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Meaning that, respectively, 3/4 and 2/3 of people survived thorax stab wounds. I didn't expect these numbers. Another extensive study, done in Philadelphia between 2003 and 2007 and published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, confirmed these results A stab wound, unlike most other wounds, will only affect the path it took without damaging the surrounding tissues, as long as there's no infection. A stab wound will require a treatment that is conclude from what causes the injury and what size is the stabbing object. This is also to conclude how far the stab wound may affect the internal. Teenager survived being stabbed 100 times by playing dead. A teenager was stabbed more than 100 times by her boyfriend in front of her two-year-old son because she wouldn't fetch him a glass of. Amazingly the teenager survived the stabbing and ten months on from the attack has enrolled in college. The boy and two other youngsters were attacked when they tried to stop a friend being robbed at a bus stop in London. The muggers used a kitchen knife to stab one boy in the forehead, another twice in the back and a third in the shoulder The most intense wounding I know of was a Marine named Lucas during the battle of Iwo Jima. Luke was AWOL during the battle. He hated thevidea of not getting into a battle before the War was over. So he stowed away on a troop transport headed fo..

A 20-year-old woman who miraculously survived an attack in which she was stabbed 95 times has been found dismembered in a Colombian river. Diana Ximena Castañeda Lozano's remains were found in a. But according to a seven-year study on penetrating cardiac injuries involving more than 20,000 consecutive trauma patients, the survival rate for patients who were stabbed in the heart was 32.6 percent -- slightly better than the 31.9 percent for all passengers and crew on the Titanic He'll survive, he said, adding that the most gunshot wounds he had ever found in a man who survived was 17. The shootout began about 3am during a block party in Harlem that ran hours past its. WARMINGTON: Miracle Man survives 30 bullet wounds Back to video They definitely did, the 29-year-old said in his first interview since the horrors of June 10 in a social housing complex.

1 | Plane crash - 96% chance of survival. Between 1983 and 2000, there were 53,487 people involved in plane crashes in the U.S. And 51,207 of 53,487 survived for a 95.74 percent survival rate. Meaning that a plane crash has a better survival rate than encounters with the black smoke monster or getting shot by Michael in his quest to find Walt Penetrating abdominal trauma is seen in many countries. The most common cause is a stab or gunshot. The most common organs injured are the small bowel (50%), large bowel (40%), liver (30%), and intra-abdominal vascular (25%). When the injury is close range, there is more kinetic energy than those injuries sustained from a distance. Even though most gunshot wounds typically have a linear.

SACRAMENTO- A domestic abuse victim, who survived 62 stab wounds, spoke exclusively to FOX40 on Saturday. Alexis Chavez, 23, of Sacramento returned from the hospital just Friday, after a traumatic.. In most cases the victim will survive, but will be in a lot of pain. A Comparison of High And Low Velocity Bullet Wounds. Both high velocity and low velocity bullets can cause a lot of tissue damage to the human body. Most military style bullets are designed to stay intact after they impact A current department directive states: Police personal will transport: Persons suffering from a serious penetrating wound, e.g., gunshot, stab wound to the nearest accredited trauma center

Handguns are by far the most common murder weapon used in the United States, accounting for 6,368 homicides in 2019. This is followed by firearms of an unstated type, with 2,963 cases in that year And in 2006, Joseph Guzman survived 19 gunshot wounds during the 50-shot fusillade by police detectives that killed Sean Bell. While surviving numerous gunshots could be a miraculous feat, doctors. The vast majority of patients recieved with stab wounds to the abdomen at hospital today require an extensive investigative operation to solve the problems caused by the wound. In ancient and medieval times all these patients (c.78%) would have died even if the obvious wound and evisceration could be repaired Credit: Gabor Degre. BELFAST, Maine — Edwin Littlefield's life could have been saved by basic first aid — keeping him still and putting pressure on his stab wounds — or a prompt 911 call.

