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  2. The 50mm lens is a favourite among many DSLR photographers for topside use because of its wide aperture of f/1.4, which produces images with a very shallow depth-of-field and soft, blurred backgrounds (bokeh).For macro, using a 60mm lens is certainly more versatile and easier to shoot with; however, shooting below _f/_2.8 is quite unique for underwater photography, and the 50mm's bokeh is.
  3. Let's take a closer look at the recommended options for underwater lenses. In this guide to the best underwater lenses, we will look at the best choices for dslr cameras such as the Canon 5d MKIV, Canon 7d MKII, Nikon D850, Nikon D7000, Olympus E3, Olympus e620 and other dSLR models. Seahorse in Bali. f/9, 1/250th, ISO 200, side/back-lighted
  4. The working distance for 50mm and 60mm lenses is too short for full frame cameras. That means you have to get too close to your subject to make it fill the frame, making lighting and control of your system more difficult. For full frame cameras choose a lens in the 90mm to 105mm range to work at a comfortable distance and still fill the frame
  5. The Sigma 50mm lens (50mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro) is a great little lens, and it IS available for Nikon. It is one of the cheapest lenses I own ($269 at B&H), but I use it a LOT. It's a great fish lens, yet gives you the ability to shoot 1:1 macro when you see something small
  6. WWL-1 is also an ideal match for the Sony E 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 PZ OSS lens providing over 100 degree diagonal field of view with full zoom through! With either lens on camera, class leading center sharpness, corner sharpness, and contrast result in the clearest wide angle images possible underwater
  7. NOTE: One major benefit for the 12-50mm lens underwater is the built in macro mode. Currently the Nauticam zoom gear is the only option that allows full access to the macro mode underwater. None of the built in zoom control options from Olympus allow that mode to be activated

Underwater wet lenses are designed for optimal optical quality with the water element behind and in front of the lens, so they perform best, but essentially a lens is a lens. If it works as a macro lens above water, it'll likely work underwater as well Lenses for underwater photography attach to your camera's housing via threads or a port. There, you can manually or automatically control them, adding depth and imagination to every shot. For more of our top underwater photography gear recommendations, check out the Best Diving Cameras

Ikelite Control Ring Gear for Underwater Housing for Canon S100 Camera. B&H # IK9299.03 MFR # 9299.03. Key Features. Fits Over Camera's Control Ring. Press-Fit Mounting Around Lens. Can Be Programmed to Control Functions. Makes It Easier to Rotate Ring. Available in other Styles, Configurations & Kits. $995 Sea Frogs 130ft/40m Underwater Camera Housing Waterproof Case for Sony A6000 Can Be Used With 16-50mm Lens (Housing + Red Filter) Visit the Sea frogs Store. 4.2 out of 5 stars 88 ratings | 127 answered questions Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Brand: Sea frogs: Color: A6000. Meikon 40m Underwater Waterproof Housing Case for Sony A5100 ILCE-5100 16-50mm Lens Camera 3. $185.00 $ 185. 00. Electronics › Camera & Photo › Underwater Photography › Housings Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Share

50mm Dome lens for underwater gopro. Dome is composed of two parallel optical surfaces. Among optics domes are unique because, unlike any other optical components, the key attribute of the dome is to have no optical effect. Generally a dome is often exposed to the environment Question about underwater macro on the 12-50mm lens Dec 8, 2012 Hey all, I've been reading about underwater housings for the E-M5 and E-PL5. I'm interested in using the 12-50 kit zoom in a housing to gain access to both wide angle and macro photography, as well as avoid the expense with 3rd party housings and specialised ports and gears AquaTech underwater equipment is never available for same-day pickup or for overnight shipping. It always needs at least a 2-day lead time for order preparation. Renting Lens Housings for Underwater Shooting. When it comes to quality camera gear, BorrowLenses is the place to go With Sony dominating the underwater camera market, it's important to take a look at the macro lens options available to Sony users. We have tested both the Sony 90mm f/2.8 macro lens and the Sony 50mm f/2.8 macro in extensive underwater tests. The Sony 90mm f/2.8 macro lens is the best native macro lens option for Sony APS-C and full frame camera users Nikon made a total of 4 lenses for the Nikonos RS (50mm f/2.8 macro, 28mm, a pricey 13mm FISHEYE F2.8, and the world's first underwater zoom lens, a 20-35mm) along with a few others made by third party manufacturers. The RS body is made of of die-cast copper silumin oxidized aluminum alloy which makes it extremely durable but also heavy

