given location by clicking one file and then pressing Ctrl + A (Windows) or ⌘ Command + A (Mac) Can't drag n drop. All of a sudden I cannot drag n drop files of any kind out of Dropbox onto the desktop. As I'm dragging a file a wee red circle with a line on it appears in the cursor area. When I get the file to the desktop and release the mouse click the file just goes back to Dropbox. Strangely I can drag n drop from desktop into Dropbox. Windows Can't See iPhone Photos. To access photos on an iPhone you need a data cable to connect it to the system, and an app for browsing photos. The photos are either in JPG format or in HEIC format. If you're can't browse iPhone photos in Windows 10, try the fixes below. How to Access Files on iPhone from a Windows 10 PC 1. Unlock iPhon

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You can use the normative way to name your AVI movie or show files. You can follow this official guide to rename your AVI movie for a try. And for AVI TV show files, you can refer to this article from support.plex.tv. After re-naming is done, decouple AVI movie files and TV show files into different folders. Then do the Plex Dance

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