Stab wounds and low-velocity gunshot wounds represent 85 to 95% of colon injuries in the civilian environment. The colon is injured in 30% of all abdominal gunshot wounds and in 5% of stab wounds. Iatrogenic injuries are infrequent, but occur most commonly with colonoscopy and barium enema What it feels like to be STABBED: The truth from victims YOU see it happens to actors on the TV or in films but was does it really feel like when a knife is plunged into you Septicemia was the most common cause of death if the patient survived the first 24 hours of hospitalization. Penetrating abdominal stab wounds and gunshot wounds must be considered separately, and mandatory routine abdominal exploration for all penetrating gunshot wounds is advised The numbers were down slightly from 2019, when 98 people were admitted to the Oxford A&E with stab wounds. Oxford University Hospitals said the method of recording wounds changed in that year. The overall mortality rate (MR) was 46%. This included 100% (5/5) for blunt injuries, 49% (59/119) for gunshot wounds, and 23% (7/30) for stab wounds. The most common venous injuries and the MRs were: inferior vena cava, 59% (33/56) and iliac veins, 65% (10/16)

Stab wounds to the chest and gunshot wounds to the abdomen were the two mechanisms of injury most likely to be survived. The benefit-charge ratio was strongly in favor of performing EDT at 5.6:1; it was 1.8:1 if adjusted for the cost of maintaining all neurologically injured survivors throughout their lifetime While the wounds on the front ofthe trunk were evenly distributed between both sides, in fatal stab wounds they were noticeably morecommononthe left side (Table 2). Table 1 Site ofwounds Site % Numberof stabbings Chest 45 143 Abdomen 36 113 Limbs 33 106 Head&neck 15 47 Buttock 5 17 n=318, the total numberofstabbed patients Table2 Site offatal. However, stab wounds that enter the abdominal cavity do not always damage organs or blood vessels. Sometimes, a penetrating injury involves both the chest and the upper part of the abdomen. For example a downward stab wound to the lower chest may go through the diaphragm into the stomach, spleen, or liver The world's a tough place and sooner or later, you're gonna get hurt. Today, we're gonna look at how to survive the most common injuries you may suffer in your life. Number four, stabbing. Getting stabbed sucks. We know because we asked our resident challenge expert about his running with the wrong end of a sharp knife and we'll let him explain Blast injuries are divided into four classes: primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary. Primary injuries. Primary injuries are caused by blast overpressure waves, or shock waves. Total body disruption is the most severe and invariably fatal primary injury. Primary injuries are especially likely when a person is close to an exploding munition, such as a land mine

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'If people want to see a miracle, they should look at me,' says rabbi who survived attack By Gal Tziperman Lotan Globe Staff, Updated July 4, 2021, 8:11 p.m. Email to a Frien Gunshot wounds, stab wounds and blunt trauma occurred in 63, 66 and 23 patients respectively with mean ages of 28, 28 and 30 years. Multiple organ injury was most common after gunshot wounds

WARMINGTON: Miracle Man survives 30 bullet wounds Back to video They definitely did, the 29-year-old said in his first interview since the horrors of June 10 in a social housing complex. John Wick: 10 Injuries That Would Have Killed Anyone. John Wick has taken a lot of pain yet is still able to dish out incredible amounts of violence. Some of this stuff, he should not have survived. John wick is nothing short of a force of nature. Once spurred into action, nothing will stop him from achieving his goal; not men, not money, not. Of the 16 stab wounds and two cuts, Dr. Noguchi said five by themselveswould have been fatal. Three others, he said, were potentially fatal wounds. Four four-inch deep stab wounds in the chest, which penetrated the heart and lungs, and a five-inch deep stab wound in the upper abdomen which penetrated the liver, Dr. Noguchi said, were. A/an _____ is a penetrating wound produced by pushing or thrusting an instrument into the skin or organs; it is deeper than it is long. a. Stab wound b. Chopping wound c. Incised wound d. Puncture wound

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Extraordinary Trauma Images. Trauma patients commonly present to emergency departments and clinics—sometimes with quite uncommon injuries, such as this gunshot wound to the penis. View our slideshow to see some of the extraordinary images of trauma featured on Medscape Reference A gunshot wound is caused by a missile propelled by combustion of powder. These wounds involve high-energy transfer and, consequently, can involve an unpredictable pattern of injuries. Secondary missiles, such as bullet and bone fragments, can inflict additional damage. Stab wounds are caused by penetration of the abdominal wall by a sharp object The tourniquet should be at least 5cm above the wound, or 5cm above the joint if the wound is on the lower limb. Never place a tourniquet over a joint. If there's a clean cut through an artery, for example in a deep incised wound, the artery can contract back up the arm or leg The wound most similar to Arya's is #5, Talisa's wounds. Multiple, deep stab wounds to the abdomen, with extensive blood loss. Talisa bled out and died immediately. It was an exceedingly lucky that Arya did not bleed out immediately. From that fact we can conclude that the Waif did not cut her aorta or a major artery