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Sony a6500 Underwater Camera Review - Underwater Photography - Backscatter. The Sony a6500 is a 24MP APS-C sized mirrorless camera that also shoots 4K video at a bit rate of 100mbps. You can shoot it like a compact with the kit lens and add wet lenses for wide angle and macro, or go totally pro with top grade dedicated SLR type optics This announcement is big news for Sony NEX shooters, especially macro lovers. The 30mm Sony NEX DT f/2.8 macro lens is currently the only macro lens available for the camera, and while a great lens on paper, the focus distance is uncomfortably close to the lens for use underwater behind a port The NIKKOR Z MC 50mm f/2.8 is a small and lightweight micro lens designed for spontaneous street snapshots and capturing small details with stunning clarity. The lens sports a 1:1 reproduction ratio, and an extremely compact and lightweight design of merely 9.2 oz, making it a portable and comfortable option to carry around for all-day shooting

The underwater Lens Skin for the Canon 50mm f/1.8 II Lens provides protection to your lens barrel with a super-thin (1mm) 3M UV vinyl coating that guards your lens against incidental scratches and bumps.It is custom-cut and is easy to install and just as easy to remove. Once removed, no residue will remain. Neither will your lens suffer any damage to its finish, plastic pieces or moving parts The FA6500 Kit A includes: Fantasea FA6500 Housing for Sony a6300 and a6500. Fantasea FML Flat Port 34. Fantasea Zoom Gear: Sony 16-50mm lens. SKU: # fs-15201. FREE Standard Shipping to USA / Canada! Price $998.00. This product has been discontinued. Please scroll down for accessories and other options Using the reversed Canon 40mm f/2.8 and 50mm f/2.5 lens results in very circular images in most cases, also with very short working distances. I haven't tried the 50mm f/1.2 underwater. Using a base lens wider than an 85mm focal length was far from practical due to the extreme vignette produced; even a Canon 50mm f/1.2 was not really usable The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens has a compact, but classic, design and sports an STM stepping motor that supports Movie Servo AF mode on select DSLRs for continuous near-silent AF even in Live View. It has full-time manual focus override for fine-tuning your focus

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Meikon 40m Underwater Waterproof Housing Case for Sony A6300 Camera 16-50mm Lens Camera,Housing Case for Sony A6300 Camera 16-50mm Lens Camera Meikon 40m Underwater Waterproof,: Meikon 40m Underwater Waterproof Housing Case for Sony A6300 Camera 16-50mm Lens Camera : Camera & Photo,Low prices storewide,free shipping,Fast worldwide shipping,Hot goods, discounted wholesale prices This made it a breeze to capture wide angle shots, especially when paired with the outstanding image quality of the UWL-09 Pro lens from AOI. We shot the camera with the basic 16mm-50mm kit lens inside the new Fantasea FA6400 housing. This polycarbonate housing was lightweight, ergonomic, and super easy to use underwater Fit for: Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II 12-50mm Lens. 1x Waterproof Housing for Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II 12-50mm Lens. use a large number of fresh water (running water or drinking water) to thoroughly clean the outside of the waterproof shell 25% Off: Olympus PPO-E03 Underwater Lens Port for 50mm Macro Lens to be used with Evolt Housings MFR: 260504. Buy now & save $150. Promotion Flag: 4x-rewards, adorama-reward