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  1. 45. A 30-year-old male sustained a stab wound to the neck when he was attacked outside a nightclub. During your assessment, you should be MOST alert for: A. injury to the cervical spine. B. potential airway compromise. C. damage to internal structures. D. alterations in his mental status
  2. 2 Survived The Most Fatal Incidents In One Day. Dosha, a 10-month-old pit bull mix living with her master in Clearlake, California, had a really bad day on April 15, 2003. That morning, she jumped a fence to escape her yard and was subsequently hit by a pickup truck
  3. During 1992-2016, there was a significant reduction in the annual number of victims with a single stab wound, but no reduction in victims with multiple stab wounds. Victims with single stab wounds reached the hospital more often, survived longer and had less severe injuries (New Injury Severity Score (NISS)) than victims with multiple stab.
  4. Published: 29 Jan 2014. World War One created thousands of casualties from physical wounds, illness, and emotional trauma. Dr Julie Anderson reflects on the subsequent impact on the role of doctors and nurses, and the medical treatment, organisation and new technologies that they employed. The First World War created thousands of casualties
  5. The most important factors, in terms of a person's survival odds, are the location of the injury, the amount of blood lost and how quickly the victim is transported to the hospital, said Scalea.
  6. al injuries (PAI) is a standard of care in numerous established trauma centers. However, available evidence supporting SNOM of PAI in European settings remains scarce. Thus, we performed a multi-center study at selected Northern European trauma centers to investigate the management and outcomes of PAI. We hypothesized.

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According to gunshot survivors from Ask Reddit, this is what it REALLY feels like to take a bullet. Unsplash, Sofia Sforza. 1. I was caught in the middle of a drive-by shooting. Shot in the arm when I was young when I got caught in the middle of a drive by shooting. You know in the movies where a gun goes off and there's a sudden look of. The attacker landed eight blows Thursday afternoon — stab wounds to Noginski's stomach, ribs, and left arm, he said. Noginski said he ran from the armed man, in an attempt to draw him away.

Gunshot Wound. Drop a rock in a pond and it makes a splash. Shoot a bullet into the body and it makes a splash, too. The difference is that after a few minutes, the pond will look the same, but the body stays messed up. Gunshot wounds really do have a mind of their own. 6 Crucifixion is a method of capital punishment in which the victim is tied or nailed to a large wooden beam and left to hang until eventual death from exhaustion and asphyxiation. It was used as a punishment by the Romans, among others.Crucifixion has been used in parts of the world as recently as the twentieth century. The crucifixion of Jesus and subsequent resurrection are central to.

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  1. es common experiences survivors may encounter immediately following or long after a traumatic experience
  2. Listen to X Amount Of Stab Wounds In T on Spotify. Rein[Forced] · Album · 2012 · 12 songs. Listen to X Amount Of Stab Wounds In T on Spotify. Rein[Forced] · Album · 2012 · 12 songs. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s.
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  4. al injuries, and 0.7% for multiple injuries. If the LOMI was the heart, the survival rate was the highest at 19.4%

Even though Jon Snow AKA Aegon Targaryen did actually die from stab wounds in the season five finale, he was brought back to life by the witch Melisandre, and did indeed survive the Game of Thrones - despite being Dany's biggest threat to the throne Traumatic hemorrhagic shock seems to be the best explanation for Jesus's mechanism of death. Shock is the generalized effect of decreased blood perfusion and resultant tissue damage from oxygen deprivation. In trauma, shock is caused by injury and blood loss. Symptoms include weakness, confusion, sweating, feeling clammy, rapid heart rate. But the brain isn't necessarily the most lethal place to be shot. From 1982 to 1993, 66 percent of patients treated at Cook County Hospital in Chicago for gunshot wounds to the head survived [source: Stone, et al.] A MUM-of-four fighting for life after a knife attack in her Cork home has been named locally as Mary Coughlan. Mary, who is in her early 60s, is in critical condition in hospital after she was stab