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  1. Shop Sea & Sea Underwater Camera Lenses & Accessories by Underwater Lens & Lens Port Accessories, Underwater Lens Ports, Underwater Lenses & more. Browse Types - Focus Gear, Zoom Gear, Cap/Cover, Port Extension, Shading Ring, Viewfinder, Adapter
  2. Launched in 1992 and discontinued in 1996, Nikon's Nikonos RS was considered one of the best underwater photography solutions back in the 90s. The cameras and the 50mm f/2.8 macro, 28mm, 13mm.
  3. If you split pixels, this inexpensive lens is clearly superior to the f/1.4 version. The 50mm f/1.2 L might be about as sharp, but has much more distortion. The Canon 50mm f/2.5 Compact-Macro is a superb choice as an all-around 50mm lens. it is the sharpest and the least distorting of any Canon 50mm lens
  4. For one, you can only use autofocus on a limited range of lenses (including the 16-50mm kit lens) - see below for more details. Also, you can't control everything on the camera. However, you get access to the flash which is great for underwater photography where light is often quite low
  5. My lens GAS (which no doubt resides somewhere in my bowls) had other ideas. There were 3 lenses that I particularly wanted to try as part of my Sonnar search but hadn't. The Nikon f/2 and f/1.4 lenses and this the Canon 50mm f/1.5. 2 years later, I now own all three of these lenses, so thought it about time I added something to this series
  6. When I use the Outex underwater, I use my Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 wide angle lens, either in an 82mm flat port or the 120 dome port. When I am shooting surfing with the Outex above water, I like to use the Canon 70-200mm f/4 non-IS with extension rings on the 82mm flat port when I'm traveling light, or it's own 67mm flat port
  7. 50mm Lens. A 50mm lens is an essential part of shooting almost any wedding. Great for portraits, candid shots, and any night scenes, this will commonly be a workhorse for shooting the wedding. If you have multiple camera bodies to shoot the wedding on, leaving the 50mm on one body the entire time is a great option

Nikkor lenses are born from a tradition of elite craftsmanship and a pursuit of optical perfection more than 80 years in the making. An iconic past, a revolutionary future. Since its very first camera lens in 1933, Nikon has been tirelessly dedicated to crafting precision optics of uncompromising clarity, quality and reliability Solidventur, I recommend that you clean the contacts on the lens using a soft microfiber cleaning cloth. Also, try toggling the focusing mode switch between MF and AF a few times. If the images are still out of focus on multiple cameras with only your EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens attached, but other lenses focus properly, then your EF 50mm f/1.8 II.

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  1. Makes it perfect for your 2nd photographer. Advantages of the 50mm lens. 1.closer to how we actually see. Studies have found that the human eye sees right around the 43mm mark. That lands it right smack dab between the 35mm and the 50mm ( source ). The 50mm is closer to how we see in real life. 2. versatile
  2. Low Light Performance of the Canon 50mm Lenses. When it comes to low light performance, the Canon 50 1.2 will give you potentially up to 2.5x more light than that of the Canon 24-70 2.8 II.So, clearly it is the low light winner, especially since it is quite sharp and usable when wide open
  3. Cheap Camera/Video Bags, Buy Quality Consumer Electronics Directly from China Suppliers:130ft/40m Waterproof Box Underwater Housing Camera Diving Case for Sony A6400 With 16 50mm Lens Camera Bag Case Cover Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return
  4. 7 TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95 - Final Words. To my biggest surprise, the first impression I had while holding the TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95 in my hand for the first time was something close to amazement. The lens feels heavy and super solid. There is no play whatsoever, focusing action is damn smooth, aperture clicks are well defined
  5. Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.2, S Nikon Z7 II - f/1.2. 100% Crop, f/1.2, 45 megapixels (fine radius sharpening applied) Stopped down, of course, the lens is just incredibly sharp, and we will have to go to the extreme corners to see much of a difference at all. Even there, by f/2.2 the lens's extreme corners are incredibly detailed
  6. Fit for: Sony A5000 NEX-3N 16-50mm Lens. 1x Sony A5000 Case. use a large number of fresh water (running water or drinking water) to thoroughly clean the outside of the waterproof shell. 1/4tripod screw on the bottom
  7. Sea Frogs waterproof case camera underwater housing for Sony a6600 Compatible lenses: Sony E 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 PZ OSS Sony E 20mm F2.8 Sony E 30mm f3.5 e-mount Macro Sigma 19mm f2.8 DN Art E moun