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Most people can lose 10-15% of their blood volume before there is a serious medical concern. Bleeding is technically known as hemorrhaging. Hemorrhaging can be broken down into five classes Most homicidal stab wounds are single wounds, and the areas of the body most commonly targeted are the chest, heart and neck. Where the throat is targeted during an assault, the wounds produced tend to be deeper, and more haphazardly placed Stab wounds are serious and depending on the length of the blade and where you are punctured, they can be fatal. If a major vein or artery in your body gets cut, you could bleed to death. If the knife cuts deeply into a blood vessel, you'll bleed out faster. So, if the knife is still in the wound, do not try to remove it Tourniquet - This is, easily, one of the most important items to have on hand for treating wounds that cause a lot of bleeding, and also as a last ditch item for treating gunshot wounds to the extremities. Items as simple as thick rubber bands, a tie or shirt, and a sturdy metal pen can be used to make a tourniquet

In the latest release of First World War military records, TheGenealogist has brought online the most comprehensive collection of 'Wounded' from the First World War - over 1.3 million records of servicemen wounded in the British and Commonwealth forces. Covering servicemen of all ranks, from all walks of life, the comprehensive records of. Penetrating kidney injuries most often result from gunshot or stab wounds. Less commonly, injuries can occur during diagnostic tests, such as a kidney biopsy, or during various treatments, such as those for kidney stones, including extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, and are usually minor. Similarly, most blunt kidney injuries are minor Suicide is an epidemic that we tend to think of as a modern thing. While suicide rates have gotten worse in the US and are projected to get worse in developing countries, humans have been taking their own lives for about as long as we've had the tools and knowledge to do so. It's a tragic event for all parties involved, especially the friends and family of the person who passed on, leaving.

But he has seen a 50% increase in the number of penetrating injuries—including gunshot and stab wounds—that presented at the hospital last year, when compared with the previous four years We report the case of a young male patient with a major cardiac stab wound combined with lung injury. Our patient was stabbed during a violent quarrel, thus being a typical stab victim, however, in Japan suicide attempts seem to be equally frequent[18, 23].In large series, gunshot wounds (GSW) are the predominant cause of cardiac penetrating trauma[2, 4, 6, 29]

Victim No. 28, 14 to 18 years old This unidentified white male is 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-11. He disappears between Jan. 3, 1972, and July 31, 1975 Kidnapping survivor Colleen Stan tells the disturbing story of her seven-year ordeal. Abducted by a sadistic predator and his wife, she was brainwashed, tortured, and largely confined to a box. Examine the lives of the most notorious criminals. Delve deep into the psychology of conmen, killers, paedophiles and rapists The officer was treated at the scene and then taken to Jerusalem's Shaare Zedek Medical Center, where he was listed in a moderate condition with two stab wounds in the upper body A woman who missed the plane and decided to buy scooped over £ 700,000. lottery ticket. Angela Calavera, 51, from Kansas City, Missouri, USA, snapped a few scratch cards to spend time after being stuck in Florida. She won the highest award on the fastest road $ 1,000,000 [£716,945], UPI Report. Angela visited Tallahassee's Florida More than 119,000 people suffered from bloodstream Staphylococcus aureus (staph) infections in the United States in 2017 - and nearly 20,000 died, according to a new Vital Signs report released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).. The findings show that hospital infection control efforts successfully reduced rates of serious staph infections in the U.S

Penetrating abdominal trauma is seen in many countries. The most common cause is a stab or gunshot. The most common organs injured are the small bowel (50%), large bowel (40%), liver (30%), and intra-abdominal vascular (25%). When the injury is close range, there is more kinetic energy than those injuries sustained from a distance According to a sweeping 2016 survey, there were, at that time, more guns in the hands of Americans than there are cars on the road.Of the nearly 250 million guns owned by Americans at that time, somewhere between 40 and 50 million of them were handguns. Of handgun owners alone, 63 percent owned these for the purpose of protecting themselves against other people, with another 20 percent owning. Most of what we learn about gunshot wounds, we learn from watching television. A small sliver of this programming is actually educational, like the ballistics tests performed on Mythbusters