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  1. Nikon 50mm F/2.8 R-UW AF Micro Nikkor Lens For Nikonos RS Waterproof Underwater Cameras {88} The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser
  2. 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens for Nikon. $100 Instant Savings. SIGMA. 18-300mm F/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM Wide Angle Telephoto Zoom Lens For Canon EF. $50 Instant Savings. SIGMA. 18-300mm F/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM Wide Angle Telephoto Zoom Lens For Nikon
  3. Nikon Nikonos RS Underwater Camera Kit with 13mm f2.8, 20-35mm f2.8, and 50mm f2.8 Lenses. The Nikonos RS is an underwater single lens reflex camera made by Nikon. This kit contains: Nikon Nikonos RS AF Body (serial number 2000526) - Six Month Warranty; Nikon R-UW 13mm f2.8 AF Fisheye Lens (serial number 600147) - Six Month Warrant
  4. They just unveiled a manual focus 50mm f/1.2 lens for Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon RF, and Canon EF mounts that will run you just $360. The lens was officially released on July 24th, although Meike did.
  5. g 24mm and 35mm lenses that should come later this year soon

The 12-50mm lens has a built in macro function, with the ability to produce 0.36x magnification, as opposed to the 14-42mm which can only manage a 0.23x magnification. We are looking at more than 50% more magnification capability with the 12-50mm lens, which is a massive difference when it comes to close up shooting situations Use a large number of fresh water (running water or drinking water) to thoroughly clean the outside of the waterproof shell. Make sure there have no water inside. Should put into water for several hours Performance that totally defies expectations - Empowered by the Z system's larger mount, shorter flange distance, raw imaging power and video capabilities, the NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S will redefine your notion of what a 50mm f/1.8 lens can do. Unfathomable sharpness - The sharpness achieved by this 50mm is nothing short of staggering. Z Mount. Ikelite already announced the first 200DL underwater housing for the Nikon Z50 mirrorless cameras. Here are the technical specifications (Ikelite gear is sold at Adorama, B&H and Amazon): 200′ (60m) depth rating Compatible with DL system lens ports Controls are provided for all camera functions except: Fn1, Fn2, Flash pop-up, Diopter adjustment dial, and Touchscreen; 1/4-20 [

Due to autofocus function, Nikon has designed a new breed of underwater AF lense group to supplement the new Nikonos R-UW lens mount. The focal lengths and lens types were a careful and well thought-out scheme which resulted in equally exciting new range of underwater optics emerged along with this camera Minolta Maxxum 50mm F/1.7 AF Fast Prime Lens (Late Version) for Autofocus Minolta and Sony A (Alpha) Cameras with Cap, Box. 70.00. Minolta Maxxum AF Zoom 80-200mm F/4.5-5.6 Zoom Lens for Minolta and Sony a Mount. 55.00. Soligor 135mm F/2.8 Prime Lens for Minolta MC/MD SR Mount with Front and Rear Caps. 45.00 - Sony Alpha 6100 is considered an Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera, but it comes with the Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 is a 3.1 (50/16)-zoom lens with image stabilization. The zoom is equivalent to 24-75mm in an SLR 35mm film standard, and though this is not a lot of zoom range, I like that it starts at 16mm (a bit wider angle than the typical. That's why a 50mm lens is great for head and shoulders portraits, while a 24mm lens is great for photographing people in the context of their surroundings.In the above example, you can see that the 50mm lens provided a tight shot of these two sisters, with a blurred background that keeps all the attention on their faces.. However, the context for this session is also important - it took. I'll throw on that 50mm and immediately it looks stunning, and I don't have to worry about dressing the entire background frame. So, for cutting corners and actually just getting a beautiful, cinematic image, this is the best lens. You're not getting a weird distortion and it's one of the best looking lenses for capturing faces