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  1. New statistics show the number of under-16s treated in hospital for stab wounds has nearly doubled in five years. Pictured Jodie Chesney, 17, who was stabbed to death at the weekend
  2. The Simple Physics That Makes Some Bullets Deadlier Than Others. How higher speed, greater mass, and more surface area increase the damage that rounds can do to human bodies. The bullet that struck U.S. Representative Steve Scalise last week was traveling at somewhere between 1,100 and 2,600 feet per second
  3. Eyler almost killed for the first time in 1978, but his victim survived a stab wound and was paid off so he wouldn't talk. When he started killing in 1982, Eyler usually plied victims with alcohol, before stabbing, slashing, and mutilating them - dumping the bodies along interstates in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Wisconsin
  4. you didn't wanna leave him a chance, huh? did you feel anger? hate? i know you killed him, why won't you say it? just say i killed him is it that hard to say? just say you killed him, just say it!
  5. Penetrating trauma is an injury that occurs when an object pierces the skin and enters a tissue of the body, creating an open wound. (In blunt, or non-penetrating trauma, there may be an impact, but the skin is not necessarily broken.)The penetrating object may remain in the tissues, come back out the way it entered, or pass through the tissues and exit from another area
  6. Deep Fried Frenz Lyrics: Before we go any further / Friends / As you call 'em, they call you when they need something / Trees for the bluntin', to G's for the frontin' / I found a way to get peace.
  7. Most people die from gunshot wounds due to gangs or accidentally or someone trying to shoot them. Otherwise about 908,963 people die a year from gunshot wounds

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Browse 3,812 gunshot wound stock photos and images available, or search for bleeding or emt to find more great stock photos and pictures. fresh gun shot wound - gunshot wound stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. military man with high caliber gun shot wound left chest - gunshot wound stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Penetrating trauma is an injury caused by a foreign object piercing the skin, which damages the underlying tissues and results in an. open wound. . The most common causes of such trauma are gunshots and stab wounds. Clinical features differ depending on the injured parts of the body and the shape and size of the penetrating object Knife wounds are among the most common backcountry injuries; there is also the risk of stab wounds. You can't always call 911. So, whether you are a prepper, outdoors person, or homesteader, if you believe in being self-reliant, then you'll want to know how to treat a knife wound A stab wound can be caused with a knife or a scissors, or even sticks. Weapons such as axes or swords produce other cutting wounds, including chopping. It is possible for experienced crime scene investigators to tell the difference between a stab and a chopping wound by the contusions that are present in a chopping-type wound Knowing how to treat gunshot wounds is vital when SHTF. Gunshot injuries are extremely traumatic and must be approached the same way as stab or puncture wounds. You need to treat the entry and exit wound as well. Gunshot victims need immediate attention and treatment because the material and debris can infect the wound

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  3. by cervical stab wounds sometimes become life threatening, and the formation of ECA pseudoaneurysms caused by stab wounds is a rare vascular anomaly. [1] There are insufficient data regarding endovascular treatment (EVT) of penetrating ECA pseudoaneurysms. We report the case of a young patient with hemorrhagic insta
  4. Payton Leutner was stabbed 19 times in the abdomen, chest, arms and legs when she was only 12 years old by Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier to please Slender Man
  5. The Costs of Gunshot and Cut/Stab Wounds study from 1993 uses the government's methods to learn it costs $3.4 million per gun murder or unintentional death. They also learned the U.S. values.
  6. Dead space must be addressed; this is most effectively achieved in the field with Penrose drains sutured deep in the wound proximally (with a nylon suture exiting through the skin which can be removed) and exiting at the most dependent part of the wound, ideally though a separate stab incision (Figure 3). This is removed after two to five days.
  7. The size and seriousness of the wound cavity will depend on the amount of energy transmitted by the gun, which is dependent on the length of the barrel; the longer the barrel, the greater velocity. There are four categories of wounds: (1) contact wounds, which can be hard, loose, angled or incomplete; (2) near contact; (3) intermediate; and (4.

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Malcolm X died in hospital from 21 gunshot wounds to his chest plus 10 buckshot wounds. One of the most famous assassinations in history. Jean-Paul Marat: 1793: 13 July. France, Paris. Charlotte Corday: Jean-Paul Marat, Hero of the French Revolution and Jacobin leader died in his bathtub after being stabbed by Charlotte Corday. William McKinley. The amount of blood you have in your body depends on your age and size. gunshot wounds; stab or puncture wounds from a needle or knife but it's possible to survive the initial injury yet. The purpose of this study was to identify factors associated with unfavourable outcome following stab wounds to the heart in order to improve selection of patients who may benefit from resuscitative effort. From February to March, variables were collected from medical records of patients sustaining cardiac trauma. The inclusion criterion was the presence of a penetrating cardiac injury. 5 Chemical Methods of Microbial Control Types of Disinfectants 2. Halogens: Effective alone or in compounds. B. Chlorine: u When mixed in water forms hypochlorous acid: Cl 2 + H 2 O -----> H+ + Cl- + HOCl Hypochlorousacid u Used to disinfect drinking water, pools, and sewage. u Chlorine is easily inactivated by organic materials. u Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl): Is active ingredient o

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Most patients with SI-ASWs stab themselves multiple times with an average number of 1.5 stabs [3]. The location of the stabbing is most frequently in the right hemiabdomen, which is assumed to be since most people are right handed [3]. However, there are geographical differences noted. In a Japanese study, the most prominen Abdominal self-stabbing, a type of sharp abdominal trauma, is a rare form of attempted suicide. Such cases are not commonly seen in the emergency department, but a prompt and well-reasoned decision is essential in the management of these patients. We report a case of a SI-ASW and a literature review to show the management of the aforementioned condition

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It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum Thirty-eight were men and five were women. The average age was 38 with the age ranging from 16 to 89. The etiology was penetrating in 79.1% (34), blunt in 16.3% (7), and other causes in two patients. The penetrating injuries were secondary to gunshot wounds in 24, stab wounds in 7, and shotgun wounds in 2 (Table I)

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She suffered four skull fractures and cuts to her head, a stab wound to her left breast and a stab wound to her right eye. Advertisement The 62-year-old building site labourer, from Leeds, told. Some of the scarier ones are stab wounds, gun shots, and chainsaw injuries. Due to the wide variety of manner, sites, and depths of these injuries, it is difficult to summarize succinctly. No brief sheet will cover even a tiny fraction of the knowledge of this topic, but it can be a starting point Gunshot Wound Entrance Gunshot Wound Exit Left To Right Gunshot Wound Entrance Other things we can use to determine entrances from exits also gives us information as to the range of fire. As most of you know, but many people don't, in addition to the bullet coming out of the end of the barrel there are byproducts of the combustion such as. Joel, from Dagenham, died from a stab wound to the liver. He was the 11th teenager to be killed in London this year. A 20-year-old man appeared in court last Thursday charged with his murder The overall survival rate was 19.3% (41 of 212) for the population studied, with survival rates of 9.7% (12 of 123) for gunshot wounds and 32.6% (29 of 89) for stab wounds

The majority of gunshot wounds stemmed from assaults, and most were caused by handguns, the research found. Assault was the most common circumstance of injury among patients enrolled in Medicaid or labeled self-pay. The authors noted that the results likely underestimate the true financial burden and prevalence of firearm injuries The amount of damage a blow inflicts also varies due to factors such as the amount of muscle or fat covering a bone and the angle at which the blow lands, as well as the age and health of a person. Magnum pressed down again, and she barely muffled the sound of pain that forced itself out of her chest at the pressure. Something crossed Magnum's face at her choking cry, and he glanced from her face to her injured limb and then back again. Hey, there we go. He held her gaze and gave her a tight smile 7 million — Number of Americans lost if 2.5% of the population died in war today. 2.1 million — Number of Northerners mobilized to fight for the Union army. 880,000 — Number of Southerners. NEW YORK CITY, NY - On July 7th, a 28-year-old man in Harlem was stabbed in his chest in an attack he said was launched by his former girlfriend's new boyfriend.. The stabbing victim, who credits the NYPD officer's ingenious improvised compress using tape and a potato chip bag for saving his life, now says that he wants to get out of New York City The most common injury is a haemopneumothorax from damage to the lung and chest wall. This requires a large (adult: 32G) chest drain. Any deterioration or cardiac arrest demands prompt thoracotomy. Wounds of the intercostal vessels or heart can cause massive haemorrhage. If drainage is initially >1500 ml, or >300 ml/hour, thoracotomy is needed