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Meikon 40m/130ft Underwater Diving Camera Housing Case For Sony HX90+Two Hands Aluminium Tray,Waterproof Bags Case Cove For Sony. US $319.99. 40m 130ft Waterproof Underwater Camera Housing Case Bag For Sony A5100 16-50mm Lens + Two Hands Aluminium Tray + 67mm Red Filter Meikon 40M Waterproof Underwater Camera Housing Case for Sony A6000 16-50mm lens. Fit forSony A6000 16-50MM LENS. 1x Waterproof Case forSony A6000 16-50MM LENS. Such as: Canon S110, S100, S95, S120, G12 ,G15, G16, G1X, Sony NEX-5N, Nex-5R, RX100, GM1 underwater housing, etc. Amplification co-eficient: X0.7(Underwater),The design of optical. The Sony Alpha ZV-E10 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Lens (White) features a large APS-C sensor and BIONZ X image processing engine to produce high-quality imagery with high-sensitivity and beautiful natural bokeh. The E-mount interchangeable lens system offers a wide selection to suit your style while the flip-out vari-angle LCD, advanced audio options and features designed.

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  1. The Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Lens (Black) brings many of Sony's most advanced technologies from their acclaimed full-frame lineup to a compact, lightweight APS-C camera. The speedy new camera boasts the world's fastest autofocus (AF) acquisition of 0.02 seconds, while also introducing the new advanced Real-time Eye AF and Real-time Tracking capabilities
  2. Common macro lenses are the olympus 50mm, nikon 60mm, nikon 105mm, sigma 150mm, canon 60mm, and canon 100mm. Read more about underwater macro lenses. Mid-range Zooms. In the underwater world, we call them add on lenses, or wet lenses. Underwater you only want to give your camera wide-angle or macro capability. Shooting subjects from far.
  3. Check out out top picks for shooting underwater with a Sony, Olympus or Panasonic mirrorless camera. Backscatter is your expert source for the best underwater lenses for compact, mirrorless, and SLR cameras. Please give our expert staff a call or email to discuss which lens is the best for your underwater camera system
  4. Shopper what ring adaptor do i need for the 50mm macro canon f 2.5? Andrew B Will this work with the Sony Alpha A99 and Carl Zeiss 24/f2. SSM lens? Andrew R Ewa-Marine's compatibility reference suggests the UB model for use with the Sony SLT-A99
  5. ium, Glass. Part#: FL-Ft-CL2550P15S

The Tokina 10-17mm is an affordably priced lens that can achieve professional results (10mm, f/7.1, 1/200s, ISO 250) Pros. Great focal range - The 10-17mm focal range is definitely one of the reasons this lens is so popular among underwater photographers.It's perfect for a wide variety of underwater compositions and subjects, ranging from wrecks and reefscapes to large fish and diver. Canon, it seems, is keen to fix this limitation with a newly-patented zoom lens for an underwater camera that will offer an impressive 45x optical zoom. The patent detailed in the diagram to the. Meikon 40m/130ft Waterproof Underwater Camera Housing Diving Case For Olympus E-M5 Ii 12-50mm Lens With Fisheye Lens+Red Filter interesting can find below he.. We'll be taking a look into how the new Nikon 50mm f/1.2 lens holds up against the popular 3rd-party Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art lens. he also shoots underwater photography, automotive, products. The out-of-factory adjustment of the 50mm C Sonnar when combined with a perfectly adjusted camera rangefinder will show about 1.5cm front focus at f/1.5 and 1m focusing distance, perfect focus at f/2 and 1m focusing distance, and about 2-3cm back focus at f/2.8 and 1m focusing distance

Fantasea FA6000 Underwater Housing Kit A for Sony a6000 with 16-50mm Lens: The Fantasea FA6000 Housing was designed and manufactured specifically for the Sony a6000 camera. Javascript is disabled on your browser Underwater Ports for the Olympus 60mm lens. The size of this lens is very close to the size of the 14-42mm lens when fully extended. So for the most part, the 60mm lens will fit into the same ports for Ikelite, Olympus, & Recsea housings (not for Nauticam) But not always. We have tested the following ports so far: Olympus standard port - it.

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The new Voigtlander NOKTON 35mm f/1.2 lens for Fuji X-mount is now available for pre-order; The Tamron 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di III-A VC VXD will be the company's first lens for Fuji X-mount (press release included) Just announced: Pergear 60mm f/2.8 ultra-macro 2X magnification mirrorless lens (Fuji, Sony, MFT, and Nikon Dunno, I was specifically cautioned against using diopters, what with how much everything moves around. Looking at Nauticam port chart (I use a SeaFrogs housing, but it shouldn't make a difference), working distance for CMC-2 with 16-50mm is listed as 69-121mm - just two inches of range Sony does make 50mm 1/.8 lenses for both E and FE mount cameras, but this 55mm is faster to auto-focus and sharper, making it definitely worth the additional expense if you plan to use it a lot. The T* in its full name (Sony FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA Zeiss Sonnar T*) refers to Zeiss' anti-reflective coating, which improves detail, contrast and clarity. That's right, the newest addition to the Sony G Master full-frame lens lineup is, drumroll, pleasethe FE 50mm F1.2 GM, (model SEL50F12GM) delivering excellent resolution and dramatic bokeh known to Sony's G Master line, industry-leading AF (autofocus) capabilities, and professional control and reliability in a compact and lightweight design 17mm lens on a full frame camera (to get this angle of view you need to use an 11mm on APS-C) 75mm lens on full frame (a 50mm lens on an APS-C camera will give you approximately the same angle of view). Look at the size of the tractor in the two images. Notice how large the tractor looks compared to the grain elevator

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Of those two focal lengths, the best performing lenses included the Canon 35mm f/1.4L lens and the Canon 50mm f/1.2L lens, both of which have been updated with Canon's new RF line of lenses. All of the major brands (Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.) make premium lenses to use with their camera bodies The Canon 50mm f/1.4 ltm is a lens that doesn't seem to quite have the following it deserves - or at least that's what you'd guess by looking at their used value. I think in reality, it's possibly overshadowed by the two giants from the same era of Canon lenses: the 50mm f/1.2 and so called dream lens 50mm f/0.95 Buy Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Lens featuring 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor, BIONZ X Image Processor, Real-Time Eye AF & Real-Time Tracking, XGA Tru-Finder 2.36m-Dot OLED EVF, 3.0 921.6k-Dot 180° Tilting Touchscreen, Internal UHD 4K Video, S-Log3, and HLG, Built-In Wi-Fi with NFC, 425 Phase- & Contrast-Detect AF Points, Up to 11 fps Shooting and ISO 102400, E PZ. Tamron just announced a new full-frame 150-500mm lens and an APSC 11-20mm f/2.8 lens. Sigma has been on a roll for a long while too, making mirrorless versions of some of their best lenses, like the just-announced 35mm f/1.4 DG DN Art, ($899, B&H, coming soon!) and interesting new mirrorless-only lenses, like the recently announced 28-70mm f/2. 40M Waterproof Housing for Sony A5000 NEX-3N Camera 16-50mm Lens Underwater Case. C $218.90. Free shipping . Seafrogs 195ft Underwater Camera Housing for Sony A6000 A6300 A6500 w/Red Filter. C $286.41. C $461.96. Free shipping . Underwater Camera Housing Case Bag for Sony A5100 16-50mm Lens camera Red filter

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